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Why do you want to join civil services….

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  • This service will provide me a plateform to do something for a person last in the well as satisfy my career ambitions….
  • @
    well saying that its my childhood dream doesnot reflect your maturity….
    saying i want to join it so serve people may only reduce your credibility and would not create any positive impression….
    saying that you want to join for money….this may kill your attempt ….
    Be original in your reply…use moderate words/sentences…….
    market yourself smartly….
  • I love to work with the people, specially in a large sphere where I can interact with all kind of people irrespective of their caste, creed, social/financial status and work on the same platfor.
    IAS provide an opportunity to work directly with the people and to work towards the direct solution of their problems rather the indirectly.
    It provide an opportunity to be part of development and to contribute to the development of country, to make an direct impact on the policy.
    I want to start a political party after retirement and IAS is the best job which can provide me the relevant experience so that I can understand the problems of the masses and work towards their resolutions.
    All the criticism and counter-questions are welcome. Please let me know if something is unusal which should not be mentioned.
  • to work for masses…the best way is to enter politics in a democracy…the next best way is to be in civil service
  • I guess this is the only “job” where my job definition is to reduce x% of poverty and y % of unemployment ..
    I love this job definition … So am applying for the job ..
  • coz it is the higest post(in terms of job).. where i can do developmental work for poor as well as rich people
  • i wish to be a part of AIS as i think that it is the best means for me to explore my self and dedicate towards the service of my country, masses. its perhaps the service which balances almost everything that a man may dream for his lifetime. there are certain things which are over and above an individual and i seek to accomplish all that in the short span of my life.
  • its because
    it fulfills both kinds of requirements
    on individual front it gives me a well balanced , stable ,economic, reputed and prestigious career
    where as on the other hand
    i get a platform from where i would be a direct part of national development process ,and would get enough authority and powers to add my own inputs for the betterment of people, society and country in most appropriate manner and may help the nation to attain all the national goals and help to make possible, the great Indian dream come true .
  • Why i want to join civil services……….becoz there is more to civil services than just job security.
    There is lot of diversity in this profession where i can be part of various aspects of goverance. it also gives the chance to interact directly with the public.

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