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Join Shukla for Court Case against upsc 2013

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See Shukla’s posts on an online forum. See link and image below. Feel free to help him and join him.  Link for online discussion See the image below for his no.


When did UPSC notify introduction of essay in 1992

If somehow, from the ARCHIVAL SECTION of some NEWSPAPER office, this information can be obtained- that on which particular date before 1993 exams, (when 200 marks essay paper was introduced, changing the scheme for the first time after 1979), the PMO accepted the essay proposal, PTI advertised these changes and UPSC gave press release. If it comes to be a date on or before 1992 December, UPSC will certainly lose the case in the court. Its not the change in syllabus that is problem, but the manner in which it has been brought is problem. The preparation cycle for a student starts from October-November previous year, and UPSC kept students in suspense.The comparision can be established only if the date of INFORMING in 1992-93 through the Press Trust of India, is available before 1993 exam. One way to know this is RTI to DOPT/PTI/UPSC, and the alternate way is going to the  ARCHIVAL SECTION OF POPULAR NEWSPAPER in which that news would have been published. PLz suggest some idea.


Established lawyers ki fees jada hi hoti hai, if you approach them without any contact, there’s actually no fixed rate..

If there is contact,  they will ask "AAP BOLIYE KITNA DE SAKTE HAIN"?

This time i talked to the lawyer Nidhesh Gupta (senior advocate, Supreme Court) telling him the name of Mr. Bhanu Arya’s

contact from Punjab, who had also talked to Nidhesh yesterday on phone and is a good friend of Nidhesh..

So, the lawyer Nidhesh asked me how much can u pay? I said him to tell himself how much he can reduce for the students cause…

He said normally i charge 2 lakh 20 thousand for one hearing in the HIGH COURT and take around "EK-DEDH LAKH"

for preparing the matter. Then he asked, whether you can pay 3 to 4 lakhs… ( On saturday also, he told around same

amount but told 3 lakhs for per hearing fees in high court, which he reduced to 2.2 today… may be bcoz that day i talked

without contact’s reference)…

I said that at present i cannot afford more than 50000-60000. I added that due to exams all students have gone

underground, but in actual there is a big interest group, "there are students in thousands".. Next month as the exam

gets over, many people will join this case…

Then he said -" okk, give all the documents, tomorrow and said he will take up the matter, as the person whose

reference you gave is a well known friend of mine".. My junior will prepare the matter, and ill take it up subsequently"..

A chunk of affected candidates,  feeling defeat/victimization on UPSCs front, are going to DESPERATELY search

for a platform, to legally fight against UPSC,  on the following occassions– not very far away from today’s date ie 25th APRIL-

( Hope this doesnt happen to anyone, but this is bound to happen as principle of economics applies here)-

1) after the 2012 FINAL RESULT, after around 15 days… ( 3rd attempters interviewed and failing will be around 100)

2) after 26th MAY PT EXAM, after one month from today.. ( 4th attempters giving final attempt in 2013 will be around 10,000)

3) after PT results around last week of JULY, after 3 months from today.. (4th attempters failing in PT will be around 9000)

And at that stage they will be ready to do anything, to get one more chance from UPSC.. The legal process if not started at

this point of time will become infructous due to delay and due to initiation of exam process after 26th may.. Once the case

is filed/process starts before 26th MAY, it will be a right of the candidates to be entertained by the COURT and UPSC..

My duty ends from here after initiating the legal battle.. I had to face very tight monetary situation, I got just 2 contributions-

7000 from one generous fellow named SAUMYA, who is just on 2nd attempt and 3000 from generous RAKAJI of our


Anyways today ill hand over 15000 to the lawyer.. and thereafter, ill just MANAGE THE WORK OF BRIEFING THE LAWYER, AND COORDINATING WITH THEM WHEN IT IS IMPORTANT… LIKE GIVING HIM DOCUMENTS…

So, some genuine people please come forward on this forum, to undertake IMP financial works like creation of

bank account, sharing bank account number online  and money collection.. and showing accountability on the forum about the

expenditure made.. Some one based in delhi can altenatively offer the LOCAL bank account number, so that transaction more

than 20000 is possible if needed in a day… and the legal battle doesnt slow down even if either PARTY moves to SUPREME

COURT for appeal, because from beginning till the end it is just a MONEY SHOW, and not at all based on ethical principle of- सत्यमेव जयते

and the actual reason is not that i dont want to do, but because my health will be affected if i dont stop these

works immediately.. there was not time table for last 50 days for me, many times missed lunch/dinner and done

night duty to make letter, studying the matter and researching with laptop on thru out the night.. calling people,

asking for help, collecting matter from upsc and other places, meeting lawyer, media, mps, student leader, and

recently for collecting money,etc etc

For those who want in future to seek any help/ get any material, email at- still ill nt be offline,

but less active than before

Court against upsc 2013Shukla against UPSC for justice

Written by upsc aspirants

April 28th, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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  1. I got abnormally low marks in Public administration,28/300,last time i got 121…because of this i could not qualify in civils mains…please help me how to get my xerox copy of my mains marks sheet


    21 May 13 at 1:46 pm

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