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Synergy Public administration Mohanty coaching Review by Ngur

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This is Ngur’s comment who was disappointed by Synergy coaching institute submitted to this site.


Synergy’ pub adm. I dont have words to describe how disappointd i was with the class. First of all, the classroom is totally congested..there is no space at all..there is not enough space or order to get a seat wit attached table, you have to arrive an hour before the class. If you get to seat at the back, there is just no point of sitting through the whole class as you will not be able to hear through their low budget, low quality mike..and the projector used for the back rows are if no use when the room is well lit!!! And once you are seated, you would rather not get up again till the class gets matter what be the cause. My classes were during summer and most of the times i felt suffocated sitting there and trying to listen to lectures.. There is no proper setting for learning at all although we paid soooo much!!! wonder many would doze off during classes.  I tried recording them using my phone but didnt help much. How would be possible when the mike
and the sound system they use are sooo horrible!!!!
Most importantly, i was never told that there were many other teachers besides mohanty. Polity teacher was better in teaching when compared to mohanty. If you dont have knowledge about pub adm, you will certainly feel lost especially when listening to all those 3 rd time attempted students. Comon!! I came to learn pub adm, not listen to you guys telling sir and the rest how much you have attained and how brilliant you are!!! This shoulve handled by mohanty by telling them to discuss their issues later in private n not spoil the whole wonder we always had to stay extra hours!!!
And mohanty sir’s lecture?? I feel much better and confident when i study myself than sit there listening him repeat lines in different manners 4/5 times over and over again. He couldve just said it once.
Mohanty classes are of no use at all. I really regret wasting my time there.


Written by upsc aspirants

August 23rd, 2012 at 9:50 am