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Discussion on Geography optional and marks in UPSC CS mains 2010 marks

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In the recently declared mark sheet for selected candidates you can see this thread online to find the discussion on how Geography optional has performed. See excerpts and image below:

in my first attempt I was bit selective, but in this attempt I did the whole syllabus……
i had joined Shabbir sir’s test series….. and for human geo i relied totally on his notes….
i practiced in general about writing 40 words on any entry, that helped me in writing on entries in mains….


PAPER I -119
total- 274


Ist paper- 149
2nd Paper-183
Total- 332


does word limit affects———-i wrote all answers but very much to the point —i was happy as i thought i hit the point———–but marks are 275———–i wrote 100 words for 20 markers and 350 for 60 marker——-did this resulted in so low score

word limit is not an issue as far as you are writing what the question has demanded…… i generally write 250 words for 20 markers, 700 words for 60 markers and 350 words for 30 markers……..
add to this there should be atleast 3 neat diagrams/ maps/ illustrations in every 20 marker, similarly 5-6 in 30 markers and 7-8 in 60 markers………
in himalayan answer of paper 2 i had drawn 12 diagrams in a 10 page answer………

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May 19th, 2011 at 10:14 pm