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Smt. Rajni Razdan Interview board experience in UPSC civils personality test

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This interview experience has been shared by a guy named Varun on 20 April 2011 (see image and link below):

11:05 to 11:45; 40 mins interview

1) Is Anna Hazare’s demand implementable?
2) What are the problems you foresee if Anna Hazare’s requests are agreed by the govt?
3) The image of the police is nefarious in the society. As a police officer how will you try to change it?
4) Tell us the rank hierarchy of Indian Army
5) Who is the Japanese film director who is world renowned for his style? Name two movies which he directed.
6) What is judicial activism? Is it justified? Quote two examples of JA.
7) You completed your dentistry. Then you became an Assistant Commandant in CRPF. Now you want IPS. Why is your career plan so confused?
8) Is there a need for police reforms? If so tell the reforms.
9) Situation Reaction Test: You are an officer in Railway Protection Force. One poor man does not have travel ticket. One University Professor who has bought a ticket has lost it. How will you handle both of them?
10) Based on a survey mapping, it is found that the number of SCs are very less in areas where STs are concentrated. Why is it so?
11) What is Phishing?
12) If you become an IPS officer, which is the organisation that you aspire to join; is it BSF, CBI, State Service…….? I proudly answered Intelligence Bureau and the interview came to a close.
Few other questions I can’t recollect.


See link for original discussion ; see image below

orkut - 11-05 to 11-45; 40 mins interview_1303401925757