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Join Shukla for Court Case against upsc 2013

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See Shukla’s posts on an online forum. See link and image below. Feel free to help him and join him.  Link for online discussion See the image below for his no.


When did UPSC notify introduction of essay in 1992

If somehow, from the ARCHIVAL SECTION of some NEWSPAPER office, this information can be obtained- that on which particular date before 1993 exams, (when 200 marks essay paper was introduced, changing the scheme for the first time after 1979), the PMO accepted the essay proposal, PTI advertised these changes and UPSC gave press release. If it comes to be a date on or before 1992 December, UPSC will certainly lose the case in the court. Its not the change in syllabus that is problem, but the manner in which it has been brought is problem. The preparation cycle for a student starts from October-November previous year, and UPSC kept students in suspense.The comparision can be established only if the date of INFORMING in 1992-93 through the Press Trust of India, is available before 1993 exam. One way to know this is RTI to DOPT/PTI/UPSC, and the alternate way is going to the  ARCHIVAL SECTION OF POPULAR NEWSPAPER in which that news would have been published. PLz suggest some idea.

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April 28th, 2013 at 6:55 pm

For all problmes with the upsc ias exam

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There is a group of students who are very active in highlihting all problems/”faud/corruption“ in upsc ias exams. Do visit their site for all information, case studies, photos publications against upsc etc. If you are wondering why you got 20 or 10 marks in essay or why you got 100 in an optional when you had got 300 last year , do visit it and know the system!

Written by upsc aspirants

July 22nd, 2012 at 11:33 am