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Funny poem on UPSC member Dr. K. K. Paul by a UPSC aspirant

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A UPSC aspirant who identifies himself as Ek aur Cheelu on Orkut has written a Hindi poem on UPSC board member Dr. K. K. Paul. The poem describes the interview experience of the board and begrudges certain aspects of Mr. Paul’s personality. It’s a nice read. See link and image below for the original post where you can also read his interview experience.

late Edit: Cheelu is Vaibhav Rikhari, A BITS Pilani computer graduate. You can visit one of his blogs to read his interview experience.


जय जय पॉल जय जय पॉल ..
न करते LOL
जय जय पॉल ..जय जय पॉल |

पॉल जब सामने आते हैं ..
बच्चे घबरा जाते हैं ..
करते फिर वो ना नुकुर ..
जैसे गली में भूला कुकुर |

पॉल पूछते अनाप शनाप ..
बच्चे बोलते सॉरी सरजी ..
पॉल बोलते जाओ घरजी |

पॉल अंकल से विनती अपनी ..
गुंडे नहीं हम बच्चे हैं …
UPSC के लिए पढ़ते हैं सब ..
देखो कितने अच्छे हैं !

कुछ तो अच्छा चेहरा बनाओ …
थोडा सा तो अब मुस्कुराओ ..
और ये नहीं हो सकता है तो ..
बोर्ड में अच्छी गैंग बनाओ |

FACT FACT की गंगा में ..
बोलो हम अब कहाँ बहें ?
PRE MAINS तक ठीक था ..
INTERVIEW में भी सहें !

सब बच्चों की विनती ये है ..
सबको अच्छे नंबर देना ..
नाव मझधार में लटकी है ..
पतवार चलाकर उसको खेना |

चीलू पॉल चालीसा लिखेगा ..
दारु की दूकान पर नहीं दिखेगा ..
जो फिर भी खुश ना हो आप ..
तो चीलू आपका व्रत रखेगा |

बोलो जय जय पॉल बाबा …जय जय पॉल बाबा |

Click here to visit the online discussion and see the image below and click on it to enlarge.

orkut - cheelu ka interview_1302694413808

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April 13th, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Profile and brief bio of UPSC members

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If  you are a UPSC Civil Services (IAS exam) aspirant and want to know the biography and other details of the present UPSC members to prepare for your upcoming Civil Services Exam interview and other interviews conducted by the UPSC then you can download the pdf made by Ghanshyam Thori. Ghanshyam has uploaded the pdf file on Rapidshare and we are putting it below so that  you can download it. It is genrally advisable to know at least something about all UPSC members as each interview panel is headed by one UPSC member. You can click on the save button (floppy button in adobe) and save it or enlarge it and read it. If you can’t see it below then click this link to download the pdf file Profile_of_UPSC_Members.pdf

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January 20th, 2010 at 10:09 am

Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview Board, vol. 2

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This is continuation from an earlier post on how Purushottam Agarwal is in an interview board. Please read volume one, other details and disclaimer here.

These are some of the questions that were asked to would-be IAS officers in his board:

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January 6th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview board: Vol. 1

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The following is the experience of students in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (IAS exam) Interview board 2008. These are excerpts from the discussion on a popular Orkut forum (link may have expired now and content may be missing).

The students were discussing how Purushottam Agarwal was as an interview board chairperson/interviewee in the year 2008 (April-May). This will be useful for anybody looking for preparation tips and strategies for the Civil Services Examination interviews. Please note that one paragraph below is the experience/narrative by one person except where indicated otherwise. Visit the link above to see if the thread exists. Part 2 will be published soon. Grammatical mistakes/typos have not been corrected thanks to lack of time.

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January 6th, 2010 at 2:16 pm