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What is your criteria for cadre preferences in UPSC mains exam?

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You can now choose your cadre choices in upsc mains examination. Students discuss how they choose a cadre; you can read full details on this link or see the excerpts below:


Criterion for Cadre Preference , Tell ur reason.

Many aspirants here would be clearing prelims very soon and will be filling Mains Detailed Form giving their Service and Cadre preference.
Please mention ur cadre preference list along with frank reason of the cadre preference list that you make like :
1) Why XYZ is ur first choice
2) Why XXZ is ur second choice…so on ……..
Reaons may be Home cadre , political condition, localite preferences, state’s conditions, state’s reputation, cool life , heated life etc etc ….
Please share whatever knowledge u have of various states so that everyone can be benefitted.

All states have their own goods/bads ….so I jst want every1 to put their preference with sm justified reason …
All states have huge potential … For me I will prefer UP/Haryana/Punjab as there is huge potential for IPS.


As I said, All states have great scope for work for all India services .
I prefer UP as there is a lot of scope in that state for good policing as there are many areas which needs attention as I have seen alomst all parts of UP and how law and order is openly violated bt things are improving and UP is single largest Police Force of the world. A sort of Jungle Raj prevails where mob can even dare and shoot at SSP and DM so excellent daring oppurtunities to work there.
Even Delhi Police, Punjab Police, Haryana Police, AP Police , Karnataka State Police are doing great as I have seen them closely and these states offer real challenges as there are many heated issues cropping up.
Off late Bihar Police has broken all records in terms of Criminal arrest and anti corruption drives under new leadership .
Every state has some priority areas to deal with like HP may nt provide challenging environment for IPS but great state for IAS as HP IAS officers record high on corruption which needs to be checked and HP has largest Non- urban population in the country so a lot of developmental work is expected to take place and even for IFoS officers to conserve degrading HP environment .
So , What I mean is choosing cadres is not an easy thing and select ur area depending on ur future Goals . There is no point in becoming IPS where Crime is Zero and similarly there in no point in becoming IAS where Crime is at its peak and you spend half your life depending on Police’s performance.
So please make an informed decision and choose your point. For me there is nothing like Home state as I have spent my life in different states and equally attached to all states . Though My birth place is in Uttarakhand but it figures no where in my top 5 preferences.

IPS-Maharashtra, primary reason is I am from Mumbai so it’s normal for one to choose his home state. Other choice will Delhi or Andhra Pradesh. Selecting IPS is because my father is in the police so I also wish to follow in his foot steps and become an officer in the Police

I would opt for my home state home state of Bihar,because whatever be the issues,the process of social integration would become easier under such a scenario….If I was from Nagaland or J&K I would have opted for those states WITHOUT ANY HESITATION…

All states are good …..seriously …….gujarat is matured state where people know their rights and as IPS you will deal with matured crowd plus gujaratis are known for their sweet nature and moreover the CM at present is a strong one and hence knows how to manage IAS/IPS well …..
So its upto You , if you wanna work for public cause , take any state but if you desire the fun factor too of policing where in public comes and touches you feet saying "SP sahib….zindabad" …forget Gujarat …bcoz such scenarios are only possible in states of UP/Bihar/Chattishgarh/Jharkhand/Haryana/Punjab/Rajasthan ..i mean more rural dominated areas where in Police power is equated to Godly Power …….
I dont intend to start any debate here but this is my personal observation….
For me IPS is useless service if you get cold cadre so it is always better to take IPS where you actually get meaningful tasks and not just maintain Jails and Traffic throughout ur life……….
I would volunteer for that area where Max cases have been registered in the past so that if I am able to make a change there life is made !

If nt IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS………..
following 2 may be considered :
1) IAAS – total bureaucratic work with a lottt of Brainwork involved in Accounts/Audits . (I just cant do this)
2) IRTS – (my pick) a lot of field work which make you look like 50 years old in just 10 years of service and pride of belonging to Indian Railways .

Written by upsc aspirants

August 2nd, 2011 at 3:56 pm