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Report of Satish Chandra Committee on Civil Services Examination

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This is full text of the report of Satish Chandra Committee (1989), 692 pages in original . This may not be fully legible due to an error in the old copy of the report but should still be useful for anyone wanting to study the changes it suggested in UPSC CSE examination. If you badly need the report, do mail us and we may be able to help.


CONTENTS  i-vii 
Preface   viii-xiv 
CHISPTER-1  Introduction and brief history of the Competitive Examinations for recr!.iitment to all India and Central Services.  1-17 
Higher Civil  Services in  Indi3.  2-4 
Scheme of Separate Ccmpetitive Examination in the pre bothari Sysrem ot CAS stc. Ezamination.  4-53 
Cvrrent scheme of the Civil Services examination introduced from 1979 on the recommendationr of the kottiari Commi ttee.  8-12 


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February 27th, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Report of The Committee to Review In- service Training of The IAS officers

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The Committee to Review in-service training of the IAS officers was set up in September 2001 and it submitted its Report in August 2003. The Committee consisted of seven members, all civil servants, all except one belonging to the IAS, some retired, others serving. The Committee’s chairman was B. N. Yugandhar, a former member of the IAS, and who was at one time the Director of the LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussorie. Incidentally, the committees set up since the nineties of the last century are all getting manned by civil servants with little representation from the outside public life of India . They mostly functioned like internal reflection groups.


The Committee’s terms of reference were to examine the efficiency of the existing in-service training programmes for members of the IAS and make recommendations taking into account the problems faced in the present manner of implementation and also the recommendations of previous committees set up for the purpose. The mandate given to the Yugandher Committee was thus severely limited: the Report claims purely local temporary interest.

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February 27th, 2012 at 7:27 pm