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Important topics in DD Basu’s polity book

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ONe of the very important books for UPSC preparation, it is recommended by all. There are no more important topics in it as all the topics are important. See an online discussion on it:


This book is to be thoroughly studied and assimilated ! it teaches u not just WHAT but HOW of answering and approaching polity questions 🙂

the questions are application oriented these days…gone are the days of factual questions….this year also i bet the pattern would be analytical and opinion oriented.what ever you read you should understand it and be in a position to apply it in the exam.

no doubt u get application oriented questions bt still sm straight ones too can surely come …….so apart from basic understanding of all comcepts …u do need to cram sm facts !!!!!

the best way will be to try to correlate all current affairs with sm or the other topic of polity/economy/history/social/geog/science etc issue…
i knw its nt easy bt i suggest u revise current affairs after revising all other topics……
like :
1) commonwealth can be correlated to many issues of social relevance, polity, sports, geography, international relations etc etc

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:33 pm