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UPSC Notice: Check if you have paid fees for civils preliminary exam 2012

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UPSC has published a 65-page list of candidates whose fees have not been received by it for the 2012 preliminary examination. If your name is in this list you need you need to do what you have been asked to do.  Click to see the original pdf file by upsc. Text provided here:

Unfortunately, some students who had successfully paid fees are also in the list (they say). ONe student says this in an online forum: 

I too have my name on that list, used SBI’s Internet Banking to make the payment. It’s a weird situation because I also deposited the fees on behalf of my cousin, immediately after I deposited my fees; and his name isn’t there on that list.

Anyway, here’s what I did. I took a printout each of the bank statement of the said transaction, a receipt of the transaction saying fee-payment-completed-successfully (both from SBI’s onlinesbi website), and my application form. I asked UPSC people and was told that the receipt/statement need not be attested – just a printout would suffice. I was told to (preferably, not necessarily) submit a cover letter mentioning my registration id, etc. along with the said documents. The said letter needn’t be written by the candidate (someone else can, on their behalf), if in case they aren’t submitting the documents themselves. I got these submitted by an acquaintance (as I reside in Lucknow), and he got a receiving-receipt from the office. I’ll also be writing an email today to the Under Secretary regarding this. I hope that settles it.


my name is also there in that list . i have also got an email from under secretary for the same. kindly guide friends what to do ? as per the notification , as i have made payment through sbi online banking , so i will be sending one printout of bank statement containing that transaction.


In respect of the following candidates of the Civil Services (Prelim.) Examination, 2012, confirmation has NOT been received from the Bank authorities regarding receipt of fee of Rs. 50/-by them. All these candidates are, therefore, directed to immediately submit the proof /documentary evidence, in support of payment of fee made to the State Bank of India/its Associate Banks. The proof may be sent in original, to the Under Secretary (CS-P), Room No. 321, ASB, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi – 110 069 by Speed Post or by hand. The proof /documentary evidence, in original should reach the Commission latest by 26th March, 2012, failing which their application/candidature will be rejected on the ground of “Non-payment of requisite fee of Rs.50/-for On-line application” without making any further reference to them.
i) Please submit the copy of Bank-pay-in slip, in original through which payment has been deposited by you in the State Bank of India if the fee has been paid through cash mode.
ii) Please send a copy of your debit/credit card statement or bank account statement, if you have paid the fee through debit/credit card or through internet Banking.
Sr.No.  Registration-Id  Candidate Name  Trasaction-Id 
1  11209077279  BIPIN  1120907727977 
2  11209077801  INDRA  2451333 
3  11209077916  LALIT BAHADUR CHAND  IG90314847 
4  11209080837  PRAVEENX SAHX  83489 
5  11209081315  VIDYA SAGAR TADELA  11209081315 
6  11209082653  ANAND S MOLE  112020410197392 
7  11209084435  FGHHG  4354545452 
8  11209084586  AMIT  11209084586 
9  11209085205  SIDHESHWAR KUMAR  IG93128617 
10  11209089848  NATHO KUMAR  11209089848 
11  11209090761  SURESH SHANKAR BHALERAO  12201020 
12  11209092087  KINGSLEEN  KINGSLEEN1094 
13  11209099804  KAMAL KUMAR MEENA  11209099804 
14  11209106432  ABHIJIT ROY  IG93197571 
15  11209111246  PRAMOD KUMAR JAISWAL  11209111246 
16  11209113176  BURANDE AMIT CHANDRAPRAKASH  1120219113392 
17  11209115986  MR ABC  1526897463548 
18  11209116188  SURAJ SINGH  11209116188 
19  11209116334  MOHD WASIM RAJA KHAN  11209116334 
20  11209119334  SIVAPRASAD  112090119334 

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March 17th, 2012 at 3:18 pm