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Report of Reforms Enquiry Committee 1924

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Report has word processing errors; okay for use by those who need this report:


Appendix No. 5 te the
Report of the
Reforms Enquirv 4 Committee
(Wetter Evidence) TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Memorandum by M. R. Rye. K. Rumba Younger Ad., M.L.A.
Siemorandum by Mr. C. R. Reddy, bl.L.C., hydras . . .. .. 2. Sir K. V. Rcddy. ez-Minister, Madm
Memorandum by 3f. R. Ry. Rao Bahadur Bf. C. Rsjn, Honorary Secretnry,

10. Memorandum by Mr. A. S. Surre, 3I.L.C.. Bombay . ,
11. Memorandum by Xr. R. G. Pr: rdhne, X.L.C… Coition
12. Memorandum by Mr. P. R. Clinked. Beguile
13: Memorandum by Mr. B. G. Empire‚Äôs. Bombay . … ..
14. Memorandum of the Docent Saba. Prom . … ..
15. Memorandum of the Bombay Branch of the Xatione1IIorr.e Hullo I.e.:gue.
18. Memorandum of the Bombay Presidency A3ssociation. . ~ .. -.
17. Letter from the General Recertify. All-India Trade Oilier

More this they cast a legitimate doubt on our fitness for nationalitp End self-gqvcuunent. The European Press, past mnster in the arts of propaganda and diplomacy, has exploited tlie situation- in two ways. Firstly by mfluencing communal jealousies and vtmities and encouraging them t o ask tor special representation or other protection ; and secondly by turning round and declaring that these very things that it served to bring into unholy prominence, are the real obstacles in the path of Indian Home Rule, and taunting us with our inability to remove them. Seeing that Government and Europeans are not a disinterested party, it would be impossible t o conccde that non-commulism should precede Home Rde. As nbn-communnlism prevails, Home Rule will prevail ; equally true -would it be t o say that as Home Rule prevail, non-communalism will prevail also. For every country with self-government has to provide for interests which far transcend communal greeds in scope and importance. It has to provide for defence, an army, navy and so on ; modern war and modern economics go together ; and industry, commerce and science and applied science must engage the attention of Government and people to a degree inconceivable .in thisage of official jobs and favours. And when you are intent on building the nation’s strength motives stronger than communalism will naturally come into effective operation.
Bombay Governtnent. : –
Sir Chimanlal’s evidence demands in tlic first. instance an empliiitic
protest against his publication of his statement witliout previous rcferciict!
to .the written records of the Bombay Government. Sir Chimanlal seeins
to have overlooked the oath which he took on assuming the ofice of ?ILcmbcr
of Council which was i n tlie following words ” I will not directly or in-
directly communicate to any person any matter which sliall become known
to me as a Member of tlie Executive c’ouiicil except as niay be required for
the due discharge of my duty iis such or as mil?. be speciiilly perinitted
by the Governor." The grave impropriety of cnmniunicat in: siicli a state-
ment to a representative of the Associated Press seems to have entirely
escaped him as likewise tlie serious prej udim to liis foruicr colleague.; in
the Bombay Government.
2. Sir Chimiinlal opened his statement by tlie remark in paragraph 1
that " dyarcliy was the best solution for the transition pcriod " and pro-
ceeded to remiirk in piragriiplis 2 to G on the political siiuation of tiic tiiiic
wliidi seemed to him from the -start to prvjutlice- a favo!!rably trial of the
scI1emS. Tile remarks however fiiilcd to tiilic a sufficicmtli wide. vicq of
the situ’ation. . A t te confcrvnce . iu Novciiilicr in fioiiiii;ry it is

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