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Anti development Thesis: Concept in pub ad syllabus

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The anti development thesis can be a confusing concept in the syllabus of Mains public administration. Some students are discussing it and you can read the details below or see the link for full text


this one is posted by Kunal

Anti development …
Against the idea and methods of devlopmental….due to reaosn
1. Environmental degradation due to devlopement
Dev mainly concerned on economic devl …lead to more problem of pollution , slums , GHG etc ….. climate unsustainable…..
later various climat initiatives …rio earth summit 92, copenhagen , montreal protocol etc………stresses on env sustainability
2. Social cost ….. Dev led to uprooting of some communties….and exploitation
eg … narmada bachao andolan , current POSCO case …. these are anti devlomental movements…
3. Feminism …. dev male dominated, women bind devloment…dint recog the role of women …..her household activities….etc…..
many women cmissions etc emerged for the same…..
4. certain theorist— applied dependency theores—- west using east for their own purpose….. east becomig dependent on west ……
5. Food security …… too much mal nutrition in Africa…but they r growing cash crops like tea, cofee for trade… this devlopmemt? …… food shld not be traded just like other commercial items like steel , minerals, oil etc…..
However criciticms for anti devel
1. dint look into the positives of developments..
2. Dint suggest the solutions……if not this then wht shld be done..


Good one….it was posted by me ….at that time….i had narrow understanding of public administration ….infact these r just examples
Essence of Anti-Development thesis is the criticism of the efforts of Development Administration(DA) by certain section of society who analysed the negatives of the work done by Development administration……
Who criticised?
1. Some environmentalists— above examples
2. Some sociologists ( mainly feminists ) who thought development is not considering gender perspectives (….leading to GEI— Gender empowerment index , some national and international NGO’s criticised DA work as male driven only)
3. Some local communities who thought Development is westernizing their economies—above examples
4. Some religious fundamentalists who thought DA thinkers thinks only western community (christian) is developed….they thought their efforts is leading to spread of christianity and also these fundamentalists have perception that DA thinkers thinks –Islamism is anti-development
Again criticism
1. Over reaction to western society
2. Dint talked about their own definition and actions of development
3. Neglected many positives of development ( give examples of 1980 developments )
etc so on….
My last year post is very narrow….pls dont read in that perspective

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:43 pm