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Is the era of 60 marks questions in upsc over?

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UPSC in mains 2010 rarely asked a 60 marker question in most (or all?) subjects. Students are discussing that the era of 60 markers could be over in upsc. See discussion below or check this link:

Is the erra of 60 marks question over??

I did see some long answer questions in 2009, but there was none in 2010. At lease this is true for pub ad and sociology. what about other?We should reflect upon how will this change the question writing and time management strategy?

The trend is definitely towards the elimination of 60 markers. both pub ad and anthro had no 60 markers last year. in fact some 60 mark questions in pub ad had 3 sub questions of 20 marks each. this seems to b the general trend in most subjects.

Even in economics and pyschology one could have chosen not to write 60 markers. Same thing happened in pub ad in sociology in the past. It was a gradual elimination of 60 markers. So, it may be same in other subs also

geo had 1 in 2010
none in pubadmn..infct pub admn had alot of 20 4 pubadmn a detaild study nd undrstndng of evry concpt ndd whole syllabus is all d more imp..40-20,20X3, r d more likely patterns
still i fell subjct like geo may still get 1-2 60 markers per papr..
in 2010 i personally knew dat dere vll be just 1-2 questns for 60 marks,,it was expctd..
dis year too d trend vll continue
but 1 side of d story is dat upsc is always in a mood to surprise students in mains or infct at ne in my opinion dere has been a steady movemnt of upsc papr setters away frm 60 markers…so just to get us by a surprise dey may again inculde 60 markers
so may be a SUBJECT WISE approach is d best one on dis i feel dat pubadmn still vll be more like 30-30,20-20-20,40-20 questns but deres a scope for 60 markers in geo it cant be ruled out copletely


In Mech Engg, there were too many parts…Figuring out what choices to make is in itself a 60 mark question

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:51 pm