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UPSC Prelims 2012 cut off and score discussion

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With the 2012 UPSC Preliminary PT exam behind you, what do you think will be the cut off for it? See this link for discussion

  • prelims is over now….too much relaxed….but relax for 3-5 days only if u hav good scores in that performance be good in mains also….

now biggest question is a) which is 99% right ans key/answers of paper-1 & paper-2……b)what may be cut off

i hav some views and also express ur views….

ans key/ans of paper-1 &2 available at ..shankar ias academy, testof funda, careel launcher….till now on net…

well i can say all these ans keys are not 99% right…..ya i can have faith on shankar ias academy upto 85-90%(for paper-1)…but for paper -2 any of these ans key is 70 % right..( testof funda )…..

I m having 92 marks in paper-1 & 98 marks for paper-2 total 190 marks… per these ans keys…..

cut off definitely may go down bcoz of a) 100 seat are more than last yr so 1500 candidates will be selected more than last yr…b

  • Average do not get selected,toppers get selected.And do not make a fool out if yourself by thinking that cutoff would be 155-165.People get this much in one paper only.Though even my score is also not very high,but its a hard but true fact.
  • Cut off for last year prelims have not been declared by UPSC in any of RTI query as exam process for UPSC got over only on 4th may with final result. I dnt knw whr all people have seen 194 as cut off.
  • CSAT   Total Marks   Attempted Right Wrong Total

    Paper-1 200    78 50 28 81.3324

    Paper-2 200    73 60 13 140.25

    According to CL’s Answer key

    Total of both papers — 222

    I see a variation of 7-10 marks

    What are my chances ???

  • No sectional cut off.. That is sure..



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