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The Royal Commission upon Decentralization

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In India the Provinces came into existence first and the Central Government came much later. What was then known as the Supreme Government could emerge only under the Regulating Act of 1773. Following the transfer of power of governance from the East India Company to the Crown in 1858, the power and functions of the Central Government in India began to expand steadily making the provinces more and more dependent on it. Governmental administration was becoming growingly centralized. Centralisation touched new heights under Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India during 1894-1904 and 1904-05. Departments after department, service after service was over-hauled. Principles were executed and standards were set causing excessive concentration of authority in the hands of Central Government. The Central Government had imposed detailed financial and administrative restrictions on the provinces, which fettered them in their plans of individual development. As a result, administrative behaviour got marked by loss of touch between officials and the people.

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