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some ias toppers, upsc aspirants leave important info for preparation and guidelines on blogs etc. by them or by others. Not all of them could be fully authentic and useful but you can go through a quick list below; add more in comments. JUst copy paste in web address bar if link does not work. Also see this doc prepared by somebody who has listed all experiences published by ias toppers. This info from some web community on upsc (credit to them):



From the Google doc uploaded by someone:

  • cse 2010 Marks
  • saikrishna
  • Public
  • Administration Sociology
  • Shashi Uban
  • Tripathi 1st Interview 216
  • Gokul Physics Pub Ad
  • Debating, Travelling,
  • Blogging img khan 1st intv 212
  • Vinod pol sci Geo
  • Alee
  • cheelu Geo Philo
  • hari kumar
  • rajashekhar,
  • dhanashekhar, sudha tamil geography
  • ragapriya,
  • raguramarajan,
  • muthukumar, prince
  • israel socio psycho

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