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After the Interview Prep for IAS on Orkut

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The Orkut group ‘Interview Prep for IAS’ was a very active one. When Orkut shut down, some active members set up the forum at interview prep for ias dot com.

Do join it if you miss the group. It has about 2000 members.

Also see a replication of the site on Grupia It has 686 members as we write this.

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October 16th, 2014 at 11:01 am

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UPSC website now sometimes does not post results, links on home page

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UPSC aspirants and others may have noticed yesterday that the result of CS(P), 2014 was initially not on the home page. It was in the examinations page>written result page on the UPSC website.

UPSC has probably not done this for the first time. There are other results sitting there on that page. Later the link to result was put up on the home page. Many students initially who knew about results were initially unaware of the location of the results (as in the morning around 10am, the result was also not on the PIB website).

So in future if you are searching for results or some information, then do check and search the UPSC website thoroughly as there is more to results and UPSC than meets the eye. UPSC has a bad website anyway (cluttered, old look) and you will be better off doing your own navigation rather than believing the commission for everything.

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October 16th, 2014 at 10:23 am

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17000 clear UPSC CSE Preliminary examination

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UPSC declared the result of the UPSC Civil services examination yesterday. Nearly 17000 students will appear in the main examination.

That is probably the greatest number ever to write the Preliminary examination in recent years (if not decades).  About 450000 candidates had appeared for the Civil services PT examination on 24 August 2014.

According to an UPSC official, there was an increase of 40 per cent in the number of students appearing in this year’s examination compared to last year’s 3,24,279 .

UPSC in the result notification has explicitly asked candidates not to file RTI applications seeking details of their marks as it will be made public only when the whole process of examination is over.


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October 16th, 2014 at 10:18 am

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Supreme Court to hear petition for postponement of UPSC Pre scheduled 24 August 2014

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Today at 11 am, Supreme court is hearing the petition for postponement of UPSC Civil Services Examination scheduled 214 August 2014. In Court no. 2. Students esp those protesting against the various biases in CSAT have already assembled at the court premises.

See image below; the SC official paper on this.

supreme court PIL csat


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August 23rd, 2014 at 10:02 am

Central Government OBC certificate format

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OBC format for candidates belonging to the OBC category to be used in case of central govt admissions etc.

It is a pity that even the national commission of backward classes does not have a format on its website! And many offices in India still can’t find the latest format or make an OBC certificate without error!

Always use the latest format as resolutions (15 in no. in this one) may get added. See sites like UPSC dot gov in or some university website for latest formats if in confusion.

See this UPSC link for more.


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May 5th, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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Names of selected Candidates at upsc cs 2012 mains final result

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Copied from the 2012 final result 

Hindi fonts may be missing.

Based on the results of the written part of Civil Services (Main)
Examination, 2012 held by the Union Public Service Commission in October,
2012 and the interviews for Personality Test held in March-April, 2013,
following is the list, in order of merit, of candidates who have been
recommended for appointment to: –
[i] Indian Administrative Service;
[ii] Indian Foreign Service;
[iii] Indian Police Service; and
[iv] Central Services, Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’.
A total number of 998 candidates have been recommended for
appointment including 457 General (including 23 Physically challenged
candidates), 295 Other Backward Classes (including 09 Physically challenged
candidates), 169 Scheduled Castes (including 02 Physically challenged
candidate) and 77 Scheduled Tribes candidates against 1091 vacancies
( 550 General, 295 Other Backward Classes, 169 Scheduled Castes and
77 Scheduled Tribes).

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May 5th, 2013 at 8:23 pm

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For Students: Tenant Assistance Form for old Rajinder Nagar

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This is a message by some people and it is being published as sent. It will be useful for UPSC aspirants and other students seeking renting help, landlord feedback, information on rent, prices, trends, warnings etc in Rajinder Nagar and also other places like Ziasarai, Bersarai, Munirka, Mukherjee Nagar etc where students live and seek rooms (if such spread sheets are created later).


I live in old rajinder nagar.The student ecosystem is very good here except for few problems in renting a room.I prepared a community-owned,community-moderated spread sheet to help the students coming with their suitcases to Delhi.This may not completely solve the problem.With proper nurturing this could be a step in right direction to make this place more student friendly.

Please share the link on your blogs,websites,social media profiles.



If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:


Tenant assisting Form for Old Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi

This is community-owned,community-moderated Spread Sheet.I plead you not to spam it.Spread Sheet Link:

Why this spread sheet?
1.We don’t need those leeches, called brokers.
2.To let the new occupant know the problems that bothered the leaving tenant.This helps the new tenant to bargain the rent amount.
3.And finally to realise the power of community action.

Leaving tenant:Please care to fill this form if you are planning to vacate your room.

Entering tenant:If you found a room through this portal or otherwise,please care to update this spread sheet-so,that other people don’t find the information on this portal redundant.

There must be few more areas like old rajinder nagar, New Delhi where renting business is thriving and tenant is always at the receiving end.I encourage you to search for similar spreadsheets or make one if you feel necessary.

Based on response I vow to improvise this solution.


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May 4th, 2013 at 9:09 am

Join Shukla for Court Case against upsc 2013

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See Shukla’s posts on an online forum. See link and image below. Feel free to help him and join him.  Link for online discussion See the image below for his no.


When did UPSC notify introduction of essay in 1992

If somehow, from the ARCHIVAL SECTION of some NEWSPAPER office, this information can be obtained- that on which particular date before 1993 exams, (when 200 marks essay paper was introduced, changing the scheme for the first time after 1979), the PMO accepted the essay proposal, PTI advertised these changes and UPSC gave press release. If it comes to be a date on or before 1992 December, UPSC will certainly lose the case in the court. Its not the change in syllabus that is problem, but the manner in which it has been brought is problem. The preparation cycle for a student starts from October-November previous year, and UPSC kept students in suspense.The comparision can be established only if the date of INFORMING in 1992-93 through the Press Trust of India, is available before 1993 exam. One way to know this is RTI to DOPT/PTI/UPSC, and the alternate way is going to the  ARCHIVAL SECTION OF POPULAR NEWSPAPER in which that news would have been published. PLz suggest some idea.

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April 28th, 2013 at 6:55 pm

UPSC 2013 Pattern Change and the Extra Attempt Debate and discussion

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UPSC has released the 2013 CSP Notification. As expected, there has been changes in the Main exam pattern. Students are debating whether more attempts will be given to all candidates as probably happened in 1979 and year 1990. You can read more on the links below.

Sample of a letter by some student to DoPT:


“On 5th March, UPSC have notified changes in the Mains Pattern of the Civil Services Exam. While I welcome the changes ushered in by the Commission, I am saddened by complete neglect of the majority stakeholders in this process, the Civil Service aspirants.

The changes brought about are not incremental but are substantial and these are advantageous to only a section of the aspirant community. Many students would be at a disadvantage as the new pattern does not provide a level playing field to them and it impinges on their right to equality.

Students from Regional language background would be at a major disadvantage in Paper-I as many would require to put in extra efforts to work on their English language. It would be detrimental to their final rank in the Merit List. Already many of them find it difficult to get through the Preliminary stage due to emphasis on English Comprehension.

Also, a few students would be in the age group of 28 plus and some would be even 29, which means that they ought to take this exam this year itself as there would be no flexibility. Even if you increase the attempts for these students it may not work in their favor as they would not have the cushion of time to write the exam the next year as they would go beyond the age limit of 31 years.

In 1979 and 1990 the pattern was changed and DoPT had taken into cognizance the interest of the student community. In 1979, the students were given four fresh attempts while in 1990 the upper age-limit was 31 years. And so I would request you to please consider raising the upper age-limit to 31 years and also giving fresh attempts.

Sir, considering the amount of time and money that students put in during their preparation for exams, I would request you to take up this issue urgently.


See the DoPT rule notification It is mentioned that "Unless covered by any of the exceptions that may from time to time be notified by the Central Government in this behalf, every candidate appearing for the examination after 1st January 1990, who is otherwise eligible, shall be permitted four attempts at the examination".

Follow this Link for full discussion. And join students petitioning the DoPT or PMO or UPSC. Do it while you can; the system needs more improvements than you think it does. It is a lucky draw exam already given the way it is conducted.

More from the discussion:


I think we should ponder on the following cases too and request DoPT to consider them:

1) A few students would be in the age group of 28 plus and some would be even 29, which means that they ought to take this exam this year itself as there would be no flexibility. Even if you increase the attempts for these students it may not work in their favour as they would not have the cushion of time to write the exam the next year as they would go beyond the age limit of 31 years.

Solution: Make the upper age limit 31 years along with an extra attempt.

2) Students from Regional language background would be ata disadvantage in Paper-I as many would require to put in extra efforts to work on their English language. It would be detrimental to their final rank in the Merit List. Already many of them find it difficult to get through the Preliminary stage due to emphasis on English Comprehension.( Students from the southern states especially as Hindi is not their savior in  CSAT). Students from CBSE, ICSE stand to gain again from this new patter.

Solution: Students would need more time to be prepared for these mammoth changes brought in by UPSC. So again the age limit to be extended to 31 along with an extra attempt.


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March 6th, 2013 at 1:33 pm

Synergy Public administration Mohanty coaching Review by Ngur

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This is Ngur’s comment who was disappointed by Synergy coaching institute submitted to this site.


Synergy’ pub adm. I dont have words to describe how disappointd i was with the class. First of all, the classroom is totally congested..there is no space at all..there is not enough space or order to get a seat wit attached table, you have to arrive an hour before the class. If you get to seat at the back, there is just no point of sitting through the whole class as you will not be able to hear through their low budget, low quality mike..and the projector used for the back rows are if no use when the room is well lit!!! And once you are seated, you would rather not get up again till the class gets matter what be the cause. My classes were during summer and most of the times i felt suffocated sitting there and trying to listen to lectures.. There is no proper setting for learning at all although we paid soooo much!!! wonder many would doze off during classes.  I tried recording them using my phone but didnt help much. How would be possible when the mike
and the sound system they use are sooo horrible!!!!
Most importantly, i was never told that there were many other teachers besides mohanty. Polity teacher was better in teaching when compared to mohanty. If you dont have knowledge about pub adm, you will certainly feel lost especially when listening to all those 3 rd time attempted students. Comon!! I came to learn pub adm, not listen to you guys telling sir and the rest how much you have attained and how brilliant you are!!! This shoulve handled by mohanty by telling them to discuss their issues later in private n not spoil the whole wonder we always had to stay extra hours!!!
And mohanty sir’s lecture?? I feel much better and confident when i study myself than sit there listening him repeat lines in different manners 4/5 times over and over again. He couldve just said it once.
Mohanty classes are of no use at all. I really regret wasting my time there.


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August 23rd, 2012 at 9:50 am