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Surender Nath’s Committee Report

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The twenty-first century is marked by new paradigms of market capitalism, liberalisation and globalisation demanding a new role for the country’s Civil Service created for traditional functions and steeped into Permit-Quota-Raj pattern system of governance. The Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) constituted a Group, in December 2002, under the Chairmanship of Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Surinder Nath, former Chairman of the UPSC, to review and make recommendations with regard to the present systems of performance appraisal, promotions and lateral movement in respect of the All India Services and other Group A Services.

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February 5th, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Discussion on scaling in UPSC

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Be assured, UPSC does scaling in the Civil services examination.

There is this extract from a discussion; you can follow the link at bottom for more.



Refer to this case in Delhi High Court. Prashant Ramesh Chakkarwar vs Union Public Service Commission & … on 5 October, 2010.
26. From a cumulative reading of the aforesaid decisions, the factual/legal position which emerges can be summarized as under:-
I Moderation and scaling of marks are two different techniques used by examining authorities for achieving common standard of assessment of marks.
II UPSC does not apply the method of scaling of marks in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination and confines the application of the said method in evaluation of answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination.

III The method of moderation of marks propounded by Supreme Court in Sanjay Singh‟s case (supra) is similar to the W.P.(C) No.6586/2010 & Conn. Matters Page 38 of 43 one applied by UPSC in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination.
IV The method of moderation of marks applied by UPSC in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination has been approved by a learned Single Judge and a Division Bench of this Court.

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January 10th, 2012 at 8:11 am

Notes in Hindi for UPSC Civils

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For Hindi medium students and aspirants of UPSC this discussion could be useful if you are trying to find notes for prelims and mains:

Hindia Notes

koi baataayega ki hindi lit. k IGNOU k notes kahaan se mil sakte h


yaar yeh mere coachin notes hein jo meine coaching ke computer par se apne liye download kar liye the … aur mujhe kisi ne roka nahi kyonki sabko pata hai ki mein comp ke thru padhayi karna prefer karta hun

Dost janhit mein upload kar do kisi sharing wali site par.

See link for more.

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December 18th, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Difference in cut off for general and obc, sc , st in UPSC CS exam

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Someone has initiated a discussoin on difference in cut off for general and obc, sc , st in the UPSC Civils and you can see below and the link:

– Dec 6

difference in cut off for general and obc, sc , st

Dec 6

Mains (2010)
General : 904
OBC : 885
SC : 867
ST : 865
Mains+ Interview (2010)
General : 1134
OBC : 1116
SC : 1073
ST : 1067

After Reserve List

General : 1116
OBC : 1111
SC : 1072
ST : 1067

…. … – Dec 6

Reserve list for 2010 isn’t out yet so the cut-off mentioned is purely speculative…anyway,considering the trend of reserve list 2009 genl cut-off isn’t expected to fall below 1120….in 2009,cut-off fell by 13 marks in the 2nd list(genl)

– Dec 6

Mains (2010)
General : 904
OBC : 885
SC : 867
ST : 865


When could reserve list for 2010 come out ? What is the criteria apart form the marks?


General : 1116
OBC : 1111
SC : 1072
ST : 1067

if there r 24 seats for sc category , then cut should b less by 3 to 4 marks. isnt it?


how many seats for general category  cadre wise for 2011, i.e ias , ips, ifs, irs——-


wait for notification till feb. It is not decided yet.



It seems that you have some precise information!
1. Do you have any information about the number of ST candidates in the reserve list?
2. If there are four vacancies for ST candidates,as announced with the final result, then won’t it bring the ST cut-off by at least 1 mark?
3. Why most of the times the vacancies in reserve list under the ST category are not filled.
Thank You.

See link for more

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December 18th, 2011 at 9:26 pm

An interesting IFoS interview

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A candidate who appeared (and later cleared) the IFoS interview (identifies himself as thunder bolt on Orkut); board of Sh P K Mishra at the UPSC. He didn’t get good marks though (same PK Mishra had given him 135 in the UPSC Civil services marks last year, he says).

Thunder BOlt
my IFos interview

just giving people some idea about how my interview was conducted this time
background: civil engineer from iit kanpur
optionals: maths and physics
board: P.K. Mishra
I entered and sat down after wishing everyone. all board members were male.
C- chairman, M- members of board
C-good afternoon. please have a seat
I: thank u sir
C-suppose u r madly in love with a girl and parents deadly opposed due to caste or religion. what will u do
I: fucking bouncer first question. I said sir i will try to convince my parents that these are orthodox things and do not matter anymore.
C(interrupting): no they are deadly opposed-do not want to listen
I: i will run away and marry
C: u will leave ur parents?
I: sir u said i was madly in love
C: suppose ur only in love
I: sir then i will give consideration to my family first
C: and will play with girl’s feelings?
I: sir if i marry then i will play with my parents feelings
C: are u married?
I: no sir
C: u IIT-why IFS-want to wonder into wilderness?
I: Sir challenging job-ensure development and protect environment
C: but civil engineering is also challenging
I: yes but in a very narrow perspective
C: what other reasons?
I: career prospects
C: and
I: recognition
C: and
I: (he is bastard-keeps on going like this until u have no more) nothing else sir
C: u r interested in sports-who is sports minister of india?
I: i dont know sir
C: where were asian games held
I: Beijing
All board gave a look of disapproval.
I remembered and said Guangzhou.
C: what will u do for anger management? (related to my name which means patience)
I: sir deep breathly when angry

C: and
I: practise yoga
C: and
I: sir concentrate mind on positive thoughts ( C gave a disapproving look)
C: and
I: i dont know anything else sir
C: what are antaragni and megabucks?
I: sir festivals of iit kanpur
C: so what did u do as coordinator in them (i mentioned it )
I: sir gather sponsors, prepare budget for various events, organize various events ets
C: so what was budget
I: 70 lakhs
everyone surprised and shocked
C: so who u called as chief guest
I: sir our director is chief guest
C: but u must have called some bollywood person with this budget
I: sir Atif Aslam
passes on to M1
M1: what is POSCO and controversy – i explain in detail
M1: so how will u ensure development and protection
I: sir i will make sure proper EIA is carried out and all economic and environmental costs are wighed and then a proper decision is made
M1: how will u design earthquake resistant buildings?
I: sir will study soil type and ensure proper foundation
C: and
I: sir i dont know. we were not taught this.
M1: what is green building
I: deisgned to reduce impact on environment
C: how willl u design one
I: told something not to their satisfaction
M2: so u earlier mentioned u will run away and marry. u know what happens to people who do this in haryana
I: yes sir, honour killings and all-extreme step
M2: so what will u do
I: couldnt think anything – sir i dont belong to khap area
M2: who is CM of haryana ? I tell
M2: do u know anything about forestry?
I: little bit
M2: name five species of trees in haryana
I: Sal
M2(interrupting): tell scientific name
I: Sir I dont know
C: he has maths and physics – cannot be expected to know. I thanked god. passes on to M3.


M3: so how do new countries emerge
I: sir separatist movements-claim independence
M3: what is happening in egypt?
I explain the controversy
M3: serbia and croatia has emerged from which countries? Aus open winner is from serbia
I: sir USSR
M3: no
I: dont know sir
M3: where are they located on maps
I: sir serbia near russia and croatia in balkans. ( i was wrong-everybody gave a disapproving look). in my defense i am poor in Geography
passes on to M4:
M4: so why IFS after iit-govt spends a lot of money on iitians ? – fucking dickhead i already replied to this.
I: sir we didnt know what iit was. everyone was preparing so we also started. rat race. then later realized that interest lies elsewhere
Chairman and board impressed with honesty. i smiled.
C: what is reliability?
I: tried to say something sensible but couldnt tell.
C: u civil engineer? when is building reliable
I: said something- C not satisfied
C: when something conforms to certain standards for given period of time
I: thank u sir
C: what are series and parallel reliability?
I: when i dont kn ow reliability-how could i know this. I make a guess. When object confirms to a series of standards – its series…. C laughing-dont make guesses.
I: ok sir
C: interview is over.
I went. So happy that didnt read push sign on door. tried pulling it until he directed from behind to push it. I felt like an idiot and left 🙁
Please point out my mistakes.I dont expect much. P.K. mishra in civils gave me 135 last year . not expecting any better. All the best to u all:)

You can follow the link to see the debate on the love marriage. One comment on the issue says:

भाग के शादी कर लेनी चाहिए,और उसके बाद माता पिता को मना लेना चाहिए,वो भी हमसे उतना ही प्रेम करते हैं और मान जायेंगे,अगर घरवालों के दवाब में आके ऐसे ही काम करते रहे तो कल को कहेंगे बेटा हमें सिर्फ बेटा चाहिए,बेटी हो तो उससे अनाथाश्रम को दे देना,क्या तब भी मानोगे?बात वही मानो जो सही हो.जाति के बाहर शादी करना एक समाज सेवा है.ऐसे लोगों को सम्मानित किया जाना चाहिए

see image below (the 2nd image has the IITians profile page):


orkut - my IFos interview_1303401381848

orkut - Thunder BOlt's profile_1303401416380

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April 21st, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Is clearing the UPSC Civils same as winning a lottery?

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The following extracts are from a discussion on the Orkut forum (the page may have been removed if the link gives an error) few days ago. It discusses among other things how the UPSC Civil Services Exam (IAS exam) is unpredictable, the subject score trends etc. Please note that all views below are the views of the UPSC aspirants in the said forum. Follow the link to see the authors if the page exists. Please note that it is a discussion and you may have problems understanding it; follow the link if the page is there.

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January 12th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Yoga as hobby in the UPSC Civil Services Exam interview

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A lot of people give Yoga as hobby in the popular ‘IAS exam (Civil Services Exam).’ In a forum a person gives a small but useful list of questions that could be asked if your hobby (real or indicated 😉 ) is Yoga! It is fashionable among UPSC aspirants to include Yoga as a hobby in the Main exam form! Follow all the links for original authors and more discussion:

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January 7th, 2010 at 5:02 pm

What is the significance of fee remission for females in the UPSC Prelim exam?

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Please see this post on the same issue on this blog before reading this. On the same forum a new elaborate comment on this matter by a forum member:

It is true that the government does many things on the gender front without following it whole-heartedly (such as the gender budgeting by Chidambaram). Still in my opinion, this has a lot more than what meets the eye.

1. It is a clear policy statement by the UPSC/government. It has no tangible benefits except the 50 Rupees for the womenfolk but it will have ramifications. They may extend it to all other UPSC exams (ideally they should) including the Civil Services Main examination. Maybe someday the reservation for women in the parliament will also become a reality.

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January 7th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Is UPSC biased against science optionals in the Civil Services Examination?!

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There is a debate among students on this in a forum in the third week of November 2009. These are the excerpts. You can go to the forum link if the page has not expired. Please note that the following points are the views of the experienced students writing on that forum. This post also has a lot of comments on the Science subjects as optionals in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

UPSC is completely biased against science optionals esp maths, physics,engg…..last year maths paper 2 was extremely difficult even though heavy scaling was done… many as 22 candidates got “zero” in paper 2…… average marks was 143/600….howz that possible….if scaling is for providing level playing field among all subjects then why is that average marks of optionals like pub ad and history were more than 280 while maths and physics optional average was less than 150….i’ll advise newcomers not to take any science optional……

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January 6th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Sonali Dutta, RIP

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Sonali Dutta, was an active member of the Interview Prep for IAS forum.  She passed away recently in a car crash.

The following info is by Ellora her friend who posted this message in the forum (visit the link above, page may have been removed due to bugs or some Orkut issue).

She had been badly wounded when her Skoda was crushed by a lorry driven by a drunkard on Diwali day 2009..She fought bravely for the next 2 months,but could not carry on any further after 30th Dec 2009..She is survived by her parents & brother Shubhro,who is a 1st year Engineering student in IIT Mumbai..This a moment of trauma & intense grief for the family..I have been requested by Shubhro to pass on this heart-wrenching message to all her friends & well wishers in this community..

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January 6th, 2010 at 6:47 pm