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For Students: Tenant Assistance Form for old Rajinder Nagar

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This is a message by some people and it is being published as sent. It will be useful for UPSC aspirants and other students seeking renting help, landlord feedback, information on rent, prices, trends, warnings etc in Rajinder Nagar and also other places like Ziasarai, Bersarai, Munirka, Mukherjee Nagar etc where students live and seek rooms (if such spread sheets are created later).


I live in old rajinder nagar.The student ecosystem is very good here except for few problems in renting a room.I prepared a community-owned,community-moderated spread sheet to help the students coming with their suitcases to Delhi.This may not completely solve the problem.With proper nurturing this could be a step in right direction to make this place more student friendly.

Please share the link on your blogs,websites,social media profiles.



If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:


Tenant assisting Form for Old Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi

This is community-owned,community-moderated Spread Sheet.I plead you not to spam it.Spread Sheet Link:

Why this spread sheet?
1.We don’t need those leeches, called brokers.
2.To let the new occupant know the problems that bothered the leaving tenant.This helps the new tenant to bargain the rent amount.
3.And finally to realise the power of community action.

Leaving tenant:Please care to fill this form if you are planning to vacate your room.

Entering tenant:If you found a room through this portal or otherwise,please care to update this spread sheet-so,that other people don’t find the information on this portal redundant.

There must be few more areas like old rajinder nagar, New Delhi where renting business is thriving and tenant is always at the receiving end.I encourage you to search for similar spreadsheets or make one if you feel necessary.

Based on response I vow to improvise this solution.


Written by upsc aspirants

May 4th, 2013 at 9:09 am