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UPSC civil services exam interviews 2011 – Rajni Razdan Board

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Students have been discussing about Rajni Razdan both before and after the interviews:-— how and what questions she asks, what kind of marks she gives etc. One person says that Rajni Razdan only eats or sleeps in UPSC (see link below and snapshot).

Here are some extracts and you can see the link below for more comments on Rajni Razdan:

  1. most of my frds told me that…RAZDAN either eat or sleep in UPSC (comment by some Edison).
  2. i heard that they moderate the marks given in the interview at the end of the day…. like all board member will sit together and then will adjust marks on the strength of biodata, background etc. [Ajay]
  3. I was also intervwd by same board in IFS and finally selected…although dont know my marks yet I can say wud be above average in interview.
    Rajni Razdan only asked me my name,dob,..joined any job ??? and then my hobby cooking…how can u prepare cottage cheese.
    Rest of members took my intervw in good environment…I saw that they had a copy of summary sheet and blank papers..they were framing qstns on basis of that and writing on that blank paper…I saw that candidate next to me was from Vet Sc…member sitting next to me was writing-what is homeostasis?
    Every member was doing same..perhaps instructed for that.
    Rajni mam was indulged in her paper work thruout intervw.
    At the end,she asked last member-Ho Gaya???and then said-u may go now.
  4. I met few person who appeared in this board. general opinion is that she is being very factual and not asking questions herself…………………………………………………………….. One person also said that she had the Manorama Year Book and was flipping through the pages. also that, she was looking into a sheet of papers and asking questions like, "name the capital cities of Central Asia"……………………………………………………………….. So, the pattern seems to be the same for everyone. atleast we don’t have special reasons to worry!………………………………………………………………………………………. although i wonder on what basis she will be rewarding marks?
  5. Member1 asked me about Plant diseases whichare communicated by insects,wilting of plsnts-reasons,Energy resources-Various missions of Govt of India,Solar energy mission
    M2-Surface tension,
    Planet Mars and Venus,why exploration only on Mars and not on Venus etc
    When is Venus visible to naked eye…its angle of tilt
    M3-Ganga Expressway..,its impact on environment…why is it necessar what r its use…
    How can u assess its ill impact on environment.
    M4-Biodiversity,how is it determined in a Forest
    Forest fire…which type of forest most inflammable..why?
    Whether rolling stones can cause Forest fire??
    Remote sensing
    Type of camera..its frequency..details of its photograph.
    My optionals are Botany and Zoology.
    Whole intervw was oriented towards specific job and not generalized.

Follow this link for the source and do not judge any board by a few comments here and there; apply your mind also.

See the pic from the link below (of the discussion):

orkut - Experience with Rajni Razdan board_1302528356672

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April 11th, 2011 at 6:57 pm

UPSC Civil Services Interview Experience: K. K. Paul Board – 2011

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It is definitely a wise thing to know about the various interview boards and chairs in the UPSC interviews. If you are looking for information on:–

  • what K.K. Paul has been asking
  • how is his board
  • what kind of conditions and atmosphere prevails in his board
  • what is the experience of the candidates who appeared in his board, etc.

Then follow this link at a popular online forum and you may find some answers. One person says that K K Paul does not give you a lot of time for thinking and if you do not answer in five seconds, he will move to the next question.

For example, this is the experience of a person who identifies himself as ‘hungry men’:


See snapshot of discussion below:

orkut - k.k. paul baord-share ur experience plz_1302527402459

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April 11th, 2011 at 6:41 pm

UPSC Interview preparation and discussion by Uttar Pradesh Students

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It is sometimes wise to discuss for interview preparations according to your home state and some questions in the interview will be based on your home state. If you are from Uttar Pradesh you can follow this link to discuss various issues related to the state of Uttar Pradesh that will help you in your preparation of the UPSC Civil Services and other interviews.

A number of issues are being discussed in  forum and you can join them. For example: Bundelkhand, law and order, Building statutes etc.

Building parks and installing statues is not against law. Caste politics is not forbidden in law. Keeping the state underdeveloped is not illegal. So do we have to support such actions?
No, they r not asking u to give an opinion from legal perspective (unless specifically asked). They are asking you to analyze the policies in terms of their welfare potential, their social impact etc. Thus, in my opinion we very much criticize the wrong policies of the govt. I am not asking you to criticize some person but the processes and policies.

– comment by Kaushlendra

All I wanna say is UP was earlier first cadre choice of Top rankers so why u think they are quiet if as per u everything is wrong in UP ??????????
When we sit for IAS interviews , we must stop acting like anti-government pro – media Bhartiya Junta and must put ourself in shoes of a Public service Officer seeing everything from Optimistic perspective and not critical outlook as if u become officer , you have to defend government actions unless situation is worse when u rise upto bad acts of politicians.
There may be 100 wrong things in UP but then 1o good thngs are also shaping up like "Greater Noida" is coming up as World Class City , so r we forgetting it here ?????
Why always form anti-govt outlook everywhere ????
Dont forget , this interview is going to be for a member of Governmet and not for Masala Hungry Media House !!!!!!!!!!
I hope u got my point my friend…..
Problem is everywhere and UP is still a lawful land like others , we must appreciate that …….Things are not yet Dabangg like – says Jain Digvijay

I never said everything is bad in UP. What my point is that if we can’t dare to pinpoint the mistakes in policies, how we are going to bring improvements in the system. Remember our role as an administrator is not just to implement the policies but we also play a role in formulation of policies.
I have criticized the policy of wasting money on parks, statues and not having enough fund to implement crucial Acts like RTE. Since I ,as an administrator , can criticize it, I will be able to suggest a better way to govt . For example, I will suggest her that you build 100s of schools and install your statue in each of school, I will advice her to build 100s of hospitals and put her statues there, I will request her to build 100s of small scale industries and put all elephants and statues there.
So in my opinion we don’t have to work blindfolded, like law.- Kaushlendra

This will also be useful for anybody looking for some discussion on the state of Uttar Pradesh for various reasons. See the link

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March 13th, 2011 at 9:01 am

Interview call letters for CS Mains 2010 personality test are being sent

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The UPSC is sending the call letter for the personality test for the Civil Services Mains (Personality Test) 2010 now. The results of the civil services Main examination 2010 were declared in the evening of 4 March 2011. On 11 March 2011, a friend of a candidate received the interview call letter in Delhi so you can safely assume that they have started sending it. The people from the NCR region will be interviewed first, as is usually the case.

If you are wondering how the UPSC calls people for interviews this comment by someone in a forum may be useful:

the interview is based only on roll numbers and medium….distance does’nt matter(as long as you are in remote areas for which upsc gives extension of time for submission of forms in prelims n mains).so the initial roll numbers(up to 6000) whether one is in north,east,west or south will hv int in the first week….so start preparing.

So even an OBC candidate in the roll no 9000 to 10000 has his interview on 23 March 2011.

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March 13th, 2011 at 8:54 am

Is clearing the UPSC Civils same as winning a lottery?

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The following extracts are from a discussion on the Orkut forum (the page may have been removed if the link gives an error) few days ago. It discusses among other things how the UPSC Civil Services Exam (IAS exam) is unpredictable, the subject score trends etc. Please note that all views below are the views of the UPSC aspirants in the said forum. Follow the link to see the authors if the page exists. Please note that it is a discussion and you may have problems understanding it; follow the link if the page is there.

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January 12th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Yoga as hobby in the UPSC Civil Services Exam interview

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A lot of people give Yoga as hobby in the popular ‘IAS exam (Civil Services Exam).’ In a forum a person gives a small but useful list of questions that could be asked if your hobby (real or indicated 😉 ) is Yoga! It is fashionable among UPSC aspirants to include Yoga as a hobby in the Main exam form! Follow all the links for original authors and more discussion:

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January 7th, 2010 at 5:02 pm

UPSC Interview: What questions could be asked if your hobby is travelling?

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With the UPSC Civil Services (Main) Examination result expected soon, students and aspirants are preparing themselves for the interview (called personality test) by preparing themselves on their hobbies, home state, Bio etc. (such as travelling, Yoga, Music, Movies, reading novels).

Somebody asked in a forum a list of questions to expect when the hobby is ‘travelling’

Here is the list of questions to expect that some creative body wrote:

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January 7th, 2010 at 4:31 pm

Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview Board, vol. 2

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This is continuation from an earlier post on how Purushottam Agarwal is in an interview board. Please read volume one, other details and disclaimer here.

These are some of the questions that were asked to would-be IAS officers in his board:

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January 6th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

Purushottam Agarwal in UPSC interview board: Vol. 1

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The following is the experience of students in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (IAS exam) Interview board 2008. These are excerpts from the discussion on a popular Orkut forum (link may have expired now and content may be missing).

The students were discussing how Purushottam Agarwal was as an interview board chairperson/interviewee in the year 2008 (April-May). This will be useful for anybody looking for preparation tips and strategies for the Civil Services Examination interviews. Please note that one paragraph below is the experience/narrative by one person except where indicated otherwise. Visit the link above to see if the thread exists. Part 2 will be published soon. Grammatical mistakes/typos have not been corrected thanks to lack of time.

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January 6th, 2010 at 2:16 pm