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For all problmes with the upsc ias exam

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There is a group of students who are very active in highlihting all problems/”faud/corruption“ in upsc ias exams. Do visit their site for all information, case studies, photos publications against upsc etc. If you are wondering why you got 20 or 10 marks in essay or why you got 100 in an optional when you had got 300 last year , do visit it and know the system!

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July 22nd, 2012 at 11:33 am

IPS Varun Kumar defends himself!

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The story of IPS Trainee Varun Kumar (rank 3, 2010 upsc) is well know (read in TOI). On an online forum he has been defending himself /explaining himself and others have been contributing to it too.

See this post and follow the online discussion for over 19 pages of debate.

varun: Nice heated arguments into a private individuals life 🙂 I don’t mind as long as it is rational. The motive for me to come back here again and again and again is to keep clearing the air for the upcoming candidates. You gentlemen/ladies think that I am the only one who suffers from this quagmire? If you have friends in LBSNAA or NPA ask them about such issues and you will know how many Officer Trainees face such situations. Who said that there was no proposal of marriage? Did I? In the month of November 2010 the difference of opinion cropped up and progressively it  blew out of proportions and calling of the proposal was the only available option. This was proved by an email sent by the complainant herself. The email has been submitted to the enquiry officer and it has also been recorded in the High Court affidavit. When asked to the complainant ‘there was an evasive and lethargic response”. This is also recorded in the report. I am not speaking without any evidence. It will cost  you only the price of a post card. File an RTI asking for the Dowry Prohibition Officer’s report on this case. The DPO is an independent officer who derives direct authority from the Dowry Prohibition Act. The officer  who inquired is in fact very well known for her integrity and rationality. What I mean to say is that, the marriage proposal was called off for VARIOUS OTHER REASONS WHICH CANNOT BE QUOTED HERE OR ANYWHERE. As a civil servant there are limitations on what you speak. It cannot be spoken about in the media too because there are limitations for a probationer to give press statements. But whatever is the truth, it can be bluntly told to the inquiry officer without any hesitation. Whatever I say have been verified. The media groups have the copy of the inquiry report but who is going to show interest in publishing a news item which speaks in favor of an officer of the government? And tell me who will read it even if it is published. The full form of FIR is First Information Report, it is just information. The Chennai City Police will inquire again and the report will come out. I know what I have done and I will come out clean. Courts are an abode of knowledge. Wait for the verdict to come out, don’t jump into conclusions. I came to this community on the night of CSE result and gave a promise that I shall contribute till the next CSE results are declared. I am still sticking on to it. There is no correlation between my presence here and the complaint. Don’t colour my contribution in this community badly. I started contributing in May 2011 and the complaint was lodged in December 2011. The reason for being here is only to contribute. Orkut doesn’t pay me for being here. Mustering your opinion and good will does not contribute to my professional life in anyway. BEING HERE IS ONLY TO HELP.

Ajay: Varun is all set to make another history. If this case goes further then it will surely decide the ambit of personal relations, culpability and criminality and the extent of permissiable relationship. It needs great people to have great cases. We needed Menaka Gandhi in 1978 for Due process  to come in Indian law. And probable Varun Kumar will be behind law of private relationship. I am sure Varun will come out unharmed.

Donkey: Varun has brought a bad name to IAS aspirants as well as Tamils. This incident will bring more bad name for the already tainted bureaucracy.
Regarding the case lemme tell you the Secrets. All went well till Varun joined academy. They lived in live-in relationship, the girl did really
sold her ornaments to support Varun’s study. But when Varun went to the academy he fell in love with another girl there. Those belonging to the academy know who this new girl is. I will not disclose her name of the new girl in Varun’s life. All people undergoing training know her. I just want to see whether our future IAS/IPS  officers have enough spine to disclose the name of Varuns new girl. Many are members of this forum. And also wait to see If Varun has spine to accept the true facts and deny the allegations. If he makes a fabricated facts he should not continue in service. He has already started destroying Evidence which is visible in his deletion of older profiles from internet. Varun is connected with the community. Let him come out and deny my allegations. Moderators please dont delete this one. You have deleted an earlier thread without reason.

Varun: who talks about spine? shall i show that i have a spine? the report of dowry prohibition officer is available everywhere. The dpo derives its authority from central act. Unbiased and impeccable authority. Since the case is subjudice i cant load it here. No media has published anything about the report. The main accusation in the case is dowry demand. If you peruse the fir the sections are related to property offences. The dowry charges are dropped after the hon’ble high court perused through the dpo report. Without knowing the law, do not make absurd comments. If you go by media reports then you will be misguided. Dont talk about spine to me. I will be in this community for a long time. Wait and watch as to what will happen.


Suppose for a minute that Varun indeed cheated the girl. Then girl has all the more reason to let go the cheater and be happy that she got saved from marriage to a cheater.

If he’s really done to the girl what she claims then it’s extremely unfair. And naturally the girl would get hurt and must to be dispassionately heard, both socially and legally.

But the very fact that she is hell bent on dragging him down, make me wonder what kind of love was it from either side. It appears like a ‘business deal’ from both the sides. Varun allegedly used the girl for his own benefits and girl choose to get used expecting great returns. Both would have done well to have things in a written format

I hope he’d extend all the help for the investigation and clear his name from this mess. He is indeed extremely helpful person as is evident from the help he offered despite busy schedule at d academy. I’d be glad to see him come out of this unscathed. But nobody is infallible. Just because he is helpful doesn’t make his innocent too. Let the law take its course. Whichever way it goes its gonna set an important precedence and may be deterrence for ppl with ill-intention.



varun kumar IPS

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June 12th, 2012 at 3:37 pm

How to rti upsc- suggestion by students

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Here is from an online forum on how to rti petition the upsc if you are unhappy with your marks etc Go to the link to discuss with others if interested.



RTI fight with UPSC
RTI points-

Queries are framed while keeping in mind UPSC’s RTI responses,which usually have these key-words to deny/resist info– " Cannot be disclosed". or " No such information exist" ,”it will require huge diversion of man-power,so we can not provide”,”Exempted from providing this information or UPSC has asked the GoI to exempt it from providing such information”,”hypothetical question”,"Court Decision is pending, so cannot reveal any information" etc.

UPSC might not give info in first try itself,so we have to try again but they have to give info under RTI otherwise its denial can be challenged.We have to persist.If in some questions rephrasing is required after analysing UPSC’s replies then we will try to do the same and retrieve info from UPSC.As we all know that UPSC is a closed organisation and to fight against it,we need PRIOR info n that can be provided by UPSC only.


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May 29th, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Representation to upsc on Arbitrariness in mains by Lokesh Jangid and others

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Msg by some Lokesh Jangid in an online forum (see below). Go to this link to get your case highlighted. It is common: upsc does these kinds of mistakes every year! God knows what is happening! Even the superme court could nt reform it!!!

Dear fellow aspirants,

Several discrepancies and cases of apparent arbitrariness have come to light in the recent past as far as score-sheets of Mains are concerned. For instance, Jain Nikhil Bharat (Roll No. 238529) scored 321 in Public Administration optional in CSE, 2010; In CSE,2011, marks of which were recently disclosed by UPSC, Nikhil (Roll No. 411033) has got mere 109, with a score of 24 in paper two! How can somebody who had scored around 55% last time get a mere 24 out of 300 in the same subject!

After having deliberated on this issue with my friends, fellow aspirants and experts, some of whom who have had some sort of experience of being associated with UPSC at some point of time, I’ve arrived at a Plan of Action (POA) to move forward on this issue. I think we should draft a representation, addressed to Secretary, UPSC (Copy of which may also be forwarded to Chairman, UPSC) which should include factual details of such cases, where arbitrariness is stark and extremely evident. This will serve the purpose of bringing the matter to the kind notice of Secretary, UPSC who might then adopt a suitable course of action for redressal of ourgenuine grievances or at least devise mechanisms in evaluation process to ensure that such things are not repeated in times to come.

For this, I seek the co-operation and support of you all. Those who have been victims of such arbitrariness, or if they have friends/acquaintances or know anybody who has faced such situations, I would humbly request them to come forward and mail me their details (Name, Roll No., Year of CSE, Marks awarded paper-wise) at lokesh.jangid @ AT THE EARLIEST. I’ll then compile all the cases in a single document and draft a representation to Secretary, UPSC, copy of which I’ll upload here, for approval of you all, before formally sending it to UPSC. I’ll particularly request Jain Nikhil, Ashish Pahadiya, Rajesh Chandra, Abhishek Tharwal, Manish Parashar, Harish, Gitanjali Brandon, Vinayak Hiremath, Divya Mittal to mail me their details. I mentioned these names, as am aware that theirs are very evident cases of discrepancies. There might be tens of others who have been through same episodes, but whom I may not personally know of. I request all such people to come forward too and get in touch with me…

We might settle for two broad criteria for deciding on arbitrariness and including the cases in representation. One could be the discrepancy in marks secured in different attempts in the same subject (like in the aforementioned case of Nikhil). The other could bethe discrepancy among different subjects in the same attempt. Like, Manish Parashar, who has secured whopping 366 in History,110 in Essay, and 143 in Geography paper one, in CSE, 2011, has got a meager 65 in paper two of Geography after attempting 300 marks. We should confine this representation only to those cases that pertain to Mains score-sheets. Since Interview is a more subjective domain vis-a-vis Mains, we will not include that aspect, for now.

It should be noted that this representation is NOT a substitute to RTI course of action, which several people are apparently involved into. Though both are aimed at greater transparency, the two are separate processes, which can go on CONCURRENTLY, without affecting the outcome of each other.

I look forward to the kind support and co-operation of you all, without which this exercise won’t reach it’s logical conclusion. Let’s not go with any prejudices about how the system works, or what will be the impact or the time-frame in which it will be felt… Let’s do our bit properly with utmost meticulousness and optimism and hope for things to change for a better cause. We have nothing to loose! 🙂

upsc frauds

My message to Member, UPSC (By Lokesh Jangid)

Through Facebook, I’ve expressed my disillusionment with lack of transparency in UPSC and have tagged Prof. Purushottam Agarwal in the same post (since he’s there in my friend list ). I’d reproduce my fb post: 

“In the Civil Services Exam, 2010, conducted by UPSC, Jain Nikhil Bharat (Roll No. 238529) scored 321 in Public Administration optional; In CSE, 2011, marks of which were recently disclosed by UPSC, Nikhil (Roll No. 411033) has got mere 109, with a score of 24 in paper two! How can somebody who had scored around 55% last time get a bloody 24 out of 300 in the same subject, despite having attempted ALL the questions satisfactorily!! It is significant to note that THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED CASE of arbitrariness; there are hundreds of such cases, tens of which I personally know of! In the past couple of exams, many got score of less than 50 in a Psychology paper while they had over 270 in other optional! Like, Ashish Pahadiya was given 24 in paper two of Psychology in CSE, 2010. A look at few other incidents in this year’s results:
– Rajesh Chandra had consistently secured 320+ marks in Public Administration in his first two attempts; this time, during his third attempt, he was awarded a score of 61 in paper two in same subject (his total being mere 184)!

– Abhishek Tharwal, who cleared CSE in his very first attempt in 2010 and got allotted to IRTS, has got 68 in Political Science paper two this year! Have a look at his scores in other papers in CSE, 2011- GS: 230; Essay: 104; History: 290; Personality Test: 189

– Manish Parashar, who has secured whopping 366 in History, 110 in Essay and 174 in Interview, has got a meager 65 in paper two of Geography after attempting 300 marks. Interestingly, in paper one of the same subject in same exam, he has got 143 through an attempt of 250 marks (He didn’t get a 30-marker question and 4 map entries worth 20 marks)

– Harish, who has 320 in Public Administration and 150 in paper one of Geography has been given 58 in paper two!

The list can go on and on, but there are space constraints here… And, we are not even talking about Interview scores here wherein a candidate got 75 in one year and 195 in next; or 190 in one year and 90 in next, that too in the same board! UPSC says it’s a PERSONALITY TEST and not a Q/A session; One would want to ask does the ‘Personality’ of candidate change so drastically in the span of one year?! Not to speak of Prelim scores where UPSC doesn’t even disclose either the cut-off or marks obtained by candidate despite directives by CIC and Honourable Supreme Court to do so, giving flimsy pretext that coaching institutes would use this information to their advantage!

As somebody who had himself appeared for this exam and seen this process from close quarters, and as a citizen of this country, I’m IN DEEP ANGUISH over such sorry-state-of-affairs in UPSC! This is not what the Constitution-makers expected from UPSC while conferring on it Constitutional status… This is not the way to recruit people for the most important positions in the governance of this country! And, recruitment is the most important aspect of Personnel administration! If quality of HR inputs that we feed to the system is not good, public service delivery will be severely hampered. I would invite a discussion and healthy discourse on this issue in public domain, beginnings of which could be made here on Facebook.

I’d also request Purushottam Agrawal, Hon’ble Member, UPSC, to look into the matter with utmost urgency and see how can we make UPSC more transparent in the larger public interest of governance and this country at large.”

Other messages in that forum:
This is a noble idea to fight for bringing transparency in functioning
of a constitutional body………….but it is important to note that
sample space of aspirants is so rich that whatever be the system there
will always be academically good students getting through and at the
same time some deserving will be left out (Just for example more than
1000 serious IIT aspirants cannot all get through in any
case…..sorry for this IITian example)……………….

the way I see it, important point to fight is for change in pattern of
examination which causes waste of precious human resource for
three to four years…….

whoever enters the system they have to work in the existing system which
has its own constraints (minister-civil servant relationships etc…..)
and final output of bureaucracy cannot be ensured just by bringing
transparency in selection process……….

So my point is

1. Rationalise selection process to minimize human resource wastage

2. Fight for implementation of administrative reforms (those who are outside as well as those who have entered the system)

AIR 8, NDA & NA 2005

AIR 15, SCRA 2005

AIR 3431, IIT JEE 2005

IIM L, I, K, CAT 2011

Rejected by Civil Services in 2009,2010  & 2011
Presently working as Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow

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May 29th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

List of optional subjects taken by UPSC mains candidates 2011

without comments

This is a list released by a certain Vikram who due to his technical knowledge writes scripts and combs the upsc website.

This list has list of optional subjects taken by candidates with registration numbers, success ratio etc.


Listof candidates who took mains & their optionals

Stats  about optionals of candidates who wrote mains.

stats: SOCIOLOGY : 2252

stats: ANTHROPOLOGY : 494

stats: PUBLIC ADMIN : 6549

stats: PSYCHOLOGY : 1420

stats: GEOGRAPHY : 4269

stats: ECONOMICS : 393

stats: LIT.OF HINDI LANG : 422

stats: LIT.OF ENGL.LANG : 86

stats: AGRICULTURE : 138

stats: HISTORY : 1871

stats: PHILOSOPHY : 945

stats: MEDICAL SC : 212

stats: ZOOLOGY : 288

stats: BOTANY : 149

stats: POL. SC. & INT.REL : 907


stats: ELECTRICAL ENG : 189

stats: LIT.OF PALI LANG : 368

stats: MATHEMATICS : 361

stats: COMM.& ACCOUNTANCY : 246


stats: LIT.OF URDU LANG : 23

stats: PHYSICS : 352

stats: CHEMISTRY : 135


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Discussion on scaling in UPSC

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Be assured, UPSC does scaling in the Civil services examination.

There is this extract from a discussion; you can follow the link at bottom for more.



Refer to this case in Delhi High Court. Prashant Ramesh Chakkarwar vs Union Public Service Commission & … on 5 October, 2010.
26. From a cumulative reading of the aforesaid decisions, the factual/legal position which emerges can be summarized as under:-
I Moderation and scaling of marks are two different techniques used by examining authorities for achieving common standard of assessment of marks.
II UPSC does not apply the method of scaling of marks in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination and confines the application of the said method in evaluation of answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination.

III The method of moderation of marks propounded by Supreme Court in Sanjay Singh‟s case (supra) is similar to the W.P.(C) No.6586/2010 & Conn. Matters Page 38 of 43 one applied by UPSC in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination.
IV The method of moderation of marks applied by UPSC in evaluating the answer-sheets of the candidates pertaining to Civil Services (Main) Examination has been approved by a learned Single Judge and a Division Bench of this Court.

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January 10th, 2012 at 8:11 am

ACP Ganga, So called, exposed on Orkut

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A guy (or someone selected in Civils?) tried to make easy money by lying through his teeth and luring innocent students on an online forum, providing youtube videos and then charging big money! He has been badly exposed; see below and the link:


  • I really appreciate your idea of providing video lectures for Public Administration. But, the fees you are extracting is huge (around Rs. 7000-8000). I remember you have promised that the DVDs will cost a bit more, but the online version will be cheaper. Surprisingly, both of your versions cost the same. I was really disheartened to hear this.
  • wtf

@ACP gagan.. yaar tum to bahut achhe coaching waale banoge… after all you are lying like them already!!
Your flash claims that you got 180+ in paper 1 in 2007, 2008, 2009…
but actually your marks in 2009 were as follows:
Roll No. : 101628
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Subject Maximum Marks Marks Obtained
Essay(Paper III) 200 102
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 121
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 115
Optional I, GEOGRAPHY Paper-VI 300 105
Paper-VII 300 147
Optional II, PUBLIC ADMIN.. Paper-VIII 300 151
Paper-IX 300 129
Written Total 2000 870
you got just 151 marks in paper 1 of Public Ad..
Please dont dupe ppl like this.. SHAME ON YOU!
And why dont you post your 2010 marks with roll no. and dob for ppl check


And see the amazing ploy of ACP GAGAN now…He is writing anything eg: n, t , s etc on all threads SO THAT this thread which exposes HIS REALITY goes down – away from the eyes of people!!!
Please contribute in keeping this thread at the top so that he is EXPOSED!!!

IF the man is really Gagan Deep Singh Purba then his roll no for cse 2010 is
“what “has already provided his marks of 2009….
and in 2008 he cudnt qualify PT….
following Gagans qualified PT in 2008
ACP– y dont u provide us with ur dob sothat v can ourselves check ur claims…

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December 18th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

List of Fraud Coaching Institutes for UPSC IAS preparation

with 80 comments

Mushrooming Coaching institutes loot students and parents more than they help them. In an online discussion, students are helping others by discussing how various coaching institutes cheat and how they are not helping students. Please note that this is only a reproduction of the discussion (see image and link). Visit this link to see the discussion and people who made the comments after their experiences. Please note that most of these coaching institutes are based in Delhi. There are some positive prises too.



  • List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE Friends, let’s compile a data here on fraud institutes and people: I say A.K. Mishra of Chanakya and Rau’s IAS top the list. Ramaswamy of Socio is also a bogus guy. Please add more.
  • mohanty also

    synergy by mohanty is also a bogus institute

  • Abhay Thakur of Synchronous is also FRAUD
  • Bogus institute..

    my experience ith CHOKOLINGAM was bad…

    saw hindu ad of mohanty today

    ba—d is quoting great names like Swetha ma’am and 5th ranker. they began their prep in 2005 or so. at tat time. no one was there. minocha sir was growing senile and irrlevant.people helplessly joined him. in 2009 i know some of my friends called him names. subhra ma’am made him nanga.
    he is fraud by any definition.

    ultimate fraudster

    sunil gupta—public ad

    I think there is also a subjective angle .. i.e one’s perception .. i think mohanty sir’s notes were really good … i mean the printed ones … also i think Pathak sir could have done better without his occasional off the course discussions which dragged the entire course ultimately leaving many topics simply untouched … I would not disagree if someone says preparing psyho without classes is possible. One thing i would appreciate is Pathak sir’s test series this time which really helped for paper 2 -i am referring to the class discussions .. the paper correction for paper 2 was horrible which simple involved coloring the scripts red with no significant inputs …
    Thus all in all i feel those established classes just provide the scaffold and one really needs to propel himself alone to leverage the help rendered by these classes.

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    May 21st, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Code for English as medium in CS (Mains)- error in UPSC Preliminary notification

    without comments

    The UPSC has published a corrigendum according to which it has admitted that the code for English as medium of examination has been mistakenly not printed in Annexure II(B) of the Civil Services Preliminary Examination notification 2011 published in the Employment News. The code for it is 20. The UPSC Corrigendum published on its site reads

    “Reference is invited to this Commission’s Notification for Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2011 published in the Employment News/Rozgar Samachar dated 19.02.2011.
    The candidates, who are applying for the above Examination through Offline mode, i.e. through Paper Application and are opting for ‘English’ as a medium for the written part of the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2011 are advised to use Code 20 in Column 21(V) of the Application Form-E. This Code has, inadvertently, not been indicated in the Table under APPENDIX-II (B) at Page 65 of the said Examination Notification appearing in the above issue of the Employment News/Rozgar Samachar.”

    Written by upsc aspirants

    March 17th, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Is there any proposal for change in the Mains exam pattern as of now?

    without comments

    This is a question that many are asking but there are no definite answers. The popular opinion is that the two options are likely to go in another 3-4 years but not as of now.

    One person says, quoting a teacher, that “he proposal for changes in mains will take another 2 to 3 yrs i.e 2014-2015 to implement.they are still in preliminary stage”.

    See the pic below taken from a forum discussion

    orkut - Urgent! Is there any proposal for change in mains-_1299987529545

    Written by upsc aspirants

    March 13th, 2011 at 9:16 am