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Central Government OBC certificate format

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OBC format for candidates belonging to the OBC category to be used in case of central govt admissions etc.

It is a pity that even the national commission of backward classes does not have a format on its website! And many offices in India still can’t find the latest format or make an OBC certificate without error!

Always use the latest format as resolutions (15 in no. in this one) may get added. See sites like UPSC dot gov in or some university website for latest formats if in confusion.

See this UPSC link for more.


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May 5th, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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  1. UPSC Civil Services 2013 Exam Marks Analysis –

    The source of my data and analysis is the Excel sheet painstakingly prepared by this web site . Click on the link to download the excel mark list your self and do the analysis yourself .

    Last Mark of General (non-physical disabled) Candidate — 936 (written+interview)

    total number of candidates with marks greater than or equal to 936 — 434 (general) + 177(OBC) + 36(SC) + 11 (ST) .

    Average Marks of the 434 General Candidates — 788.81(written) + 191.46(interview) .

    Average Marks of 177 OBC Candidates — 796.22(written) + 180.61(interview) .

    Average Marks of 36 SC Candidates — 781.51(written) + 180.89(interview) .

    Average Marks of 11 ST Candidates — 773.36(written) + 191.27(interview)

    This is a comparison of the marks of all candidates who got more marks than the last ranked general guy with 936 (written + interview) marks .

    To all the anti-reservation general candidates this must be an eye opener , the average written marks of OBC students who scored more than the last General guy is 796.22 which is greater than the General average mains written score of 788.81 .

    So who is better General or OBC .

    Also the average interview marks of OBC/SC is just 180 compared to General guys who are getting 191.46 .

    Why is the average interview marks of OBC and SC guys so low compared to General candidates even though OBC guys have higher average marks in Mains written examination than General candidates .

    Please check out this link and do the calculations yourself and see the truth for yourself.

    Warning— good skills in Excel 2007 is required to do it fast.

    category code—
    4 — General

    Check it out and spread the message


    17 Jun 13 at 11:07 am

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