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Reserve List of 2010 Mains in UPSC

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Students in an online thread are discussing about the reserve list of 2010 Mains. If you are a hopeful you can check it too.


this is a list mentioned by upsc in the site .
5. In accordance with Rule 16(4) & (5) of the Civil Services Examination Rules, 2010, the Commission is maintaining a consolidated Reserve List of 242 candidates which includes 121 General, 94 Other Backward Classes, 23 Scheduled Castes and 4 Scheduled Tribes candidates ranking in order of merit below the last recommended candidate under respective category.
so a number of candidates below cut off will b in this list . they hav a chance of gettin a service later at some point in time…
the whole calculation is lil complicated .
bt since u have 1134 u may b among top in the list an may stand a fair chance.


everyone will get Gr A service. Gr B seats go to those candidates who have opted limited preferances (like IPS opting only IAS) but cant get those service/s due to there low to these candidates are allocated after service allocation of supplementary list.
Delay happens due to separation of rank allocation (by UPSC) and service allocation (by DoPT).
(ix) Some of the candidates have given no preference or exercised limited preference for allocation of service.
These candidates have not been allocated any service as at their turn vacancy in their category was not available.
They will be considered for allocation of service at the end, as per rules, after all candidates including those that
may be in the supplementary list, as per rank, preference, medical status, category, medical requirement of the
post and availability of vacancy in his /her category at their turn.
no of such candidates is always more than no of group b posts..


The site there also has a full fledged thread on reserve list 2009 with a lot of discussion and you can check it too.

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:48 pm