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Weird UPSC CSE Interview questions and a discussion

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The following is an extract from the Orkut discussion group that is now not there. What is copied below is just portions of the discussion (march 2012). You will get an idea of how even the UPSC slips so often (unless you defend them by saying it is deliberate).

He asked–which “organization” is there in india for natural
disasters–i said NDMA…he said NO…it is national disaster management
committee.Lolz – Digvijay.

This is really SAD ……. I don’t even feel like typing “LOL”, “ROLF” etc …..This is actually Sick ……we are investing 2-3-4 years of our Life leaving 7 figured corporate jobs just to do something for the society so that we actually do something for our country, nt just cry, yell, abuse …….. In the end what we get  is –  facing such interviews and be victimized by lack of knowledge of people at the helms of  affairs ……Way to Go ! 😐

–Dont get booged down by borard members remarks…its a strategy by demI was also asked 7 hypothetical questions, all my answers were logically correct(said all after intreview n now wen am in service)..but board said “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”…I REMAINED COOL, CONIFIDENT…….have the courage of conviction…I was guided…i did so….final score 210…yr 2007– Sankalp


-chairman,he asked just 1 technical ques frm my engg.background..apart frm opinion oriented ques.I left that delivery by saying -sorry sir i m nt able to recall.But as i dont hav ny job experience in last 5years(4upsc attempts,3interview)..he generalized on just 1ques– u have forgotten ur engg.Bull shit…why i need to study engg.concepts for civils, n if i dont have a job then i m ineligible for CSE!!!  In one member’s ques i told the board that i m a generalist now n wid my answers they must hav seen it.Then,i gave him every explaination that initially my graduation subjects were nt there n i prepared them on my own(which is true,though strange) n then i m in the loop for past few yrs. Also,that i m nt in touch with conceptual part of my engg though applied aspects r knwn to me.But he didnt asked nythng further n made an opinion after just one ques.Only one word was picked from my form/summary sheet–BTech…nothng else was asked,apart frm one light ques that my interest is in sports.Though members were flat on my answers…but i dont knw whether chairman will b “able” to appreciate them or not. In d end again he asked what is ur backup–i said sir i m hopeful.he said u must have been hopeful in last couple of times,suppose u fail this tym then–i said sir,hypothetically if such an undesirable situation will arise,then i will be dejected but i hav to face it n even engg.line is open for me apart frm state civil,in case,these were the stress ques then its ok…i will be 190+..but if he was narrow then around 165. – by someone who identified as MP.

-Dude …Look u r missing the point ……I m nt saying that members dnt have knowledge but passing false info to someone is nt at all healthy …….he is trying to say NDMA is nt the authority for Disasters in India but it’s committee …….even if he wanted to object to it ……he sould have investigated more , nt saying “NO”..this is nt a healthy practise ………this year , many candidates have been openly declared as “CORRUPT” by board due to their inability to convince board  on Why IAS ….I understand ..that’s strategy …but calling right info as wrong is nt good …..
Anyways ….dude if u r in Service …–by Digvijay

Vijay Singh Board: 19th march , first person in afternoon session. 1.     M1-You like watching television, what you watch on tv?2.     M1-What is your current source of information, if you don’t watch TV?3.     M1-What sites you browse on internet?4.     M1- who you will rate as the number 1 civil engineer? 5.     M2- how will your knowledge of civil engineering will help you as an administrator?  6.     M2-what is your opinion on interlinking of river project?7.     M2-We can protect environment if we guide it along the road? 8.     M2- Who is the professor at IIT Delhi who teaches meditation?9.     M2- What is the difference between the type of yoga taught by patanjali and those taught by ramdev & ravishankar?10.  M3-what type of education system should we have in India? 11.  M3- do you like reading books?12.  M3-which one was the last book you read

13. M3-what is the name of the main protagonist?14. M3-what you learn from his character?15. M4-tell about any one good project you did as an NSS Secretary?16. M4- was there no map of campus from before? 17. M4-what is spic macay? 18. M4-what is the name of IIT delhi prof who heads it?19. M5- what is there in the budget this time? 20. M5- Is service going to affect poor, how?21. M4-what qualities of Visvesvaraya should an administrator have?22. M1- have you been to Bihar recently?23. M1- what change you see in Bihar?24. M1-what about roads?25. M1- do you believe that if political will is there transformation can be brought about in a very short span of time? 26. M1- what lesson does it have for the people?

– By Gaurav Prakash


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