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The Government’s of India Clerks’ Salaries Committee

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Discontentment on the part of personnel in an organization is gravely injurious to its image and productivity. To this end conscious efforts are made to monitor and redress the employee grievances. The Government of India has shown its concern for this problem by the appointment of Pay Commission from time to time.


The Government of India appointed, in July 1908, a Committee, to investigate the complaints of the clerical personnel working in the secretariat to find out if the prevalent scales of pay were found insufficient to attract and retain man possessing the requisite qualifications and to suggest suitable measures for remedying the position. This Committee, known as the Government of India Clerks’ Salaries Committee, had as its members J.S. Meston, G.B.H. Fell, H. Hudson, H.N. Heseltine, Sarat Chandra Banerjee, Maula Bakhsh and C.W. Caston, the first named being its Chairman. The Committee submitted its report in December of the same year.

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January 27th, 2012 at 9:38 pm