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Cost of living in Delhi to prepare for UPSC exams

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A lot of students come to Delhi (hub) for UPSC IAS preparation. You can see this discussion if you are planning to come to Delhi for cost of living, rent, food expenses etc. Take our advice and prepare from where you are. Don’t come to Delhi unless you are very rich for coachings and inspiration. See this thread for the discussion. Life is not good in places like Mukherjee Nagar, Munirka, Jia Sarai etc. ; stay away.


Cost of living in Delhi

Hi guys… i am planing to move to delhi after prelims.. any info regarding how much a single room with decent amenities like table, chair, cot, attached bathroom would cost would be highly helpful in planing my finance. I would like to stay in old rajinder nagar..
those who who are already in delhi now, kindly spare a sec and reply…


room rents in old rajinder nagar vary from 4000/- (sharing) to 10000/- (individual).
brokers charge 15-20 days rent.
1 month deposit + 1 month rent in advance + 50-60 percent of rent to broker . these r the initial costs.
food = 3000/- approx.
misc expenses + electricity = 1000/- approx
other than that landlords are full of crap in old rajinder nagar and they will fleece you for money
it would be better if rooms are found in karol bagh , patel nagar, pusa campus or inderpuri ( all areas 2-3 kms from ORN)


Are there any conditions like minimum number of months of stay?? bcoz with this cost i can stay a maximum for three months. I hope landlords will not object to it and create a they?

a room 2-3 km away frm mukhrjee nagar or rajindar nagar…….. how much it cost and how much time for transportation ?
and wht abt food ?? tiffin ache hote h kya ??
kitna cost pad jata h for good food ??


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Written by upsc aspirants

May 21st, 2011 at 1:29 pm