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For all problmes with the upsc ias exam

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There is a group of students who are very active in highlihting all problems/”faud/corruption“ in upsc ias exams. Do visit their site for all information, case studies, photos publications against upsc etc. If you are wondering why you got 20 or 10 marks in essay or why you got 100 in an optional when you had got 300 last year , do visit it and know the system!

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July 22nd, 2012 at 11:33 am

How to rti upsc- suggestion by students

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Here is from an online forum on how to rti petition the upsc if you are unhappy with your marks etc Go to the link to discuss with others if interested.



RTI fight with UPSC
RTI points-

Queries are framed while keeping in mind UPSC’s RTI responses,which usually have these key-words to deny/resist info– " Cannot be disclosed". or " No such information exist" ,”it will require huge diversion of man-power,so we can not provide”,”Exempted from providing this information or UPSC has asked the GoI to exempt it from providing such information”,”hypothetical question”,"Court Decision is pending, so cannot reveal any information" etc.

UPSC might not give info in first try itself,so we have to try again but they have to give info under RTI otherwise its denial can be challenged.We have to persist.If in some questions rephrasing is required after analysing UPSC’s replies then we will try to do the same and retrieve info from UPSC.As we all know that UPSC is a closed organisation and to fight against it,we need PRIOR info n that can be provided by UPSC only.


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Written by upsc aspirants

May 29th, 2012 at 9:17 pm