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UPSC Civil Services Examination Interviews – 2011, Board of Sh IMG Khan

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If you are a UPSC aspirant and have got an interview call and want to know about the board of IMG Khan, UPSC member then you have come to the right place.

In an online forum students are discussing about Mr Khan and you can follow it—how Shri IMG Khan asks questions, how he gives marks, what kind of impression this board has gathered over the years in the eyes of the candidates etc.

Here are some examples of real experience of people and what they have to say:

4th april. 2nd session. I. M.G. KHAN board. u r teacher.why u want to join ias? impotance of distance learning? wht % shud req. 4 graduation in honours?R.T.E. ? gov. efforts 4 primery 2 higher edu.?ur fav. personality in history> use of hist? ram chandra guha> romila thapar? which painting style u like most? which tipe of painting u make? draw a human face at this time?why naxal r against schooling system? about world cup? partition of jharkhand nd reason of undevlopment of jharkhand? right to recall. is it good? R.T.I.? J.P. movement? 1 thing which lacks in jharkhand? 1 thing which can trasform india? reason 4 naxal? wht is solution? should we use army 4 this? right to service is it good? [Post by Pramod]


by a person who identifies himself as ‘thunder bolt’

f****** khan (and his panel) asked me around 8 questions
all situational questions – very tough and controversial
C-chairman M-members
C- what qualities should an IPS officer have?
Me: Sir physical and emotional strength, decision making abilities, analytical skills etc..
C- but apart from physical strength all these qualities are required in any other service also. what special qualities for IPS?
Me:sir should be quick, analyse situation from all angles. not jump to quick conclusions etc
C(not satisfied) – ok tell me what "qualities" an IPS officer should not have?
Me: sir should not trust people quickly, should not be swayed easily by words ( could not think of anything else)
C (not satisfied) : dont u think he should be non corrupt?
before i could say its not a quality he passed on to M1
M1: since u have filled ips as ur first option
C: no his first option is IAS only
M1: ok but tell me suppose groundwater is polluted somewhere and water is drawn from a nearby river and stored in an overhead tank from where it is supplied to all the houses through pipes. now terrorist attacks are taking place on these pipes- what would u do?
Me: sir we could use a pump and then water could be supplied through underground pipe
M1: suppose that option is not available
Me: after sometime- sir i dont know
M1: no think for a while
Me: sir it would not be feasible for police to protect each and every pipe (i was beating around the bush) and i cannot think of anything else. passes on to M2
M2: suppose u r DC and due to maoists terror people have stopped coming to offices and administration is in paralysis. what would u do?
Me: sir i would organize talk with maoists about stopping violence and would try to convince employees that not coming to offices is no solution.
M2: still they are not coming?
Me: as usual i dont know

M2: suppose ur SP and senior officers are engaing in corrupt acts. what would u do?
Me: sir i would confront them and make them aware about consequences of their deeds and ask to stop. and still if they do not stop i would go to higher authorities.
M2( not satisfied) passes to M3 (lady)
M3: suppose ground water is polluted in an area. and no nearby river is available. what would u do ?
Me: this was easy but i screwed up. mam i dont know
M3: u have heard of rainwater harvesting?
me: (smiling lika an idiot) yes mam we can do that.
M4: comparative analysis of waterways, railways, roadways as means of transport?
me: i did something not satisfied
M4: ok which is more polluting road or rail?
Me: sir i think rail
M4: no its road
M4: which require more land road or rail
Me: sir it depends on a lot of factors…
M4: but generally
Me: sir i think rail
M4: no its road
chairman: suppose we are designing an expressway from delhi to chandigarh to reduce travel time. what are the basic considerations?
Me: sir land acquisition, traffic load etc
C: no what is most basic?
Me: again repeating above things worded differently
C: at present if we go some bullock carts come in way etc
Me: yes sir we will limit residential access to the roads
C: but how can u cutoff people
Me : sir we can design a flyover..
C:yes yes . fucker he wanted to hear the word flyover.
C: what are other design considerations?
Me: i told some
C: ok go and ponder over this. ur interview is over.
expecting no more than 120. i m FUCKED

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Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for bad vocabulary that the candidate has used. Please follow the online discussion which has been merely reproduced in portions and linked here.

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April 13th, 2011 at 4:37 pm