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UPSC interview experience with Sh. Vijay Singh’s board

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A UPSC aspirant named Praveen has posted his interview experience with the board of Sh. Vijay Singh. This will be useful for anyone looking for UPSC Civils preparation for interviews. The following interview is of a guy named Praveen who has narrated his experience.

Bit late in the day but here goes story from my side of encounter with Mr. Cool. First a little bit bout me. Over 5 years of work ex (MTNL+MoD+FINO). BE+MBA(MDI,Gurgaon). It was 25 march forenoon session.
After taking my seat CM fired first salvo though a begnin one
CM: What is FINO
ME: it stands for Financial inclusion network and operations. It is a pvt firm based in mumbai
cm: what is financial inclusion
me: it is bout providing banking services like savings and credit facilities to underserved or not served. so it is bout taking unserved or under served into financial services fold.
cm: what is ur role
me: I have set up company operations in Puri orissa and am responsible for entire operations there. I am working with a team of over 150 operators and technical staff. these ppl go village to village providing atm like smart cards based on biometric tech to villagers. I am responsible for overall operations there and try to maximize no. of enrollments in the day.
cm: what other companies are there in rural mkt
me: sir in FMCG HUL has revolutionazied the rural mkt
CM(Latching on the answer): what is has done
me: with its strategy to sell sachets in rural mkt it has penetrated it quite deep
cm(Nodding his head): yes yes, we are hearing bout it for long, what else
me: apart from this it has created SHGs for women in rural areas under its CSR activities and created lot of employment
cm: ok, would u like to go in HUL if given a chance
me: sir it depends upon type of opportunity coming my way. if scope is good and there is chance to increase my knowledge and apply my current strengths i will definately go.
Baton passed over to nect member


m1: r u ppl also in micro finance field
me: we r basically a technology platform company providing our services to banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS etc these banks are given mandate by govt. for financial inclusion which they carry out with our help. So Micro finance is not out main business line but yes it is one of the off shoot though a small one.
m1 (Nodding): ok, still u ppl disburse some loans
me: yes
m1: what is the rate is it 0% or 5% or higher
(I thought this one was like a carrot. He not only asked question but gave me options too which were way off the mark. If i had taken the bait it was THE END)
me: no it is not 0 or 5% it is around 22%
m1: do u not think it is too high
me: it looks like but there are two factors here: 1. loans we disburse are very low generally around 10k or at max 30k…… 2. frequency of repayment whicvh is generally weekly or fornightly. when these two factors combine absolute amount they are paying per installlment is very low. hence customers are more then happy to take loans
m1: how do u insure they pay back
me: our micro finance scheme is based on SHG model as propagated by Muhammad yunus of grameen bank(Most of the members were nodding) it is not the individual capacity to pay back but rahter capacity of group to pay back. If one member falters then others come to its rescue.
m1: how u gauge pay back capacity of customers
me: it depends upon their interest in what r they doing, their physical and vocational capability to do it and market condition for the product they are manufacturing. We look into all these things while giving loans.
m1: Do u know how many SHGs are working in india
me: I am sorry sir i m not aware bout that (this i said with ear to ear grin on my face as though i was delighted in not knowing it)……..Thank god he smiled back


it was turn of lady member
lm: so u were overall coordinator of engg college fest
me: yes
lm: what exactly was ur role
me: i with the help of team decided what kind of events would be there, who will conduct what, timings, prizes etc
lm: ok, so what was ur stress in designing these events
me: we tried to make these events relevant to future professional career of all involved. We tried to get events such that new ideas can be generated and can be implemented.
lm: ne particular model u liked there
me: as far as i can remember there was a model based on radio frequencies in which one of our professors was also involved. I like it very much. It was mainly to uplod and download signals from satellite. It had great practical utility. But i DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED to the model afterwards
lm: ok
that was the end of her. such a sweet lady. not a single one to bother or stress my mind. Or she thought "U stupid………ur level is this much only"
baton was now in hands of 2nd lady member


lm2: what is difference between leader and manager
thank god at least one from my optional
me: manager is more a technical concept. it isa bout managing resources both man and material. there are certain techniques involved and jargon as well. while a leader is more a humane concept(I looked at mr. cool…..bending on arm’s rest with one hand on mouth he was epitome of attention) Leader tries not only to manage situation but he goes beyond it. He tries to affect the group and motivate it so that they can gear up for the job at hand. hence leader as a concept has much wider connotation.
lm2: name one person for two categories
gandhi was one the greatest leader of last century as he motivated ppl so much that they were ready to lay their life for him. Nandan nilkeni is really a good manager as he has shown during his stint in Infosys and now doing tremendous job in UID under brand name AADHAR
lm2: what do u want to be: a leader or manager (Mu mummy like smile she had…….so cute)
me: first a good manager then will graduate to be a good leader
lm2: name first festivals of haryana
me: festivals in haryana are mainly based on agricultural cycle. We recently celebrated Phaag, then there is baishakhi which basucally is from punjab but adopted in haryana. then in rohtak there are local melas (I stressed only on those which are exclusive to haryana)
(and yes mr cool in first round also asked one more question: if given a chance what will i sell in rural; mkt. a sachet of shampoo or biscuit. first i did not get what he was trying. should i answer from marketing angle so i asked him to repeat the question then it clicked to me "IT is CSE so hold on the social thread" I gave lot of air on nutrition andn hence will sell biscuit. he nodded approvingly and said yes it is better to have full stomachs)


he took the thread from oner my answer
m4: so u have seen real india while in FINO. what r the problems they r facing
me: working in fino and among rural poor was quite a revelation to me. earlier was of the view why rural poor migrate to cities and congest already overwhelmed infrastructure here. Being a civil service student i thought that through books i know quite a lot bout problems they r facing. But going there and living among them was a revelation. There are no industries at all. they have nothing to fall back upon. poverty is so severe that it is unbelievable. I saw an ocean of destitution there and realizesd that kind of civic amenities we are enjoying in cities are not even in their dreams. hence they have no option left but to leave the villages.
m4: u r talking bout industrial development only
me: agriculture is second part of the answer. After talking to local villagers i came to know that they have just one crop per year or at max two. but due to any reason idf crops fail then they have no plan b. it is starvation for them. Starvation is stark reality there. there are no proper irrigation facilities, no post harvest mgt like cold stores, no mkt. faci;lities etc. hence these poor ppl cannot stick to the villages and move to cities.
I looked at the lady member whop was nodding.
m4: what are advantages of corporate farming
me: 1. better management of agri
2. more capital
3. better tech
m4: so shuld we introduce it widely
me: blanket application will lead to loss of employment due to mechanization so strict monitoring is required.
Now it was turn of Mr. cool again


cool: u were in MTNL also
me: yes sir from 2003 to 2005
cool: ok, ur post
me: I was junior telecom officer
cool: ur role
me: i was fortunate enough to be part of team which implemented broadband for MTNL in delhi
cool: ok (Now he became informal…….stated narrating his problems with broadband companies) MTNL has been unable to penetrate mkt
me: yes sir. Even i had mtnl broadnband connection six months back but switched over to tata data card
cool: is it good
me: yes sir, it is giving me seamless connectivity and connectivity is uninturuppted as well
cool: ok, what is issue with mtnl
me: main issue with mtnl broadband is the basic infrastructure on which they r relying. MTNL is using ADSL i.e asymmetric digital subscribers line technology. In it they r provinding net on copper cables of telephones. but these copper cables are in very bad shape. they r unable to support required bandwidth. hence mtnl is unable to provide good services.
That was the end of it. lasted for around 30 minutes.


my observations bout the interview
1. no exaggerated facial expressions from that side of table except nodding head or listening attentively
2. No current affairs, no why civils, only one salvo on my home state, only 2 from my optional, no hobbies etc.
3. it was more like discussion on my job experiences
4. Last but not least ………I forget to say Good morning!! was so involved in my own thought process while entering room and Mr cool offered me chair on the drop of hat.

See link for the discussion and the following image:

orkut - Vijay Singh Board ICS 25.03.11_1303399930346

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April 21st, 2011 at 9:04 pm

UPSC Interview experience: Board of Shri Vijay Singh

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This is extract of UPSC IAS interview of a candidate named Devesh in an online forum. It will be useful for anyone looking for more information on Vijay Singh’s board (interview dated 25 March 2011)

I Was last to be interviewed (out of six) in forenoon session on 25th march in the Vijay singhs’ Board
5 persons were there 2 women in the board
they were discharging every person in 25 minutes on average
before I was called upon for the interview it was around 40 minutes ago the last person was called. I was little anxious that what is going on why they are taking so much time with that fellow. the person called me that it is my number. He asked me to drink water. scaring me. I was asked to wait outside the room there I show some empty plates were going out of their room
so they had their food and thats’ why it took them 40-45 minutes to call me. I had a shy of relief that they will not eat my head.. food matters
the person who called me for interview from waiting room opened the door still I knocked the door and asked
May I come in sir?
yes come in.
I entered with good smile wished all first the two women and then chairman
Chairman asked me to be sited
but it was not so easy
before I could grab my seat
question started
Q:Ohh great! what is your height Mr. Devesh?
A:Sir, It is 6 feet 3 inches
You could have been a good pace bowler
Sir, I could Have but I have not tried
chairman again said ohh Please sit
I did.. since I was standing near the chair.. wished them again.. now started the rain of questions.
Q:So, you have completed your M Tech in 2008 what are you doing now?
A: Sir, Now I am doing Ph D in the Rubber Technology Center Of IIT kharagpur.
Q:For fun time pass or…?
A: No Sir, I am doing Ph D because it give good knowledge and experience and if the terms and conditions of civil service permits I Would be completing it in future. (here the chairman looked happy )
Q:So, Rubber technology. Do you know about Rubberised roads?
A: Yes sir I know about Rubberised roads.


Q:what is different with normal road?
A:Sir Rubberised roads are constructed by mixing scrap waste rubber with asphalt and using the same in road construction. These roads are more durable and give good traction and prevent skidding. These roads are more useful in the area where rainfall is more like in kerala, west bengal.
Q:we are doing this in Kerala and I am from that state.
A: Right sir, It is very good initiative.
Q: Does India have that potential of rubberising roads?
A: Yes sir we have the potential since we are the second largest consumer of rubber and a lot of waste is being generated every year, if we can utilize this waste rubber it is very good. (here the other person look sitting near to chairman looked happy and said that he is from kerala cadre)
Q:what is the status of roads and other infrastructure in Rajasthan?
A; Sir the length of roads is less then what is needed but the condition is good and reason is there that once a road is constructed it remain there because of lack of rain. More Infrastructure is needed for better connectivity.
Q: Who could be the good administrator. A academician or a sports person?
A: Madam,I think It could be either an acedmician or sports person because to be a good adminitrator depends on the aptitude of a person or how a person thinks.
Q: so you will not go with one
A: madam I cann’t go with.
(The Chairman came in my side and said right it depends on the aptitude of a person.)
Q:I see you have completed your schooling from Jhunjhunun District rural area
A: Right Sir.
Q:what problem did you find there in water resource?
A: Sir water is really scare there. People face problem of water for drinking, Irrigation and industrialization. it could be seen by the fact that due to drought the state GDP growth is lowest in all state with just 3.4 per cent.


Q:how will you solve that?
A:Sir, I shall try to alive bawadi, Johad, talab in the area which served the purpose in past, along with that I shall try to recharge the ground water by making check dams and with the latest development in technology in agriculture like drought resistance crop.
Q:What is Important for a farmer.. 1 credit 2 seeds 3 water
A: madam, It is credit. (She didn’t ask why)
Q: what GOI have done for credit
A: madam. GOI have increase the amount of credit to be distributed in farmers from 3lakh 75 thousand crore to 4 lakh 75 thousands crore this fiscal.
Q:What is your view about the bureaucracy is it honest or dishonest?
A: (I took little time here. it was i tricky question) madam, I met some officials for my work and nowhere i encountered an demand for bribe. So I cann’t say that they are dishonest
Q:What is general perception in your village?
A: Sir, the general perception is that many officers are dishonest. but sir one may or may not be dishonest but still the perception could be that the officer is dishonest because the officers are not easily approachable if an aam adami want to meet a DM of his district it is not easy and in the process to get he thing done he could be asked for bribe by babus and other people and the perception becomes that the officer is dishonest. So, Officer must have direct contact with public.
Q: do you think a office at the helm can make great changes in the working of system?
A: yes sir I think that an officer at the helm can certainly make great changes in his area of influence.


Q:If you become DM of J&K what will be your three piorities.. one two and three
A; madam first I shall try to control insurgency with the help of local government and community. second I shall also try to boost the tourism in the district with better development of infrastructure. and finally I shall try to develop the economic status of community by development of self help group and shall try to improve the education and health of the community.
Q:what is the differences in govt policies in different part of rajasthan?
A: sorry Sir I don’t Know.
Q:what is the status of their implementation like of MNREGA?
A: Sorry sir I have not gone through the reports.
Q tell something about rajasthan geographically.
A; sir, On the west side of aravali lies the desert and east side semi desert. the state falls in subtropical on latitudinally but climatically it is tropical. the state is drought prone.
Q : why now a days people don’t choose chemistry
A: (I thought She is asking that why people do not choose chemistry as an optional in Civils so I answered) madam the study of chemistry is tough and the way the answers UPSC wants are of different kind then other exams.
Q: (now she explained) no I am not talking about chemistry for UPSC I mean to say why not at graduation level.
A: sorry madam I don’t know even I can see many people are opting for chemistry My graduation college which was only for science stream is still full of students and lot of competition for the seats.
She smiled. may it was sarcastic one 🙂
Q: Do you know about new science universities opened recently by GOI?
A: Sorry Madam, I don’t know.
Q: Do you know any science institutes in India?
A: Yes madam Indian Institute of Science I know.
Q: where it is?
A: it is in Bengluru madam.
(I really answered what was real the above 4-5 questions and answers were not good enough but since I was not aware what else I could have answered. These answers may let me loose some points. may be.)


Q:have you gone through SC order on Euthenesia?
A: yes sir I have
Q: what is your view on it?
A; Sir, I agree with the judgement of hon’ble supreme court, but sir I think along with passive supreme court must also consider the cases on case to case basis since the economic and social problem used to be same in all cases.
Q: what is your view about allowing foreign universities to establish their institutions in India?
A: sir There is no harm to allow good foreing Institutions to come and establish their Institutions in India if they deliver good education it will benefit us. Thing is that they must not become just a money making machine.
Q: what is the relation between efficiency, inefficiency and honesty and dishonesty, and Who is more an efficient an efficient but dishonest or a inefficient but honest?
A Sir there is no relation between efficiency, in efficiency and honest and dishonesty. A person who is efficient but honest will be more efficient than a person who is efficient but dishonest.
ok Mr Devesh (the chairman asked other members if they ant to ask anything more but the said no it is ok and over)
I wished them Thanks
And I came out of the room with confident steps
The Interview I wrote is exactly what it was as far as I know.
Looking for your assessment.


Devesh says “My Interview lasted for around 30-35 minutes … since I think I was last so they took little extra time….. Ya Vijay Singh is a good personality tall and handsome person…. let see now how tall he is in marks giving :)…
you are right I could have given better ans on state questions like MNREGA but believe I knew nothing about this .. and these questions were not asked by chairman.. all the state related questions were asked by a person sitting right of Chairman.”

Follow this link to read it on the online forum where he has narrated it. See image below:

orkut - Vijay Singh Board ICS 25.03.11_1303394045087

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April 21st, 2011 at 7:26 pm

Funny poem on UPSC member Dr. K. K. Paul by a UPSC aspirant

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A UPSC aspirant who identifies himself as Ek aur Cheelu on Orkut has written a Hindi poem on UPSC board member Dr. K. K. Paul. The poem describes the interview experience of the board and begrudges certain aspects of Mr. Paul’s personality. It’s a nice read. See link and image below for the original post where you can also read his interview experience.

late Edit: Cheelu is Vaibhav Rikhari, A BITS Pilani computer graduate. You can visit one of his blogs to read his interview experience.


जय जय पॉल जय जय पॉल ..
न करते LOL
जय जय पॉल ..जय जय पॉल |

पॉल जब सामने आते हैं ..
बच्चे घबरा जाते हैं ..
करते फिर वो ना नुकुर ..
जैसे गली में भूला कुकुर |

पॉल पूछते अनाप शनाप ..
बच्चे बोलते सॉरी सरजी ..
पॉल बोलते जाओ घरजी |

पॉल अंकल से विनती अपनी ..
गुंडे नहीं हम बच्चे हैं …
UPSC के लिए पढ़ते हैं सब ..
देखो कितने अच्छे हैं !

कुछ तो अच्छा चेहरा बनाओ …
थोडा सा तो अब मुस्कुराओ ..
और ये नहीं हो सकता है तो ..
बोर्ड में अच्छी गैंग बनाओ |

FACT FACT की गंगा में ..
बोलो हम अब कहाँ बहें ?
PRE MAINS तक ठीक था ..
INTERVIEW में भी सहें !

सब बच्चों की विनती ये है ..
सबको अच्छे नंबर देना ..
नाव मझधार में लटकी है ..
पतवार चलाकर उसको खेना |

चीलू पॉल चालीसा लिखेगा ..
दारु की दूकान पर नहीं दिखेगा ..
जो फिर भी खुश ना हो आप ..
तो चीलू आपका व्रत रखेगा |

बोलो जय जय पॉल बाबा …जय जय पॉल बाबा |

Click here to visit the online discussion and see the image below and click on it to enlarge.

orkut - cheelu ka interview_1302694413808

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April 13th, 2011 at 5:06 pm

UPSC interviews 2011– Dr. K.K. Paul Board

with one comment

If you are going to face the UPSC CS interviews or other interviews at the UPSC and want to know more about the K.K. Paul Board then this post will be useful for you.

Here are some excerpts from an online discussion on the situation in K.K. Paul’s board in the UPSC CSE personality test 2010 happening in March-April 2011. See link below.

his board asked me 20-25 question frequently…..just in 15 minuts……

if paul smiles he will definetly give you above 180+….it had happened to me before…all the best



being a medico..thr was lot of discussion on shortage of docs in rural areas..what shud b done?? what kind of incentives to b given….
thr was also questions regarding d economy of my home state punjab
as socio n psycho optional r thr so he asked me y crime against women is more in north india than in south india…
role of culture in health
history of my college n questions on ludhiana..
many more n finaly thr was a tricky question in d end..
on every question thy use to discuss n cross question so it took time…


paul sir asked u r posted in a rural area n u hav to cross a river wid boat..
thr is a oderly or a servant wid you who has served you 4 15-20 yrs n your boss also,the boat sinks in d middel n onli u knw swiming whom will u save..u can save just one person..your boss can give you rewards n medals…whom will u save n y?


worst interview… could not answer a single question of two members…. all irrelevant question from 1980 prison reforms in uk………..

i was in same board.all ques are factual……………like area of libya,pop of libya n density of d density of libya vd ur home states density.he told me a case of 50 yrs back n ask d guidelines given by supreme court in his verdict which i heard first time in my life.many times he told dt u don’t know anythng.u r jst guessing.anyway it was vry bad experience………………………now m completely out of race n preparing 4 csat.


my answer was dat il try to save both bt he said no just 1 dn i said il save my servant who has served me since 20yrs as il hav a soft corner for him n will b more closer to him dan my boss wid whom i hav just formal relations…
sir provoked me a lot to save my boss whol give me medals n promotion bt i sticked to my answer..
paul sir said in any case u mite have thought d boss will die since hez old..all laughed at dz including himself n then he said thank you….


yaar paul sir ne dara rakha hai
personally i am very skeptical sbout him
as he did not changed his facial expressoin through out interview
am keeping fingers crossed till result


You can see the online discussion and read more by clicking here

Here are some images from the discussion (just in case linked posts are missing). You can click on these to enlarge.


orkut - k.k. paul baord-share ur experience plz_1302693802101

orkut - k.k. paul baord-share ur experience plz_1302693811084

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Interview Board of Nirbhay Sharma in UPSC Interviews 2011

without comments

If you want to know the experiences of people who have taken UPSC Civil Services Interviews 2011 in the board of Lt. Gen. (retd.) Nirbhay Sharma, then you can follow this link on an online forum.

Here are some excerpts from that discussion:

nirbhay sharma board..

hey guys i had nirbhay sharmas board.. very short intrvw.. lasted fr just 18-20 mins… i could not give very good answers.. did he ask anyone abt internal prob of pakistan….


I had N.Sharma Board also, it was kind of stressful as well as speedy interview.. lasted for 25-28 minutes. Waise Ajay Bhai aapke comments padh kar kaafi tension hoa gayi hai.. I am just hoping that everything will turn out +ve for all of us…


See image of discussion below:

orkut - nirbhay sharma board..

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April 13th, 2011 at 4:45 pm

UPSC Civil Services Examination Interviews – 2011, Board of Sh IMG Khan

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If you are a UPSC aspirant and have got an interview call and want to know about the board of IMG Khan, UPSC member then you have come to the right place.

In an online forum students are discussing about Mr Khan and you can follow it—how Shri IMG Khan asks questions, how he gives marks, what kind of impression this board has gathered over the years in the eyes of the candidates etc.

Here are some examples of real experience of people and what they have to say:

4th april. 2nd session. I. M.G. KHAN board. u r teacher.why u want to join ias? impotance of distance learning? wht % shud req. 4 graduation in honours?R.T.E. ? gov. efforts 4 primery 2 higher edu.?ur fav. personality in history> use of hist? ram chandra guha> romila thapar? which painting style u like most? which tipe of painting u make? draw a human face at this time?why naxal r against schooling system? about world cup? partition of jharkhand nd reason of undevlopment of jharkhand? right to recall. is it good? R.T.I.? J.P. movement? 1 thing which lacks in jharkhand? 1 thing which can trasform india? reason 4 naxal? wht is solution? should we use army 4 this? right to service is it good? [Post by Pramod]


by a person who identifies himself as ‘thunder bolt’

f****** khan (and his panel) asked me around 8 questions
all situational questions – very tough and controversial
C-chairman M-members
C- what qualities should an IPS officer have?
Me: Sir physical and emotional strength, decision making abilities, analytical skills etc..
C- but apart from physical strength all these qualities are required in any other service also. what special qualities for IPS?
Me:sir should be quick, analyse situation from all angles. not jump to quick conclusions etc
C(not satisfied) – ok tell me what "qualities" an IPS officer should not have?
Me: sir should not trust people quickly, should not be swayed easily by words ( could not think of anything else)
C (not satisfied) : dont u think he should be non corrupt?
before i could say its not a quality he passed on to M1
M1: since u have filled ips as ur first option
C: no his first option is IAS only
M1: ok but tell me suppose groundwater is polluted somewhere and water is drawn from a nearby river and stored in an overhead tank from where it is supplied to all the houses through pipes. now terrorist attacks are taking place on these pipes- what would u do?
Me: sir we could use a pump and then water could be supplied through underground pipe
M1: suppose that option is not available
Me: after sometime- sir i dont know
M1: no think for a while
Me: sir it would not be feasible for police to protect each and every pipe (i was beating around the bush) and i cannot think of anything else. passes on to M2
M2: suppose u r DC and due to maoists terror people have stopped coming to offices and administration is in paralysis. what would u do?
Me: sir i would organize talk with maoists about stopping violence and would try to convince employees that not coming to offices is no solution.
M2: still they are not coming?
Me: as usual i dont know

M2: suppose ur SP and senior officers are engaing in corrupt acts. what would u do?
Me: sir i would confront them and make them aware about consequences of their deeds and ask to stop. and still if they do not stop i would go to higher authorities.
M2( not satisfied) passes to M3 (lady)
M3: suppose ground water is polluted in an area. and no nearby river is available. what would u do ?
Me: this was easy but i screwed up. mam i dont know
M3: u have heard of rainwater harvesting?
me: (smiling lika an idiot) yes mam we can do that.
M4: comparative analysis of waterways, railways, roadways as means of transport?
me: i did something not satisfied
M4: ok which is more polluting road or rail?
Me: sir i think rail
M4: no its road
M4: which require more land road or rail
Me: sir it depends on a lot of factors…
M4: but generally
Me: sir i think rail
M4: no its road
chairman: suppose we are designing an expressway from delhi to chandigarh to reduce travel time. what are the basic considerations?
Me: sir land acquisition, traffic load etc
C: no what is most basic?
Me: again repeating above things worded differently
C: at present if we go some bullock carts come in way etc
Me: yes sir we will limit residential access to the roads
C: but how can u cutoff people
Me : sir we can design a flyover..
C:yes yes . fucker he wanted to hear the word flyover.
C: what are other design considerations?
Me: i told some
C: ok go and ponder over this. ur interview is over.
expecting no more than 120. i m FUCKED

Click here to follow the discussion on the external site and here to see a snapshot of the page.

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for bad vocabulary that the candidate has used. Please follow the online discussion which has been merely reproduced in portions and linked here.

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April 13th, 2011 at 4:37 pm

When will UPSC release marks of unsuccessful candidates in CSM 2010 (written)?

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Candidates who could not clear the UPSC Civil Services Mains (written) 2010 exam for which results were declared on 3 March 2011 have been wondering when the commission will release their marks.

The UPSC made it clear in the result notification about the marks of those who have not cleared the cut-off for the personality test—

The mark-sheets of candidates who have not qualified, will be put on the Commission’s Website within 15 days from the date of publication of the final result (after conducting
Personality Test) and will remain available on the Website for a period of 60 days..

So keep waiting; your marks will be published after 15 days of the final results (i.e. after the results of the personality test for CSE 2010).

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April 13th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

UPSC civil services exam interviews 2011 – Rajni Razdan Board

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Students have been discussing about Rajni Razdan both before and after the interviews:-— how and what questions she asks, what kind of marks she gives etc. One person says that Rajni Razdan only eats or sleeps in UPSC (see link below and snapshot).

Here are some extracts and you can see the link below for more comments on Rajni Razdan:

  1. most of my frds told me that…RAZDAN either eat or sleep in UPSC (comment by some Edison).
  2. i heard that they moderate the marks given in the interview at the end of the day…. like all board member will sit together and then will adjust marks on the strength of biodata, background etc. [Ajay]
  3. I was also intervwd by same board in IFS and finally selected…although dont know my marks yet I can say wud be above average in interview.
    Rajni Razdan only asked me my name,dob,..joined any job ??? and then my hobby cooking…how can u prepare cottage cheese.
    Rest of members took my intervw in good environment…I saw that they had a copy of summary sheet and blank papers..they were framing qstns on basis of that and writing on that blank paper…I saw that candidate next to me was from Vet Sc…member sitting next to me was writing-what is homeostasis?
    Every member was doing same..perhaps instructed for that.
    Rajni mam was indulged in her paper work thruout intervw.
    At the end,she asked last member-Ho Gaya???and then said-u may go now.
  4. I met few person who appeared in this board. general opinion is that she is being very factual and not asking questions herself…………………………………………………………….. One person also said that she had the Manorama Year Book and was flipping through the pages. also that, she was looking into a sheet of papers and asking questions like, "name the capital cities of Central Asia"……………………………………………………………….. So, the pattern seems to be the same for everyone. atleast we don’t have special reasons to worry!………………………………………………………………………………………. although i wonder on what basis she will be rewarding marks?
  5. Member1 asked me about Plant diseases whichare communicated by insects,wilting of plsnts-reasons,Energy resources-Various missions of Govt of India,Solar energy mission
    M2-Surface tension,
    Planet Mars and Venus,why exploration only on Mars and not on Venus etc
    When is Venus visible to naked eye…its angle of tilt
    M3-Ganga Expressway..,its impact on environment…why is it necessar what r its use…
    How can u assess its ill impact on environment.
    M4-Biodiversity,how is it determined in a Forest
    Forest fire…which type of forest most inflammable..why?
    Whether rolling stones can cause Forest fire??
    Remote sensing
    Type of camera..its frequency..details of its photograph.
    My optionals are Botany and Zoology.
    Whole intervw was oriented towards specific job and not generalized.

Follow this link for the source and do not judge any board by a few comments here and there; apply your mind also.

See the pic from the link below (of the discussion):

orkut - Experience with Rajni Razdan board_1302528356672

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April 11th, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Late submission of OBC certificate in UPSC IAS exam

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If you are an OBC candidate at the UPSC examination and  have to face a situation in which you have to give a declaration for late submission of the certificate then this post may be of some use to you.

In an online discussion, a person has wondered about this. He has been asked (during his interview test) to submit OBC certificate within 20 days and he was asked to give a declaration certifying that.

One person (oh CHH) says:

“if ur case pertains to submitting updated obc certi…….
if u hav givn undertaking….thn submit the certificate b4 the result…othrwise result may b withheld…..
also….if u r residing in delhi….thn go to upsc with new original certificate and a photocopy of it……the facilitation counter whr v submit the form will help u talk to upsc admin office …thn a gate pass will b made and u will b askd to come to upsc new building……with green glasses…..thr u cn show the new original certi…and submit photocopy……
dnt commit mistake of submitin photocpy at the facilitation counter bcoz they will need to c ur original…widut which ur photocopy will b useless”

You can follow the discussion here an see if anything of use is there for you.

orkut - obc certificate_1302527812501

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April 11th, 2011 at 6:48 pm

UPSC Civil Services Interview Experience: K. K. Paul Board – 2011

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It is definitely a wise thing to know about the various interview boards and chairs in the UPSC interviews. If you are looking for information on:–

  • what K.K. Paul has been asking
  • how is his board
  • what kind of conditions and atmosphere prevails in his board
  • what is the experience of the candidates who appeared in his board, etc.

Then follow this link at a popular online forum and you may find some answers. One person says that K K Paul does not give you a lot of time for thinking and if you do not answer in five seconds, he will move to the next question.

For example, this is the experience of a person who identifies himself as ‘hungry men’:


See snapshot of discussion below:

orkut - k.k. paul baord-share ur experience plz_1302527402459

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April 11th, 2011 at 6:41 pm