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Cut off marks for various categories in the UPSC IAS 2010 results

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What are the final cut offs for various categories in the recently declared UPSC Results (May 2011; esp for those who did not get the interview call). The UPSC never officially releases the cut offs but students discuss it among themselves and try to come to a logical conclusion. See this link for a similar discussion (excerpts and images follow). Read the thread to know cut off for General category, OBC, SC, ST and PH categories.


what is the cut off mark in all categories

plz share the marks


i have 881 not qualified
category OBC


one of friend..
907 genral
not qualified

i have 909 in mains
appeared in interview.
total 999


one of my friend Nikhil having 908 in general Category qualified.
@ Man singh as ur frnd at 907 not qualified
Seems 908 as cut-off for General category


Roll No. : 409516
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 102
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 110
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 083
Optional I, HISTORY Paper-VI 300 176
Paper-VII 300 161
Optional II, LIT.OF HINDI LANG.. Paper-VIII 300 133
Paper-IX 300 140
Written Total 2000 905
Interview Marks 300 130
Final Total 2300 1035
Remarks : Not Recommended

Roll No. : 713
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 104
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 113
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 088
Optional I, HISTORY Paper-VI 300 157
Paper-VII 300 140
Optional II, PHILOSOPHY. Paper-VIII 300 140
Paper-IX 300 149
Written Total 2000 891
Remarks : NOT Qualified in Written.
so obvioslly its more dan 891…

orkut - what is the cut off mark in all categories_1305964239126

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May 21st, 2011 at 1:22 pm

List of Fraud Coaching Institutes for UPSC IAS preparation

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Mushrooming Coaching institutes loot students and parents more than they help them. In an online discussion, students are helping others by discussing how various coaching institutes cheat and how they are not helping students. Please note that this is only a reproduction of the discussion (see image and link). Visit this link to see the discussion and people who made the comments after their experiences. Please note that most of these coaching institutes are based in Delhi. There are some positive prises too.



  • List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE Friends, let’s compile a data here on fraud institutes and people: I say A.K. Mishra of Chanakya and Rau’s IAS top the list. Ramaswamy of Socio is also a bogus guy. Please add more.
  • mohanty also

    synergy by mohanty is also a bogus institute

  • Abhay Thakur of Synchronous is also FRAUD
  • Bogus institute..

    my experience ith CHOKOLINGAM was bad…

    saw hindu ad of mohanty today

    ba—d is quoting great names like Swetha ma’am and 5th ranker. they began their prep in 2005 or so. at tat time. no one was there. minocha sir was growing senile and irrlevant.people helplessly joined him. in 2009 i know some of my friends called him names. subhra ma’am made him nanga.
    he is fraud by any definition.

    ultimate fraudster

    sunil gupta—public ad

    I think there is also a subjective angle .. i.e one’s perception .. i think mohanty sir’s notes were really good … i mean the printed ones … also i think Pathak sir could have done better without his occasional off the course discussions which dragged the entire course ultimately leaving many topics simply untouched … I would not disagree if someone says preparing psyho without classes is possible. One thing i would appreciate is Pathak sir’s test series this time which really helped for paper 2 -i am referring to the class discussions .. the paper correction for paper 2 was horrible which simple involved coloring the scripts red with no significant inputs …
    Thus all in all i feel those established classes just provide the scaffold and one really needs to propel himself alone to leverage the help rendered by these classes.

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    May 21st, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    UPSC Topper rank 3 is helping others with guidance

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    Update: Also see this post on IPS Varun Kumar’s Sexual Harassment case.

    UPSC IAS exam Rank 3 Dr. RV Varun Kumar is helping candidates in an online forum where he is very popular due to his supportive nature. He has even given his mail id and phone nos for others (do not disturb his though). See excerpts of the discussion and images below or follow the link above:

    Rank 3

    I am Dr.RV.Varun Kumar. I’ve secured rank 3. Thanks for this community for keeping my morale upbeat before the results were declared. Love you guys. You did a great job and the comedy was enjoyable. I have bought a new sim card to help out candidates. My mobile number is 09962905270. Pl call me after two days (spare me for some press interviews). I want to share what I did during the preparation. Already i’ve requested the media to publish it. Lets see if they do it in tomorrow’s newspaper. I say something and they write some non sense. I read some articles in internet now. Anyway will try my best to be of some use to anybody out there who needs help. You can also mail me at zloty_zho(at)

    3rd attempt for me. Rank 3 in CSE 2010. Rank 67 in Central Police Force Exam 2009 (didn’t join). 96% in 12th std. Worst student in college (failed in 4 out of 7 papers in my final yr BDS).

    1st option – IPS.

    id two internships. One at Seoni district in Madhya Pradesh and another with Tamil Nadu State Human RIghts Commission. Guys for how many years are you going to continue to go to ravindran or attend mock interviews? Please do some internships. NOt with NGOs or with IT companies. Start the revolution of internship with ISRO, DRDO, Cabinet Secretariat, Planning COmmission. YES, they’ll say – nothing of that sort exists. They said it to me. Never stopped trying. GO FOR IT. Atleast one of you will succeed in doing it. It will help in your interview and the rest of your career. Get down to the streets to perform better in interview.

    Documentaries. Search for them. I’ll tell you how. I saw “the Devil Came on Horseback” a few days before MAins GS. Please download it and see it. Then read GS question paper. Pl tell me if it is useful or not. There was a question on Sudan. I’m sure i could have written more content than many others.

    Pl. I never answer to this question. You’re gonna kill your brain when you follow the book someone else follows. Ideally, no matter what book you read, pl see to that THE AUTHOR READS IT TO YOU AND YOU DON’T PUT EFFORT TO READ IT. By that I mean to say that reading should not be a burden. You should be comfortable with the font, the language, the style of writing. Doesn’t matter if you read basu or lakshmikant until you’re thorough with the powers of the speaker.

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    May 19th, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Discussion on Geography optional and marks in UPSC CS mains 2010 marks

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    In the recently declared mark sheet for selected candidates you can see this thread online to find the discussion on how Geography optional has performed. See excerpts and image below:

    in my first attempt I was bit selective, but in this attempt I did the whole syllabus……
    i had joined Shabbir sir’s test series….. and for human geo i relied totally on his notes….
    i practiced in general about writing 40 words on any entry, that helped me in writing on entries in mains….


    I GOT
    PAPER I -119
    PAPER II-155
    total- 274


    Ist paper- 149
    2nd Paper-183
    Total- 332


    does word limit affects———-i wrote all answers but very much to the point —i was happy as i thought i hit the point———–but marks are 275———–i wrote 100 words for 20 markers and 350 for 60 marker——-did this resulted in so low score

    word limit is not an issue as far as you are writing what the question has demanded…… i generally write 250 words for 20 markers, 700 words for 60 markers and 350 words for 30 markers……..
    add to this there should be atleast 3 neat diagrams/ maps/ illustrations in every 20 marker, similarly 5-6 in 30 markers and 7-8 in 60 markers………
    in himalayan answer of paper 2 i had drawn 12 diagrams in a 10 page answer………

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    May 19th, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    See scores in GS in UPSC IAS 2010 Mains marks

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    If you want to see high scores in GS marks (very unpredictable though) in the CSE 2010 Mains marksheet declared recently, you can follow this thread in an online forum. Excerpts and pictures follow:

    Highest score in GS

    how many have scored over 300?…
    any idea,what’s the 1st/2nd rankers score in GS?




    141 & 84

    copies are not checked properly…….

    Sth is rotten in UPSC…….most unpredictable……marks have been thrown away randomly…..God bless to future aspirants…..


    GS 151 & 112

    Rank 10…Alok Ranjan Ghosh

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    May 19th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    See marks of candidates in UPSC IAS exam 2010 Mains written

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    UPSC has today released the marks of candidates who had qualified in the mains written exam and students are discussing their marks online. You can see marks of some candidates below and do your analysis. These candidates themselves put their marks online (see image below):

    Roll No. : 268131
    Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
    Subject Maximum
    Marks Marks
    Essay(Paper III) 200 085
    General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 133
    General Studies(Paper-V) 300 122
    Optional I, LAW Paper-VI 300 162
    Paper-VII 300 145
    Optional II, POL. SC. & INT.REL.. Paper-VIII 300 132
    Paper-IX 300 145
    Written Total 2000 924
    Interview Marks 300 160 (IMG KHAN)
    Final Total 2300 1084
    Remarks : Not Recommended.

    Roll No. : 29713
    Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
    Subject Maximum
    Marks Marks
    Essay(Paper III) 200 090
    General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 127
    General Studies(Paper-V) 300 098
    Optional I, MATHEMATICS Paper-VI 300 183
    Paper-VII 300 141
    Optional II, PHYSICS. Paper-VIII 300 134
    Paper-IX 300 190
    Written Total 2000 963
    Interview Marks 300 171
    Final Total 2300 1134
    Remarks : Not Recommended.

    Roll No. : 064081
    Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
    Subject Maximum
    Marks Marks
    Essay(Paper III) 200 070
    General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 138
    General Studies(Paper-V) 300 097
    Optional I, CHEMISTRY Paper-VI 300 145
    Paper-VII 300 174
    Optional II, GEOGRAPHY. Paper-VIII 300 146
    Paper-IX 300 131
    Written Total 2000 901
    Interview Marks 300 144
    Final Total 2300 1045
    Remarks : Not Recommended.

    Roll No. : 120201
    Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
    Subject Maximum
    Marks Marks
    Essay(Paper III) 200 084
    General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 113
    General Studies(Paper-V) 300 095
    Optional I, PUBLIC ADMIN. Paper-VI 300 183
    Paper-VII 300 167
    Optional II, LIT.OF PALI LANG.. Paper-VIII 300 163
    Paper-IX 300 151
    Written Total 2000 956
    Interview Marks 300 154(IMG Khan)
    Final Total 2300 1110
    Remarks : Not Recommended.

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    May 17th, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Unofficial link to see your UPSC marks in CS Mains 2010 written not qualified

    without comments

    UPSC has released mark sheet for those selected for interviews but not yet officially for those rejected in the mains written.

    However, you can still see it by clicking on this link (update: link does not work now)

    click on the link; it works. See image below:

    upsc marks link

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    May 17th, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    UPSC 2010 Mains written marks are out

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    Yes the marks of the UPSC CSE 2010 written examination are out but only for those who appeared in the interview.

    The marks are not yet out for those who did not qualify the written part of the Main exam.

    It is surprising why the commission is taking so much time in revealing marks. Visit the website to see your mark sheet if you had got an interview call.

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    May 17th, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Some suggestions to prepare for CSAT

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    A guy named Nakul is giving some suggestions in an online forum on how to prepare for CSAT. If you want his advice you can read below and follow the link. Please note that it is only an individual’s opinion on preparation and not any official suggestion by UPSC or this blog. Follow the thread to follow all the debates on it.

    1) theres no point debating over whether csat is good or bad…….ye human mentality hai…society always wants status quo…everybody resists change…to aap log bhi aakhir part of society hi ho…….khair jo bhi ho ab aapko csat dena hi hai….to jitna bhi ro-pito koi faida nahi……….

    2) ab question aata hai syllabus ka…many people r afraid ki kahi CAT jaisa na ho….bhaiyo CAT jo result deta hai wo percentile hota hai….agar attempt terms mei dekhoge to people hardly attempt 30-40% paper……….many people get 70-80 percentile in english even they got zerro marks….so dont be afraid with CAT level word…finally attempt bahut kam hota hai CAT mei
    3) in IAS there r 12000 seats so even if ur percentile is around 93-94 u will get through….uper se individual cutoff hai GS mei…..batti lag jaayegi non serious candidates ki……so dont bhi afraid………………………
    4) overall a attempt of 20-25 % attempt in aptitude paper will make u get through definitely(assuming CAT level paper)
    5) So dont panic, the paper is definately achievable for arts student also…………..


    9) finally how to prepare………………
    Mujhe pata hai aap log maanoge to hai nahi isliye i wont give a complete study map before febraury kyunki mai aap logon ke chutiyaapon mei support nahi dunga……………
    10) u prepare for GS of preims in december agar bahut mann kare…..prepare india year book throughly………..both prelims and mains will be covered……………….
    11) for aptitude for abt ethics and psychology stupidity right now…………..aptitude ke liye TIME aur career launcher ki booklets aati hai unhe kharid lena…..coaching ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kewal booklets enough hain……………….
    12) ek simple maths book le lijiyega-Do these topics initially – 1) ratio and proportion
    2)percentage and profit and loss
    3) simple geometry
    4) number theory- tables


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    May 14th, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Meet UPSC toppers online

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    Follow this thread online if you want to meet people who have got a rank in the recently declared results of CSE 2010 mains final.


    Hi Everyone!
    I got 253 Rank! PK Mishra board.
    Presently working as Business Analyst-Global Banking and Markets with HSBC Plc
    M.Devender Singh


    rank 160
    k k paul board


    rank 313
    prof challam board


    rank 36
    shashi uban tripathi
    presently IPS probationer


    Yeah … Congrats to All
    My Options: Public Administration and Sociology
    Expecting IAS keeping in mind Quota factor
    Cheers Deven


    rank 266
    optionals : electrical engg. and telugu lit
    PK misra sir’s board
    presently working as DEE ( through IES) in Railways


    Rank 171
    Rajni Razdan board..


    RANK 10


    orkut - Please mention your Ranks!_1305349057639

    Written by upsc aspirants

    May 14th, 2011 at 10:29 am