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Using Hindi as medium of interview though English was the official medium

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Some candidates do seem to have used Hindi as medium in the IAS interview though their officially filled medium was English. If you are facing any such confusion, then you can see this thread for more. Excerpts:

i used hindi in interview though my medium was eng

i used sum hindi as i wasnt v.much confident in hindi..though i took chalam sir’s permission 1st..will i b screwed lik hell


wen they askd abt position of women in my village…i said " i shudnt say sir BUT woman is not considered human thr…chalam startd laughing lik hell…he said no no they r not human…i was feeling biggest stupid..though i gave them datas of UNDP GDI, ADB’s report etc…

i also said tht thr r many mini TALIBAN groups in india…chalam was surprisd 2 hear n askd me.. how? whr? i said sir wat hpnd in manglore 2yrs back…4owomen were beaten..he again startd laughing lik hell….i was feeling lik a clown!!!

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Written by upsc aspirants

May 31st, 2011 at 7:25 pm