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IPS Varun Kumar defends himself!

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The story of IPS Trainee Varun Kumar (rank 3, 2010 upsc) is well know (read in TOI). On an online forum he has been defending himself /explaining himself and others have been contributing to it too.

See this post and follow the online discussion for over 19 pages of debate.

varun: Nice heated arguments into a private individuals life 🙂 I don’t mind as long as it is rational. The motive for me to come back here again and again and again is to keep clearing the air for the upcoming candidates. You gentlemen/ladies think that I am the only one who suffers from this quagmire? If you have friends in LBSNAA or NPA ask them about such issues and you will know how many Officer Trainees face such situations. Who said that there was no proposal of marriage? Did I? In the month of November 2010 the difference of opinion cropped up and progressively it  blew out of proportions and calling of the proposal was the only available option. This was proved by an email sent by the complainant herself. The email has been submitted to the enquiry officer and it has also been recorded in the High Court affidavit. When asked to the complainant ‘there was an evasive and lethargic response”. This is also recorded in the report. I am not speaking without any evidence. It will cost  you only the price of a post card. File an RTI asking for the Dowry Prohibition Officer’s report on this case. The DPO is an independent officer who derives direct authority from the Dowry Prohibition Act. The officer  who inquired is in fact very well known for her integrity and rationality. What I mean to say is that, the marriage proposal was called off for VARIOUS OTHER REASONS WHICH CANNOT BE QUOTED HERE OR ANYWHERE. As a civil servant there are limitations on what you speak. It cannot be spoken about in the media too because there are limitations for a probationer to give press statements. But whatever is the truth, it can be bluntly told to the inquiry officer without any hesitation. Whatever I say have been verified. The media groups have the copy of the inquiry report but who is going to show interest in publishing a news item which speaks in favor of an officer of the government? And tell me who will read it even if it is published. The full form of FIR is First Information Report, it is just information. The Chennai City Police will inquire again and the report will come out. I know what I have done and I will come out clean. Courts are an abode of knowledge. Wait for the verdict to come out, don’t jump into conclusions. I came to this community on the night of CSE result and gave a promise that I shall contribute till the next CSE results are declared. I am still sticking on to it. There is no correlation between my presence here and the complaint. Don’t colour my contribution in this community badly. I started contributing in May 2011 and the complaint was lodged in December 2011. The reason for being here is only to contribute. Orkut doesn’t pay me for being here. Mustering your opinion and good will does not contribute to my professional life in anyway. BEING HERE IS ONLY TO HELP.

Ajay: Varun is all set to make another history. If this case goes further then it will surely decide the ambit of personal relations, culpability and criminality and the extent of permissiable relationship. It needs great people to have great cases. We needed Menaka Gandhi in 1978 for Due process  to come in Indian law. And probable Varun Kumar will be behind law of private relationship. I am sure Varun will come out unharmed.

Donkey: Varun has brought a bad name to IAS aspirants as well as Tamils. This incident will bring more bad name for the already tainted bureaucracy.
Regarding the case lemme tell you the Secrets. All went well till Varun joined academy. They lived in live-in relationship, the girl did really
sold her ornaments to support Varun’s study. But when Varun went to the academy he fell in love with another girl there. Those belonging to the academy know who this new girl is. I will not disclose her name of the new girl in Varun’s life. All people undergoing training know her. I just want to see whether our future IAS/IPS  officers have enough spine to disclose the name of Varuns new girl. Many are members of this forum. And also wait to see If Varun has spine to accept the true facts and deny the allegations. If he makes a fabricated facts he should not continue in service. He has already started destroying Evidence which is visible in his deletion of older profiles from internet. Varun is connected with the community. Let him come out and deny my allegations. Moderators please dont delete this one. You have deleted an earlier thread without reason.

Varun: who talks about spine? shall i show that i have a spine? the report of dowry prohibition officer is available everywhere. The dpo derives its authority from central act. Unbiased and impeccable authority. Since the case is subjudice i cant load it here. No media has published anything about the report. The main accusation in the case is dowry demand. If you peruse the fir the sections are related to property offences. The dowry charges are dropped after the hon’ble high court perused through the dpo report. Without knowing the law, do not make absurd comments. If you go by media reports then you will be misguided. Dont talk about spine to me. I will be in this community for a long time. Wait and watch as to what will happen.


Suppose for a minute that Varun indeed cheated the girl. Then girl has all the more reason to let go the cheater and be happy that she got saved from marriage to a cheater.

If he’s really done to the girl what she claims then it’s extremely unfair. And naturally the girl would get hurt and must to be dispassionately heard, both socially and legally.

But the very fact that she is hell bent on dragging him down, make me wonder what kind of love was it from either side. It appears like a ‘business deal’ from both the sides. Varun allegedly used the girl for his own benefits and girl choose to get used expecting great returns. Both would have done well to have things in a written format

I hope he’d extend all the help for the investigation and clear his name from this mess. He is indeed extremely helpful person as is evident from the help he offered despite busy schedule at d academy. I’d be glad to see him come out of this unscathed. But nobody is infallible. Just because he is helpful doesn’t make his innocent too. Let the law take its course. Whichever way it goes its gonna set an important precedence and may be deterrence for ppl with ill-intention.



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June 12th, 2012 at 3:37 pm