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On Salman Rushdie, Fundamntalism, banning books

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Check this discussion if you are  a civils aspirant and want to know more on Salaman Rushdie recent issue, banning of books etc. it could be helpful for your essay and GS preparation.

What did Salman Rushdie wrote about Islam??

I dont know. Ignorant.
But I am sure that 99% people opposing are also ignorant.
Only God knows when will Islamic society will come out of the slavery of ultra-conservative Maulla/Maulvi/Clerics.
If somebody knows; pls tell.

Jan 21 (6 days ago)

@ BROTHERHOOD  bro d prob is not wid islamic society….look at what d hindu society did 2 M.F.Hussain….all societies can b dogmatic…d issue here is artistic freedom vs literary censorship…..very recently ( 2- 3 mths ago)  dere was a heatedd controversy whn oxford publications stopped printing AK Ramanujan’s essay on Ramayana. Ramanujan’s essay is a secular approach 2wrds d interpretation of Ramayana…but apparently many sections of ppl r not ok wid it….so d question is where is d dividing line n how far can creativity b allowed 2 go ….

Jan 22 (5 days ago)

In a TV debate, one spokesperson of Samajwadi Party, who proudly claimed that he along with Kushwant Singh were the first to recommend the book be banned in India, claimed the book used the f word and other abuses on the Prophet(peace be upon his name!)

Jan 22 (5 days ago)

india was d 1st country in d world  2 ban Satanic Verses ….literary cansorship is a sensitive issue but sumtimes it becomes unreasonable….take for example movies…d movie Khap was banned in Haryana…now dont u think dis movie was a must watch fr sum khap leaders n deir blind followers …so ironically  haryana needed  more dan any other state what it put a ban upon

Jan 22 (5 days ago)

last year Rohinton Mistry’s book Such a Long Journey was removed frm Bombay University’s sylabus cos it contained sum negative comments on Shiv Sena….so lots of crazy things have been happening in d field of censorship…i feel very strongly abt it…

Jan 22 (5 days ago)

Wikipedia is so helpful 🙂 (abt Satanic verses) (Salman Rushdie’s fourth novel)

Jan 22 (5 days ago) I have read satanic verses. available online freely. nothing derogatory in there.hussain  is definitely different matter(he was wrong that is why he apologised.hindus should have forgiven him). Salman is good writer and most of those people who oppose him have not read him. Those who have read do not object.

Having a discriminatory law in 21st century speaks a lot about hypocrisy , even if it is revoked later.
India and West are different , if they consider right to use abusive or obscene language as a part Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression then its their problem…….we don’t need to follow whatever they do
Our stand is that we won’t allow allow abusive language and obscene content….
Stretching liberty to extreme will lead to anarchy
What you consider as a "Simple Point" , is considered to as an invalid argument by the Judiciary.
As I said earlier to Brotherhood, if you have a strong logical argument then please go to Supreme Court and ask them to change interpretation of the term "Secularism" by what you suggest….
Such arguments in past have been completely rejected in toto , by the Court
You mentioned Ramanujam’s case , the case is an example of Hypocrisy of "super-intellectual" liberals of DU,
Students also have a liberty not to be forced to study any text which hurts their sentiment….. If someone wants to read Ramanujam’s essay at his home he is free to do so , but "super-intellectual" want students to be forced to read , even when it is controversial ….. there are many other better and non-controversial things which could be made a part History syllabus



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January 27th, 2012 at 9:12 pm