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List of Fraud Coaching Institutes for UPSC IAS preparation

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Mushrooming Coaching institutes loot students and parents more than they help them. In an online discussion, students are helping others by discussing how various coaching institutes cheat and how they are not helping students. Please note that this is only a reproduction of the discussion (see image and link). Visit this link to see the discussion and people who made the comments after their experiences. Please note that most of these coaching institutes are based in Delhi. There are some positive prises too.



  • List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE Friends, let’s compile a data here on fraud institutes and people: I say A.K. Mishra of Chanakya and Rau’s IAS top the list. Ramaswamy of Socio is also a bogus guy. Please add more.
  • mohanty also

    synergy by mohanty is also a bogus institute

  • Abhay Thakur of Synchronous is also FRAUD
  • Bogus institute..

    my experience ith CHOKOLINGAM was bad…

    saw hindu ad of mohanty today

    ba—d is quoting great names like Swetha ma’am and 5th ranker. they began their prep in 2005 or so. at tat time. no one was there. minocha sir was growing senile and irrlevant.people helplessly joined him. in 2009 i know some of my friends called him names. subhra ma’am made him nanga.
    he is fraud by any definition.

    ultimate fraudster

    sunil gupta—public ad

    I think there is also a subjective angle .. i.e one’s perception .. i think mohanty sir’s notes were really good … i mean the printed ones … also i think Pathak sir could have done better without his occasional off the course discussions which dragged the entire course ultimately leaving many topics simply untouched … I would not disagree if someone says preparing psyho without classes is possible. One thing i would appreciate is Pathak sir’s test series this time which really helped for paper 2 -i am referring to the class discussions .. the paper correction for paper 2 was horrible which simple involved coloring the scripts red with no significant inputs …
    Thus all in all i feel those established classes just provide the scaffold and one really needs to propel himself alone to leverage the help rendered by these classes.

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    Written by upsc aspirants

    May 21st, 2011 at 1:14 pm