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RBI Exam prelims experience: 18 December 2011

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If any of you want the experience and discussion on how the RBI prelims exam scheduled for today please see the discussion by others:


    my attempt
    gk 55
    english 15
    qa 10
    reasoning 20
    not expecting

my attempt
gk 75
english 19
qa 15
reasoning 26

Last year’s cut off was 104. I feel that this year’s paper was tougher than last year and so cut-off may not be more than 90. What do you feel guys?
Sectional cut-offs are always low


See the page for full thread.

RBI Prelims - Exam experience

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December 18th, 2011 at 9:21 pm

What is your criteria for cadre preferences in UPSC mains exam?

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You can now choose your cadre choices in upsc mains examination. Students discuss how they choose a cadre; you can read full details on this link or see the excerpts below:


Criterion for Cadre Preference , Tell ur reason.

Many aspirants here would be clearing prelims very soon and will be filling Mains Detailed Form giving their Service and Cadre preference.
Please mention ur cadre preference list along with frank reason of the cadre preference list that you make like :
1) Why XYZ is ur first choice
2) Why XXZ is ur second choice…so on ……..
Reaons may be Home cadre , political condition, localite preferences, state’s conditions, state’s reputation, cool life , heated life etc etc ….
Please share whatever knowledge u have of various states so that everyone can be benefitted.

All states have their own goods/bads ….so I jst want every1 to put their preference with sm justified reason …
All states have huge potential … For me I will prefer UP/Haryana/Punjab as there is huge potential for IPS.


As I said, All states have great scope for work for all India services .
I prefer UP as there is a lot of scope in that state for good policing as there are many areas which needs attention as I have seen alomst all parts of UP and how law and order is openly violated bt things are improving and UP is single largest Police Force of the world. A sort of Jungle Raj prevails where mob can even dare and shoot at SSP and DM so excellent daring oppurtunities to work there.
Even Delhi Police, Punjab Police, Haryana Police, AP Police , Karnataka State Police are doing great as I have seen them closely and these states offer real challenges as there are many heated issues cropping up.
Off late Bihar Police has broken all records in terms of Criminal arrest and anti corruption drives under new leadership .
Every state has some priority areas to deal with like HP may nt provide challenging environment for IPS but great state for IAS as HP IAS officers record high on corruption which needs to be checked and HP has largest Non- urban population in the country so a lot of developmental work is expected to take place and even for IFoS officers to conserve degrading HP environment .
So , What I mean is choosing cadres is not an easy thing and select ur area depending on ur future Goals . There is no point in becoming IPS where Crime is Zero and similarly there in no point in becoming IAS where Crime is at its peak and you spend half your life depending on Police’s performance.
So please make an informed decision and choose your point. For me there is nothing like Home state as I have spent my life in different states and equally attached to all states . Though My birth place is in Uttarakhand but it figures no where in my top 5 preferences.

IPS-Maharashtra, primary reason is I am from Mumbai so it’s normal for one to choose his home state. Other choice will Delhi or Andhra Pradesh. Selecting IPS is because my father is in the police so I also wish to follow in his foot steps and become an officer in the Police

I would opt for my home state home state of Bihar,because whatever be the issues,the process of social integration would become easier under such a scenario….If I was from Nagaland or J&K I would have opted for those states WITHOUT ANY HESITATION…

All states are good …..seriously …….gujarat is matured state where people know their rights and as IPS you will deal with matured crowd plus gujaratis are known for their sweet nature and moreover the CM at present is a strong one and hence knows how to manage IAS/IPS well …..
So its upto You , if you wanna work for public cause , take any state but if you desire the fun factor too of policing where in public comes and touches you feet saying "SP sahib….zindabad" …forget Gujarat …bcoz such scenarios are only possible in states of UP/Bihar/Chattishgarh/Jharkhand/Haryana/Punjab/Rajasthan ..i mean more rural dominated areas where in Police power is equated to Godly Power …….
I dont intend to start any debate here but this is my personal observation….
For me IPS is useless service if you get cold cadre so it is always better to take IPS where you actually get meaningful tasks and not just maintain Jails and Traffic throughout ur life……….
I would volunteer for that area where Max cases have been registered in the past so that if I am able to make a change there life is made !

If nt IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS………..
following 2 may be considered :
1) IAAS – total bureaucratic work with a lottt of Brainwork involved in Accounts/Audits . (I just cant do this)
2) IRTS – (my pick) a lot of field work which make you look like 50 years old in just 10 years of service and pride of belonging to Indian Railways .

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Is the era of 60 marks questions in upsc over?

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UPSC in mains 2010 rarely asked a 60 marker question in most (or all?) subjects. Students are discussing that the era of 60 markers could be over in upsc. See discussion below or check this link:

Is the erra of 60 marks question over??

I did see some long answer questions in 2009, but there was none in 2010. At lease this is true for pub ad and sociology. what about other?We should reflect upon how will this change the question writing and time management strategy?

The trend is definitely towards the elimination of 60 markers. both pub ad and anthro had no 60 markers last year. in fact some 60 mark questions in pub ad had 3 sub questions of 20 marks each. this seems to b the general trend in most subjects.

Even in economics and pyschology one could have chosen not to write 60 markers. Same thing happened in pub ad in sociology in the past. It was a gradual elimination of 60 markers. So, it may be same in other subs also

geo had 1 in 2010
none in pubadmn..infct pub admn had alot of 20 4 pubadmn a detaild study nd undrstndng of evry concpt ndd whole syllabus is all d more imp..40-20,20X3, r d more likely patterns
still i fell subjct like geo may still get 1-2 60 markers per papr..
in 2010 i personally knew dat dere vll be just 1-2 questns for 60 marks,,it was expctd..
dis year too d trend vll continue
but 1 side of d story is dat upsc is always in a mood to surprise students in mains or infct at ne in my opinion dere has been a steady movemnt of upsc papr setters away frm 60 markers…so just to get us by a surprise dey may again inculde 60 markers
so may be a SUBJECT WISE approach is d best one on dis i feel dat pubadmn still vll be more like 30-30,20-20-20,40-20 questns but deres a scope for 60 markers in geo it cant be ruled out copletely


In Mech Engg, there were too many parts…Figuring out what choices to make is in itself a 60 mark question

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Reserve List of 2010 Mains in UPSC

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Students in an online thread are discussing about the reserve list of 2010 Mains. If you are a hopeful you can check it too.


this is a list mentioned by upsc in the site .
5. In accordance with Rule 16(4) & (5) of the Civil Services Examination Rules, 2010, the Commission is maintaining a consolidated Reserve List of 242 candidates which includes 121 General, 94 Other Backward Classes, 23 Scheduled Castes and 4 Scheduled Tribes candidates ranking in order of merit below the last recommended candidate under respective category.
so a number of candidates below cut off will b in this list . they hav a chance of gettin a service later at some point in time…
the whole calculation is lil complicated .
bt since u have 1134 u may b among top in the list an may stand a fair chance.


everyone will get Gr A service. Gr B seats go to those candidates who have opted limited preferances (like IPS opting only IAS) but cant get those service/s due to there low to these candidates are allocated after service allocation of supplementary list.
Delay happens due to separation of rank allocation (by UPSC) and service allocation (by DoPT).
(ix) Some of the candidates have given no preference or exercised limited preference for allocation of service.
These candidates have not been allocated any service as at their turn vacancy in their category was not available.
They will be considered for allocation of service at the end, as per rules, after all candidates including those that
may be in the supplementary list, as per rank, preference, medical status, category, medical requirement of the
post and availability of vacancy in his /her category at their turn.
no of such candidates is always more than no of group b posts..


The site there also has a full fledged thread on reserve list 2009 with a lot of discussion and you can check it too.

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Anti development Thesis: Concept in pub ad syllabus

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The anti development thesis can be a confusing concept in the syllabus of Mains public administration. Some students are discussing it and you can read the details below or see the link for full text


this one is posted by Kunal

Anti development …
Against the idea and methods of devlopmental….due to reaosn
1. Environmental degradation due to devlopement
Dev mainly concerned on economic devl …lead to more problem of pollution , slums , GHG etc ….. climate unsustainable…..
later various climat initiatives …rio earth summit 92, copenhagen , montreal protocol etc………stresses on env sustainability
2. Social cost ….. Dev led to uprooting of some communties….and exploitation
eg … narmada bachao andolan , current POSCO case …. these are anti devlomental movements…
3. Feminism …. dev male dominated, women bind devloment…dint recog the role of women …..her household activities….etc…..
many women cmissions etc emerged for the same…..
4. certain theorist— applied dependency theores—- west using east for their own purpose….. east becomig dependent on west ……
5. Food security …… too much mal nutrition in Africa…but they r growing cash crops like tea, cofee for trade… this devlopmemt? …… food shld not be traded just like other commercial items like steel , minerals, oil etc…..
However criciticms for anti devel
1. dint look into the positives of developments..
2. Dint suggest the solutions……if not this then wht shld be done..


Good one….it was posted by me ….at that time….i had narrow understanding of public administration ….infact these r just examples
Essence of Anti-Development thesis is the criticism of the efforts of Development Administration(DA) by certain section of society who analysed the negatives of the work done by Development administration……
Who criticised?
1. Some environmentalists— above examples
2. Some sociologists ( mainly feminists ) who thought development is not considering gender perspectives (….leading to GEI— Gender empowerment index , some national and international NGO’s criticised DA work as male driven only)
3. Some local communities who thought Development is westernizing their economies—above examples
4. Some religious fundamentalists who thought DA thinkers thinks only western community (christian) is developed….they thought their efforts is leading to spread of christianity and also these fundamentalists have perception that DA thinkers thinks –Islamism is anti-development
Again criticism
1. Over reaction to western society
2. Dint talked about their own definition and actions of development
3. Neglected many positives of development ( give examples of 1980 developments )
etc so on….
My last year post is very narrow….pls dont read in that perspective

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:43 pm

The SAI recruitment of UPSC aspirants

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The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has been conducting a recruitment drive for UPSC aspirants this year too (It was cancelled last year).

You can see the thread on an online forum if you want to know the latest info on SAI examination, marks of various applicants in UPSC who are applying. See excerpts below:


SAI recruitment

Will SAI consider the interview marks also ?
Though they have mentioned only subjects they have also asked for the UPSC mark list. So is there are chance of considering the total marks?


For any query plz call Mr. A.K. PATATRI( PERSONNEL MGMT SAI)
contact number:011-24368394


is anybody having more than 979 from sc category and applied for sai

one person from bihar. sc 982 marks he is applying for sai

anyone with OBC category applying for SAI…mine score 977+112

have patience….the recruitment process will take atleast 3 mnths…if took place at all…

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August 2nd, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Is psychology not a safe optional subject now?

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There is an online discussion going on about the Pscyhology optional in the UPSC mains after the recent mains results. You can follow it online for more, excerpts follow:

psychology now a disaster

Guys psychology now has become a disaster subject
ps put up scores
me paper 1-147 paper2-145


many have scored above 400……still i think dis yrs result are disastrous.

shame on you for advocating against psychology.
having been the victims, you should figure what went wrong.
its not the subject but the content one represents i believe.
if one writes the same stuff as the other thousands do…they cant expect to score well.

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:37 pm

Important topics in DD Basu’s polity book

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ONe of the very important books for UPSC preparation, it is recommended by all. There are no more important topics in it as all the topics are important. See an online discussion on it:


This book is to be thoroughly studied and assimilated ! it teaches u not just WHAT but HOW of answering and approaching polity questions 🙂

the questions are application oriented these days…gone are the days of factual questions….this year also i bet the pattern would be analytical and opinion oriented.what ever you read you should understand it and be in a position to apply it in the exam.

no doubt u get application oriented questions bt still sm straight ones too can surely come …….so apart from basic understanding of all comcepts …u do need to cram sm facts !!!!!

the best way will be to try to correlate all current affairs with sm or the other topic of polity/economy/history/social/geog/science etc issue…
i knw its nt easy bt i suggest u revise current affairs after revising all other topics……
like :
1) commonwealth can be correlated to many issues of social relevance, polity, sports, geography, international relations etc etc

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Huge recruitments in customs and central excise to come soon

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See link for full discussion by students online in a forum–

huge recruitment in C and CE…….

CBEC Cadre Restructure Cleared by Expenditure – More than 3000 New ACs
MAYBE the first issue that the CBEC Chairman took up immediately after his return from a foreign trip, was the much awaited (by officers) cadre review. He successfully got it cleared by the Expenditure Department and now the file will go the FM, DOPT and Cabinet. As Expenditure had approved the scheme, the other approvals will be a mere formality, which hopefully should not take a long time.
As per the proposal, the Chairman and Members of CBEC will no more be ex-cadre posts; they will be in-cadre! This should dispel any apprehension about any take-over of the Board by the IAS.
There will be 23 new posts of Principal Chief Commissioner in the HAG+ scale. There will be 72 Chief Commissioners compared to the existing 43. The strength of Commissioners is to be increased to 465 from the existing 295. There are 593 Additional Commissioner/Joint Commissioner posts which will swell to 1026.
At present there are 1550 Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner posts and this strength will go up to 4896 bringing in 3346. There is going to be 100 percent increase in the strength of Sr. PS, LDC, Drivers and Sepoy. The strength of the Head Havildar is to be increased to 4117 from 2139.

Same info i got 210-220 seats …from my friends of 2008 and 2009 batches in faridabad, mumbai and some posted…3-4 said the same thing….
in cse 2008 seats were 199….last year they were 180…..
also i heard it will be the largest intake and from next year it will start shrinking….so logically it should be at least equal to 200 around cse 2008 or more than that..


I never said anything against CCE yaar . Please understand this first . No point in comparing it always with IAS etc ……Its jst that I very well understand the redtape delays in such scenarios…..U must appreciate that merely clearing some thing on File doesnt mean that all is well…..its may take months or even Year plus to actually realize it ……..Do you even know the procedure that if followed in buying a new car for any Govt Office ??? Try to know it and you will feel like puking !!!!!!!

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:27 pm

Using Hindi as medium of interview though English was the official medium

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Some candidates do seem to have used Hindi as medium in the IAS interview though their officially filled medium was English. If you are facing any such confusion, then you can see this thread for more. Excerpts:

i used hindi in interview though my medium was eng

i used sum hindi as i wasnt v.much confident in hindi..though i took chalam sir’s permission 1st..will i b screwed lik hell


wen they askd abt position of women in my village…i said " i shudnt say sir BUT woman is not considered human thr…chalam startd laughing lik hell…he said no no they r not human…i was feeling biggest stupid..though i gave them datas of UNDP GDI, ADB’s report etc…

i also said tht thr r many mini TALIBAN groups in india…chalam was surprisd 2 hear n askd me.. how? whr? i said sir wat hpnd in manglore 2yrs back…4owomen were beaten..he again startd laughing lik hell….i was feeling lik a clown!!!

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May 31st, 2011 at 7:25 pm