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Huge recruitments in customs and central excise to come soon

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huge recruitment in C and CE…….

CBEC Cadre Restructure Cleared by Expenditure – More than 3000 New ACs
MAYBE the first issue that the CBEC Chairman took up immediately after his return from a foreign trip, was the much awaited (by officers) cadre review. He successfully got it cleared by the Expenditure Department and now the file will go the FM, DOPT and Cabinet. As Expenditure had approved the scheme, the other approvals will be a mere formality, which hopefully should not take a long time.
As per the proposal, the Chairman and Members of CBEC will no more be ex-cadre posts; they will be in-cadre! This should dispel any apprehension about any take-over of the Board by the IAS.
There will be 23 new posts of Principal Chief Commissioner in the HAG+ scale. There will be 72 Chief Commissioners compared to the existing 43. The strength of Commissioners is to be increased to 465 from the existing 295. There are 593 Additional Commissioner/Joint Commissioner posts which will swell to 1026.
At present there are 1550 Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner posts and this strength will go up to 4896 bringing in 3346. There is going to be 100 percent increase in the strength of Sr. PS, LDC, Drivers and Sepoy. The strength of the Head Havildar is to be increased to 4117 from 2139.

Same info i got 210-220 seats …from my friends of 2008 and 2009 batches in faridabad, mumbai and some posted…3-4 said the same thing….
in cse 2008 seats were 199….last year they were 180…..
also i heard it will be the largest intake and from next year it will start shrinking….so logically it should be at least equal to 200 around cse 2008 or more than that..


I never said anything against CCE yaar . Please understand this first . No point in comparing it always with IAS etc ……Its jst that I very well understand the redtape delays in such scenarios…..U must appreciate that merely clearing some thing on File doesnt mean that all is well…..its may take months or even Year plus to actually realize it ……..Do you even know the procedure that if followed in buying a new car for any Govt Office ??? Try to know it and you will feel like puking !!!!!!!

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:27 pm