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Reason for fall in number of applications at UPSC prelims this year (2011)

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In CSP 2011, less number of people have applied for the post compared to last year.

Total Roll no.- 4,97,826
Total Valid Roll no.- 4,89,327
Application of 8,499 candidates rejected.
Last Year candidature- 5,53,900.


Probable reasons:

1. last yr – many people, who were to exhaust their attempts…gave the exam (coz…of pattern change i.e. CSAT)
moreover…this yr..many people must have filled Duplicate e-form & also many will not appear coz of CSAT…, this yr no. of students giving exam will dec. further

Yes,I this this time those who have only one attempt left might not take the risk of giving the exam,as the pattern of CSAT is still not clear…They might give it next year when syllabus will be more clear…

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May 31st, 2011 at 6:39 pm