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Nirbhay Sharma Interview Board experience

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Interview experience posted by Jyotana on 18 April 2011 (see link)

Nirbhay Sharma Sir’s board

Interview experience in Lt.Gen Sir Nirbhay Sharma’s Board

My interview was today on 15th April in the forenoon session.I was the

third candidate to be interviewed.There were two ladies from UP(4th)

and Vizag(2nd).There were three other gentlemen from TN(1st) and UP.At

11.05 hrs,I was called to enter the board.Before that the gentleman

who was calling the names asked me to wait for 10 mins .I was a bit

nervous but ultimately it was cool and I made up my mind to enter the

board confidently.I saluted Thakur,Ma and Swamiji and went in.There

was one lady member other than 4 gentlemen including Chairman Sir.

Me: Good morning sir.Good morning Mam and Good morning to u all

sirs.(with bowing).

CH offered me sit and I told Thank you and sat comfortably and was

looking at other members who were gazing at my biodata.

CH:What is your name?

Me: Sir my name is Joyanta Chakraborty

CH: Humm u are a technocrat and done B.E(Elect) and M.Tech…..

Me: Sir I did not complete my M.Tech.

CH: Why didn’t u complete/what is the reason?

Me: Sir my family was undergoing a financial crunch and my parents

wanted to take up some job.My mother underwent a surgery and they

thought I shall take up a job and it will give them mental

satisfaction.I too thought of supporting my family rather than

pursuing higher degree sir.

CH: Ok.Then you are in Railways,where?

Me: Sir I am Senior Electrical Engineer/Design in CLW

CH:Through which service?when?

Me:Sir Indian Engineering Services 2005 batch

CH: So u entered last year?

Me: No sir,I have entered the services in 2006 and right now am in job in CLW

CH:So in Railways u will be having good saloon cars and bunglaows.

Me: Sir now I am not entitled for that .DRMs ,GMs and Members of Board

are entitled.

CH: When will u become DRM?

Me: Sir normally it takes 25 years down the line in present scenario

to become DRM but there are attributes like performance,ACR,age for


CH: Don’t u think that these saloons and big bunglaows should be

provided in the initial years as in th

these cannot be used as a means of entertainment as u will be very busy?

Me:Yes sir these are lot of benefits available to railways officers and these are tantalising at young age and many of us are desirious of that but we have to see that these are not luxurious to them at that age as those are necessities and are required as to shorten their travel time for busier activities and now these will be mere show-offs and are not required at all.

CH: Don’t u think that GMs have big bungalows and big cars and those are not necessary?We can think of some still less ostentatious arrangements?

Me:Sir it is anice idea and I am one with you Sir.The senior officers in Railways will be having very small families,there children will be away from them and they will be very busy.We can think of some furnished flats type of accomodation in cities or HQs and we can utilise the unused lands to create houses for the poor where many of tem don’t have roofs over their head and we can serve a socio-economic cause.

CH: What is your idea of privatisation of Indian Railways?Why shouldn’t we privatise?

Me: Sir Railways is used by the general masses and the high classes alos but for the masses ,privatisation will rob their only means of transport.Again it is used to transport raw materials and food,fertiliser which are all realted to the common people’s livelihood. In Railways we have to take some social projects which are economically unviable but socially feasible and privatisation will stop it.

CH:No we can do the privatisation to earn more money”

Me:Sir money earning is a motive for a commercial organisation like Railways but we should have some social commitment.Lots of people are employed as it being the largest PSU employer.

CH:No we can think of privatising some parts like Chenia-kolkata,Delhi routes…..

Me: Sir we are thinking of DFC and PP models.And also about multimodal transportation and linkage of Railways with Golden Quadrilateral and ports through eco-cities.This will earn revenue for us but these are on PPP model

CH: No I am talking of complete privatisation as it….

Me: yes Sir it may lead to efficiency enhancement,more productivity and more revenues for Railways but the common man’s interest will be at stake and it may lead to inflation and unemployment.

CH: But what about some special routes?

Me: Sir with PPP model we can entrust the arrangement of infrastructure with the private parties with operation in our control with a profit sharing but still some routes have to be kept keeping into mind the general passengers.

CH: OK(may be not very convinced).Gives batton to the first member.

M1: So can we have some model so that we have GMT+6:30 for North eastern and the rest unchanged?

Me: Yes we can do that and it will have many advantages as this is done in other developed countries.

M1:What advantages are you talking of?Can u define it?

Me: yes Sir by doing that we can reschedule the demand of power in these two regions as we don’t have surplus adequate power in NER.It will help industrialisation and office working smoother.


Me: Sir somewhere the job schedule will be starting and somewhere it will be ending. The demand will be reshuffled and we can wheel power from surplus to deficit region.

M1: which time it will be of great use?Me: Sir daytime or office time between 10 am to 6 pm.

M1: which loads?

Me: Sir industrial and commercial loads.

M1: How will it be done?what is that will be affected?

Me:Sir the total demand can be made even as per the schedule and …

M1: No is there a term cal peak……?

Me:Yes sir,(smilingly),the entire peak demand will not be raised together and with the limited installed generation capacity we can utilise it efficiently.

M1:Ok.So how will u wheel power from west to east or say NE?

Me: sir through HVDC i.e High Voltage Double Circuit.

M1: Why?

Me: Sir we have read in electrical engineering that above 800 kms HVDC is technically and economically feasible and will serve the purpose. how much space is required for that?Any idea?

Me: Sir very narrow but long length space as the return path is through ground.So it will not require much space but the distance it will cover will be large.

M1: Do u know some separatist movement is going on in the northern part of West bengal and north east to where u want to wheel power from western side.So can u name them?

Me: yes Sir.It is Gorkhaland movement in the north bengal for demands of separate gorkha land for the nepalis,sherpas and bhutiyas.

M1:no no .it is close to Assam region

Me: Sir Bodoland.

M1: No ,it is north of west bengal and close to Assam

Me: Oh Sir it is KLO i.e Kamtapuri Liberation Organisation and Greater Koochbihar Movement.

M1: So who are spearheading?

Me:Sir I am not sure but if u allow me to guess…..

M1:Yahh.carry on.

Me:It is Kamtapuris and Koochbiharis(actually I should have said Rajbanshis)

M1:what is ur take on small state vs big state:what is ur opinion?there are more talks and more violent protest going on

Me:Sir there cannot be a direct yes or no answer to these demsnda.But we have to keep into mind administrative efficiency,economic and financial viability and genuine people’s aspirations to be addressed by the government and should be dealt with in case to case basis.

M1: Ok

Ch moves batton to Lady member(M2)

M2: Ok what is the present relations with Bangladesh with India?

Me:Mam after Awami league came to power under Seikh Hasina ,the relationship is better as they are pro-Indian.But there are some outstanding issue……..

M2:What are the issritants?what issues are there between us?

Me:For India it is undemarcated boundaries,water sharing issues and dams like Ganges,Teesta and Tipaimukh,illegal infiltration,human traficcking etc.From Bangladesh it is trade deficit.Also natural gas.(stops here)

M2:What is this Tipaimukh issue?where is it?

Me: Mam India is planning to build a dam on Barak river and Bangladesh is saying that it will affect their agriculture on the downstream.Mam I am not exactly sure of the location but if u allow me to guess I can try it.

M2:Ok try it out,speak out

Me:Mam it is I think in the borders of Manipur annd Mizoram on Barak river.

M2: so what is the Ganga water sharing issue?

Me:Mam I am exactly not sure but if u allow me to say..

M2: Ok tell me

Me: Ma when i was working as an executive engineer in Farakka in NTPC I came to know that in 1996 there eas an agreement between Seikh Hasina and India Govt to share a certain volume of water to Bangladesh in april and certain volume of water to India during summers

M2: Where is Farakka?what is so famous for?

Me: Mam it is in murshidabad and it is famous for linking north and south bengal through a bridge on river Ganges that flows as Hooghly to South Bengal from Dhulian.mam it has an economic importance of linking the two sides of bengal and the only link.It also connects NER to the rest of India through bengal.Hilsa fish is available in the waters and a tradeable item between us and Bangladesh.There is 1600 MW NTPC power plant superthermal and a hydel plant was planned but I don’t know whether it has been made now.

M2:so why was this dam built?Any idea?

Me: Mam I am not sure of this

M2:Ok try I shall help u


M1 tells me about whether for flood control or something….

Me:(smilingly) Yes Sir I think for flood control and desiltation……

M2: Actually it was to save the kolkata port to increase navigability(She confirms me to some extent)

Me: Thank you mam.

Ch moves baton to M3.I think he was from South India by his content of questions and accent.

M3:so from Jadhavpur to erode..A long distance and u had stayed for 4 years..

Me:Sir I was first posted in erode under Saelam division in Southern Railways.I stayed there for 6 months only.

M3:so u have travelled form howrah to erode many times I assume.

Me: yes Sir 3-4 times.

M3:so how did u feel a s a passenger as general public not as an officer?

Me: sir yes sir.the cleanliness was an issue.The toilets and coaches are not that much clean as it should be.Sometimes the catering services are poor.The food is not tasty and nutritous and people have complaints about the food and linens which are dirty.There is an issue of punctuality and trains become late sometimes.The availability of berth is problem even if we have so many trains

M3: yes still peeple are not getting enough seats….(convinced)

Me:yes sir.Still according to the passengers ,there is dearth of trains and the routes are supersaturated.

M3:Humm.So as airports do,we can give passes to the passengers when they are boarding.This system of card tickets in papers is very olr process and does not work well.

Me: sir we can think of such measures .we can thin k of hand held ticket vending machines which we introduced in Central Railway s for suburban services where u are given tickets thru GPS based system once u board.But there are practical difficulties in long distance trains as we have infrastructure and technological bottleneck as as many passengers would like to concurrently go to the same place,an unplanned on the spot booking may deprive many genuine passengers as there are dearth of trains in the same route compared to passengers.(convinced)

M3: So u know about something of Erode district where some separate statehood demand was going on?

(I did not know about separate statehood but separatate municipal corporation)

Me:sir I am not aware of this incident.May be I have not followed it that time.

M3:So in bengal the congress is not powerful now.When did they become to degrade?

Me: sir I think they were in power till 1977 after that and to be precise after 1982 probably

M3: so what is ur opinion about there coming back or reviving?

Me: sir sorry sir,I don’t have any idea ,I don’t know sir.

CH:Ok u need not answer that question, don’t answer it now.I shall again ask u some questions later as my questions are not finished.Moves to M4.

M4: so u are now in CLW.What are they doing about technology import?Whne did and from where we imported initially?

Me: Sir we are importing technology for locomotives,coaches and traction motors.Initually in 1950s we imported from UK and now in 1996 we imported from Sweden and Switzerland from M/s ABB 3 phase loco technology and in 2003 from LHB/Germany for coaches

M3: So why are we not importing now?

Me:Sir it is costly and a drain on exchequer and dependence on foreign technology and obsolescence can hit us

M3: so whether are we doing some new technology?

CH also told yes we are now capable enough here in India,don’t we?

Me: yes sir we also at CLW and RDSO as well other PUs like RCF,ICF are doing work on new technologies.I talked on Loco trol,remote coupling,described,Vigilance control device in which I am involved,Vehicle control electronics,MU coupling of locos,Microporocessor control system modification,AC fitting in locos and some other technologies like TPWS and ATWS.

M3:So what bare we doing for coaches like Shatabdi rajdhani rakes?

Me: sir we have imported the design of lighter crushproof anti telescopic design of LHB coaches.they have better riding index and payload to tare ratio is more

M3:are we doing something here?

Me:sir we are modifying and upgrading it continuously.We are trying to make it with composite material with lesser weight and more with aluminium.It is of green toilets and zero

In wagons too we are also trying.RCF and ICF may be doing more and I don’t know more about that.

M3: so any time frame

Me:Sir I don’t know about that as RCF and ICF may be doing it so I canot say anything about that.

Then there was talks of import substitution,formation of new sources,new developments etc.

Next CH took the baton himself

CH: So you are going to be the in charge of administration of some district.You will be involved in some socio economic developmental projects.There are so many social problems.say for westBengal ,the health is a crisis.Is not it?

Me:yes sir,it is a serious problem area and we need to do a lot.

CH:yes .so what are the programmes?

me;Sir NRHM i.e National Rural health Mission.This scheme has to be run successfully and properly implemented.

CH:So the scheme is not running well.There are many problems.What do you think will be done to address that?

Me:Sir I have to first see whether the provisions of the scheme are there ,means infra,doctors,medicines,Health centers and then its monitoring……(stopped)

CH:No those things are not implemented and then say in point form what will you do,say I say Doctors not in..

Me Time,not punctual,involved in private practice,not very sensitive and sincere about delivery of health care to the poor

CH: yes then medicines

Me: yes they may be of poor quality,medicines for snake bites,maleria which are common in West bengal not available in care centers are far away,transportation is a problem,good operation theatres,labour wards,diagnostic centers are not there

CH:So what should be done when u have identified the problems

MeSir initially I should see whether the doctors are doing there duty and I will personally monitor that whether they are there as they are supposed to be,attending patients,any scarcity in doctors has to be filled in,then regarding medicines the quality should be checked thru expiry dates and independent organisations and quality of docs…

CH:No the docs may not listen to u ,they will tell they want to pursue higher degree and so

Me:Sir I have to convince them and tell rightaway that they have come by their professional choice and as part of there MBBS cours eor by job and they have to serve the people,regarding further studies that they have to do parallely,and I can arrange for good journals or infra

CH: but they will say their career prospects are getting disturbed.

Me: Sir I have to say that they are dutibound to serve in the rural centers and that is a priority of the government for which they are recruited and being paid and as they are in the job it is a noble cause for which they are here

Ch:But your cousin who may be in those doctors that he wants to pursue higher studies and can’t give so much time

Me:Sir whether he or she is my cousin or not ,irrespective of any relation with him,I have to tell him or them rules are same for all and serving the people is a noble cause and being a doctor apart form pursuing higher studies it is their duty so long a sthey are in the service to treat the patients in rural areas as they don’t have others to be looked after

CH:but your cousin may say that some Chakraborty,mukherjee or ganguly have got degree certificates and I too need them and may be they have got them fake

Me: Sir I have to first check and investigate the allegation but not believe in the face of it.And if really found so,I have to take strict actions like sacking them who have come through such certificates

CH:No they will say their certificates are fair

Me:Sir I have to check it out and if found after verification they are achieved thru unfair means ,I have to be rule-bound and retain quality doctors only and take stern measures agaist them who have fake certificates and who are delinquent in duties

CH:so u said that Railways need not be privatised,It is ok but there are some crucical reasons for that.tell me the most important one

Me:Sir I think Railways are the lifeline of nation.The connect remotest parts of country and

carry raw materials,finished goods,food and fertliser which are of most concern to the lives and livelihoods of the common ma,(I should have told strategic word here).There are some areas where we have to take up railways projects which are commercially unviable but socially feasible and a social commitment aspect is there.Besides it is under union list as a means of communications which is of prior necessity.

Ch:But there are some other reasons too.Anyways.Thank u and your interview is over.

Me: Thanks u Sir.Thank u madam and to all of you sirs.

I left the board with a feeling that I could answer many but also could not answer all.It went for around 35 mins.I am not sure how he will assess me and hope God’s grace is with me.Best of luck to all fellow candidates too.

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Interview Board of Nirbhay Sharma in UPSC Interviews 2011

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hey guys i had nirbhay sharmas board.. very short intrvw.. lasted fr just 18-20 mins… i could not give very good answers.. did he ask anyone abt internal prob of pakistan….


I had N.Sharma Board also, it was kind of stressful as well as speedy interview.. lasted for 25-28 minutes. Waise Ajay Bhai aapke comments padh kar kaafi tension hoa gayi hai.. I am just hoping that everything will turn out +ve for all of us…


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