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upsc mains service preference in DAF mains form

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Service choice indication discussion in mains form daf 2012 while filling online. see link below for full discussion by students.

Model Service Preference

Give ur comments…




4-IRS (C n E)

5- IRS(IT)




















one of my friend’s brother in DANIPS…he always says that group a service are always better than group b….moreover even after 10 yr of service he has not been promoted yet ,,,now he cleared ips ltd exam….stagnancy is main problem  in gp b

But DANIPS officers feel frustated when they have to salute the younger officers of IPS for more than 15 yrs but not in DANICS…Promotion is too slow but one will become IAS in DANICS and a needed respect in public domain


Written by upsc aspirants

August 11th, 2012 at 3:38 pm

5 Responses to 'upsc mains service preference in DAF mains form'

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  1. Hey guys..plz resolve the dilemma concerning irs it and irs cce, as if which one to prefer


    11 Aug 12 at 7:23 pm

  2. I would suggest keep IRTS higher than DANIPS. Infact, looking at the current trends, DANIPS will take minimum 15 to 20 years to reach IPS. IRTS has awesome facilities. At entry level you have upto 1000 people reporting to you. Plus, Railway Officers Colonies are the envy of all services. And railways is only dept where you get an officially appointed bungalow peon!
    IRTS promotions are also fast, so when DANIPS/DANICS officer reaches Director to govt of India level, IRTS officer will already be in Addl Secy to Govt of India level.


    12 Aug 12 at 1:07 pm

  3. Regarding IC&CES – Job variety ; Customs Dept, Central Excise Dept. and Service Tax Deps.. Now GST is also to be administered by them. Also postings in DRI, Narcotics Control, CIU, etc.. A very important service with hands on real time work — at least for the first twenty years or so; at Docks, Custom Houses, etc where Urgency and Care are needed always.

    IRS (IT) – IT and related Taxes, etc only. Deal with relatively more educated and affluent people. Mostly an Office job with comparatively fixed timings.

    O/W i think promotions and career progression is similar.
    C&CE should be more exciting AND IT more Office and Paper oriented.
    C&CE could be posted at inconvenient locations also AND IT generally Good enough Towns.

    Choose according to your preference and personality.

    Rajeev Parashar

    1 Sep 12 at 11:59 pm

  4. RE Service preference Order – i could not see a rationale for the ordering. It seems adhoc.
    No way should you choose DANIPS above the other Group A Services (barring 1 or 2). Note that with the new Central Staffing Scheme, Liberal Deputation opportunities, 2 Yrs Study leave & 6th Pay Commission, i dare say some services can be argued as better than even the IAS. (Not suggesting you put anything else at the top as after such hard work and luck you need to maximise your peer value). There is now only a Max Two year Gap between the IAS, IFS and other services in matters of Pay Scale and Postings after 7 or 8 years of service till retirement. While an IAS can hold a post of Director in Central Govt after say 12 years any other GP A Officer can after say 13 years.
    If you join say ICAS then you may find your IAS batch mate working with you in a Ministry after 22 years at more or less the same level. Whats more is that while he would have been booted and shunted and bent and transferred at a half a dozen mofusil places with a meaningless “variation” in jobs you as an ICAS would have spent 90% of your time attached to various ministries in Delhi itself mastering your field and becoming ever more useful.
    Only advantage is towards the last 6 years or so when IASs will become Secretaries & equivalent and most ors 1 rank below upto AS or Spl Secretaries equivalent.

    Choose according to your liking and interest after IAS, IFS, IPS, C&CE AND IRS IT.

    Rajeev Parashar

    2 Sep 12 at 12:18 am

  5. respected sir,,
    if cut off %is 78 or above for ssb call letter ,, then why ,,the upsc has made criteria of 70 % for the same…,
    u should see all the candidates who scored 70 % and above…!!


    7 Jul 13 at 12:39 pm

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