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The Royal Commission on the Public Service in India

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A comprehensive examination of India’s Civil Service system was undertaken in 1912 when the British Government in London appointed what was called the Royal Commission on the Public Services in India Competitive examination for public recruitment. This was introduced in India in 1854 giving birth to a new Civil Service in the country. The patronage-based Civil Service was replaced by merit-based recruitment. There was thus no fresh addition to Haileyburians (as they were called) and thus both the streams co-existed: – The Haileyburians and the ‘Competition Wallas’ until the last Haileyburian retired from the service. The Royal Commission on the Public Services in India was set up in 1912 to examine the methods of recruitment to the Indian Civil Service and other Civil Service, imperial and provincial and conditions of service, salary, leave and pension. The Royal Commission was also to look into the employment of Indians in the Civil Service. The Royal Commission comprised of 12 members including the Chairman John Poynder, Baron Islington. Nine members including its Chairman were British while the remaining three were Indian. The Indian members were Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Mahadev Chaubal and Abdur Rahim. The Report is in twenty volumes. Volume one contains main report, volume two to volume nine contain the evidence relating to the Indian and provincial Civil Service taken in India in each of the nine provides in which made up British India and great Britain volumes XII to XX contain the evidence taken in regard to other service and department. The evidence in volume II to XI record processes accepted for the remaining volumes.

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January 27th, 2012 at 9:40 pm