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Coaching Warning: Inspiration IAS and Rajnish Tomaro and others

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Some upsc aspirants iscussing how they have been cheated by these coachingwallahs. Please note that we are only publishing the extract/images of the discussion. Please follow the link for the full thread.


  • Warning about coaching class

mujhe pata hai iske liye aalag thread hai fir bhi yaha likh raha hu taaki har koi padh le aur fasne se bache…

mera experiance bata raha hu….kisi ek k bhi kaam aaye to usake 50000 bach jaenge… maanana hai to maano..

Inspiration IAS saabse bada fraud hai aur jaise maine ye likha uske chamche mujhe galat saabit karne ki koshish karenge…maine 5000 advance diye the aur paper discussion me baitha tha …..40 min baad bahar aake jhagda karke 5000 vapas le aaya….agar fir bhi mera kehna galat lagta hai to jara niche diya hua para padhiye..

Pub. adm. is U Know na very U Know na funny and serious U Know na subject…U getU Know na 330 U Know na anytime,,,,no tension atall U Know na …..

agar ise aap 3 ghanta jhel sakte ho to aaram se jaiega….ya fir use DEMO class mang le.

Dusara hai Rajnish tomaro jo mere 19500 kha gaya….use sach me kucchch bhi nahi aata…

mai is topic pe koi discussion nahi expect kar raha hu….janhit me likha hai….nahi patata to ignore karlo…

  • its a good idea to enlist all d bad institutes in india so tat other new comers wil get benefited. 
  • my list JAINS IAS.. Dono if its still existing.

    Sharing my PALI experience (Rajniso TOMORO)

    Worst…..both the subject and the teacher also…why …let me explain …I changed and took Socio even b4 writing my mains..

    Tomaro will keep on saying ki sabse kam samay me ho jata hai etc etc…he will give lot of examples of guys who cleared it…but from 2009 reality is different… 1st thing is he will ask u to SKIP 3 questions from learning itself… so when u will go for mains…u have to attempt 5/5 and not 5/8….simply bcoz he can not teach those 3 Q…..It is like learning French or GERMAN bcoz for sentence creation any language learning is very difficult and shud take 1 year atleast  (Think abt how we learnt ENGLISH )

    He will give u xerox and say ab ratt lo…bhai rattna aasan bilkul nahi hai… even if u r taking PALI…DONT go to TOMARO….

    Now about subject –>

    i agree some guys have scored 400 etc….but they r very very few and those who r learning pali will agree wid me that there is nothing like what shud i do to improve my answer (value addition etc)….aapko jo diya hai wo rattlo….uska meaning kya hota hai mat pucho….which means watever the Q comes, u write WHAT U KNOW….haha…so till result u will b the most worried person on this earth coz u know the ans is not wat they were expecting….some lucky 5 chaps will clear and rest 500 will succumb.. aur mehnat rattne ki bahot bahot karni padegi…usme koi chuut nahi hai

    i agree anybody can fail BUT understanding a subject and then writing in our own words does not create tension in our mind…u can improve a lot by case studies etc etc…In pali, DO NOT expect such things…

    wen i completed the class in oct 2010 (wasted 19500/-) i waited for Nov 2010 paper and got the hint that they gonna fuck everyone in 2011 who is preparing any subject superfiscially….it turned out to be true as expected by everybody…

    So my personal opinion is if u have studies pali/sanskrit in somewhere earlier (like bihar UP guys stdy) in ur previous years for say 6 months then u r the best candidate for it….otherwise itni mehnat karke pre clear karke 600 marks bhagwan bharose rakho isme koi point nahi hai….

    P.S. all this is my personal opinion and experience….if u may not like it ignore it and this is surely not to demoralise any1 but to to help to take informative decision….TY

  • BTW let me tell u what i attended and what i feel and money i lost —>

    1. Pub ad test series (inspiration i have explained earlier and i lost 0/- plz see the 1st post)

    2. Pali explained above

    3. Vajiram GS (gud as everybody know)

    4. Socio by mohapatra (mast)

    5. Pub ad by RC SINHA ( another 25000/- LOST) will explain in some other post

    so total paisa paani me = 19500+25000 = 45000 🙁

    wrote mains 11 (1st attempt) , failed , wrote pre 12 and chances of failing in PRE 2012 are v High…

  • its still dere wid fake 400 marks f a guy whoes pali fake marks r even .. and if guy  score 400 bth he mst b d topper..lolz bt dey knw dat no one cares to check the real marks f the student.. d paly guys r saying dat 20 guys get 400+ are pali bt mst r out f d list are bakhi sab main 100 laye hain kya? its really disgusting.. dese coachings shud b punishd fr fake marks and dere fake claims…
  • Question is not about money but about time. The time that we would have wasted over there would not come, after wasting money and time we left without selection, even after same level of effort that had been done by a person who get through . and this would add more stress and questions from family.

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Written by upsc aspirants

August 12th, 2012 at 10:01 pm

5 Responses to 'Coaching Warning: Inspiration IAS and Rajnish Tomaro and others'

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  1. Please help me out … i want to know who is best for General Studies… i want to join an institute for GS but after reading all the post im quite confused …plz help me out … i wil b very grateful


    27 Oct 12 at 2:29 pm

  2. @ankur….I would say, rather than join coaching u can get gs notes from variram(copied) and s&t notes from sriram ias.And for current portion u should rely on the hindu and magazines only as in ias mains 2012 u can see the dynamic questions that are hardly found in any coaching do it by yourself…..and if u still want to join coaching then go 4 vaji( fee rs.50000 around) or jts institute(fee rs.25000 around).best of luck!!!!!!

    Priya sharma

    4 Nov 12 at 2:04 pm

  3. u r very rite ma frnd even i lost my money in anthro classes srinivas anthro he is a big fraud nw after writin mains im preparing the subject on my own he doesnt know what he is speaking and just gives superficial info


    11 Dec 12 at 11:57 pm

  4. hey. tuition classes people are biggest cheaters.
    i too had experienced.
    agreed with you.


    4 Jan 13 at 2:37 pm

  5. Ramaswamy for sociology is another fraud. Sub standard institute! He takes no doubts,no clarification. He is very rude. It’s a waste of time and money!!!!! Don’t ever join him!!


    24 Mar 15 at 11:13 pm

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