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DAF registration problems

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Many candidates face DAF registration problems while filling the online daf mains form. See the link below for full details. also see for other confusion regarding daf filling.


i have mailed on web@ watecr it was too…no reply since last
morning… good rply on phn…. one person said to come to UPSC and
meet sm person….i guess i vll wait for a day or two and thn try to go
to delhi by myself to solve the problem
dude, i got th reply from the same mail … they reinstalled my account and asked me to re-register.. i did and i got my password nw.. do try again , hope it works 🙂



I decided to fill up my DAF form yesterday…when i tried REGISTERING, it says that you have already registered…

but i did not …whats the likely problem…what can be done now…?…


i think they will reply u after resetting…….. but i dont hav exact idea abt how long it will take as i didnt face this problem.  i replied u after reading others comments in the following thread.

u can see the preview before final submission n if u wish to change any info then u can go to that module and after making modification click on save n continue. no modification can be done after final submission.  btw i hav not submitted finally though i hav filled up all modules n seen preview of form n summary sheet.

.i have just one query.that after final submission can we view the finally submitted form the next day on the website. or will i have to save the final document on the computer and use a pen drive????as i dont have a printer at home.nor do i have a pen drive..(i live in a suburban)

so in that case can i just log on to the Upsc site from a cyber cafe after submitting my form from my home computer ,?also how many pages finally as i  would like to know the cost and will go to the cheapest cafe>>>

I have a question regarding home state and cadre choices… Please help me in making an informed decision

Being from defence background I have done my schooling across India, engg frm Tamil Nadu and worked at Bangalore for 2 years…

After retirement my father has settled in Bangalore and is residing there since 2005 … Can I put Karnataka as my home state?

But in case of my cadre preferences I have put UP ( birth place of my parents) as my first choice followed by its adjoining states. I have put Karnataka and other south Indian states very low in order…Will this lead to problem in interview?

Please share your opinion asap.


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Written by upsc aspirants

August 11th, 2012 at 3:42 pm