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How to rti upsc- suggestion by students

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Here is from an online forum on how to rti petition the upsc if you are unhappy with your marks etc Go to the link to discuss with others if interested.



RTI fight with UPSC
RTI points-

Queries are framed while keeping in mind UPSC’s RTI responses,which usually have these key-words to deny/resist info– " Cannot be disclosed". or " No such information exist" ,”it will require huge diversion of man-power,so we can not provide”,”Exempted from providing this information or UPSC has asked the GoI to exempt it from providing such information”,”hypothetical question”,"Court Decision is pending, so cannot reveal any information" etc.

UPSC might not give info in first try itself,so we have to try again but they have to give info under RTI otherwise its denial can be challenged.We have to persist.If in some questions rephrasing is required after analysing UPSC’s replies then we will try to do the same and retrieve info from UPSC.As we all know that UPSC is a closed organisation and to fight against it,we need PRIOR info n that can be provided by UPSC only.



Essay related –Minimum and maximum marks given in different essay topics essay in last 2/3/5 years and this year.Is there any lower limit on marks awarded in an essay.Is there a range of essay marks to be given,upper and lower limit.Checks and balances in Essay evaluation.Criterion of Essay evaluation.Process of essay-valuationAmbiguity in Credit-based education topic of CSE 2011–how it was dealt with/resolved,how and on what basis candidates were awarded marks for different interpretations,Did UPSC pinpointed the responsibility for such error,if not why;if yes,please give the details of the action taken.What UPSC intends to do if such mistake happens in future/is there a mechanism in place to resolve such ambiguity and inform candidates.—If any of the above information can not be provided,wholly or partially, then please cite the detailed and clear reasons and detailed rules which enables UPSC to do so.

What is the retention schedule and related rules of retention for UPSC CSE 2011(Mains) answer sheets and other related material like attendance sheets,supplementary sheet record.From which date,this retention period will start,i mean whether from date of declaration of Final result(first merit list)or declaration of Mark sheets or anything else.When will(Date) answer sheets of CSE 2011(Mains) be destroyed/what is the last date of their safe custody by UPSC?

What process UPSC follows in case candidate’s answer sheets got misplaced/lost/damaged/destroyed while its under UPSC’s custody.How UPSC does justice to the candidate in such eventuality.Also give the details of the related cases happened over the years, atleast give such information of last five years and the action taken in such instances

Please provide the list of RTI authorities’ decisions and judgements/orders/directives issued by courts at various levels(Trial court,High court,Supreme court) which were appealed against by UPSC in last 10 years,with cost of litigation and result(success/failure) of such appeals attached therewith.Also provide the attached file-notings/minutes,if any, by UPSC functionaries, including UPSC Chairperson and members,which were written down before arriving at a decision to permit such appeals.

Please tell me the reasons for the absence of formal model answers in written form with the CSE(Mains)evaluators,who has to rely upon oral instructions from chief-examiner while checking CSE(Mains)answer sheets, in an evaluation process which continues for a considerable stretch of time.Also provide the photocopy of documents and file-notings/minutes of the meetings related with this matter.

Please tell,whether any logs/minutes of the meetings are maintained,with respect to, evaluation criterion/standards to be followed by examiners as decided by the chief-examiner and communicated to the examiners,during evaluation of UPSC CSE(Mains) answer-sheets or not.In case,any such information is present with respect to USPC CSE Mains,2010 and 2011,please give that.Incase,it is not present,please tell the detailed and clear reasons for the same.

Whether moderation or any other method is used by UPSC in CSE(Mains) or not?If yes,then please give the clear-cut details of the formula/process of the same and also tell me the detailed reasons as why UPSC thinks that this formula/process is fair and perfect.Since when it is being employed and has there been any changes in its methodology over the years?In case UPSC thinks it as a confidentiality matter/Intellectual property right then please tell me the rules under which UPSC says so and details of its copyright registration and verification/ testing details.

Also tell whether this moderation is applied selectively on certain subjects during a particular CSE cycle and what is the basis of such selective application?Is there any study/appraisal by UPSC or by any other agency/department of this technique/method’s effectiveness to achieve desired parity among different subjects?Please also provide the year-wise list of subjects on which such technique was applied in last 5 years and the basis of their choice in each CSE cycle.Amount of moderation with statistical details is also demanded.

Every year many victims go unheard and lost but we need to try n fight n fight smartly rather than crying-shouting n getting silent.I for the one,is not expecting much for myself but i want to see this an end to this crap.I think our objective should not be such like getting a stay on the process etc as it is difficult to achieve and then failure to do so will create dejection and frustration.Rather our objective should be to any how bring transparency in UPSC’s functioning.

Over the years,our seniors/previous year’s victims of any stage, has done some incredible work in this direction.Some attempts were successful,fully or partially,some were not so.So,we need to build upon the existing body of work.

First, we need to understand our limitations,objectives,UPSC’s legal arguments etc n then we should form informed opinion on what to do n how to do.I have posted some portions of RTI-cases n court judgements in the Interview prep for IAS community and some other links are also given.Find some time n go through it.It will be better to have knowledge of what we are facing.So,after such appraisal we can discuss the future course of action.

We will also try to contact TSA(Transparency Seekers for Accountability) n will seek guidance from them.
We need to coordinate our steps n present something new in front of UPSC otherwise UPSC is used to these attacks after every result n its normal for its legal-eagles.We need fresh approach.They must be expecting us,so we should try to outsmart them,surprise them.We need not follow the same path in the same way which resulted in failures in the past,so we need to study and learn the lessons.

Many candidates among us,has their attempts left,so they are fearful of any possible victimization by UPSC in future.So,others should understand such fears while such candidates should not quit just because of that.They can remain in background n help others.

Many candidates whose attempts got over,feel that they have spend so many years on UPSC preps and now they have faced some sort of injustice,so they dont want to waste their time anymore.They feel they are frustrated and exhausted and its the time to bring their lives back on track.Look for livelihood options.They are correct too.

As we can see everyone has his/her limitations/problems BUT then who will stand up n take responsibility. At least you can give some time n support others from background or foreground in varied ways.

Some of you are already selected,some will continue their struggle to get selected in future attempts while some wont get anymore opportunity.BUT always remember why you are here.You are here as you are not satisfied by UPSC’s attitude,processes and procedures n flaws in the same.This dissatisfaction can have diverse reasons and its degree will also vary.So,Please dont be passive by choice.If u can,then participate constructively

We must also remember that we are a diverse group,with our own story and grievances and we are here for one purpose–transparency in UPSC.Contribution of various types is demanded from everyone but we will take care of each others’ legitimate troubles/problems.

1-Please provide the Certified photocopies of my answer sheets of all papers in Civil Services Preliminary stage and Mains Exam 2010 for Roll Number:…………..

2- Please provide the Certified photocopies of my answer sheets of all papers in Civil Services Preliminary stage and Mains Exam 2011 for Roll Number:………….

Grounds for the above two queries :- That the Supreme Court in Case: CIVIL APPEAL NO.6454 OF 2011 [Arising out of SLP [C] No.7526/2009]; Central Board of Secondary Education & Anr. Vs. Aditya Bandopadhyay & Ors held that “……the examining body will be bound to provide access to an examinee to inspect and take copies of his evaluated answer-books, even if such inspection or taking copies is barred under the rules/bye-laws of the examining body governing the examinations.” (Para 18)


I state that the information sought does not fall within the exemptions contained in Section 8 of the right to Information Act, 2005 and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.

3-Provide me the certified copy of my final mark sheet for Roll nu…………… for CSE 2011 and
for Roll nu…………… for CSE 2010.

4-Also provide me,my RAW as well as Moderated Marks in Civil Services (Main) Exam-2010.My roll……..

5-Also provide me my RAW as well as Moderated Marks in Civil Services (Main) Exam-2010.My roll……….

6-Provide me the question-wise marks of all papers of CSE(Mains),2011 or give the breakup of marks attained in each paper of CSE(Mains),2011.I mean marks given by examiner in each ques including its sub-parts of every paper.My roll number is………..

7- Also provide me the highest and lowest marks awarded this year to any candidate(just give me the marks,i am not demanding candidate’s information)in each of my papers,which are ………

8-Please provide the maximum number of marks given to any candidate in CSE(Mains),2011, in each question attempted by me in various papers of CSE(Mains),2011 or Provide me the question -wise maximum marks given to any candidate in this year’s mains,in papers given by me which are………………………………..

9-Provide me the Index table filled by me and present on the front-page of all my answer-sheets which contains attempted ques number,page number and marks awarded by evaluator.You can suppress any information related to your procedures,name of examiner etc. but provide the information demanded by me.My roll number for CSE 2011(Mains) is……..

10-Provide me the photocopy of sheet in which my supplementary sheet serial number is recorded along with my signature.My Roll number is…… and my exam centre is …………………

11-Give me the details(including total number of supplementary sheets used in each paper,total number of pages used/written onto by me,Serial number of all supplementary sheets)of paper-wise supplementary sheets used by me in various papers.My Roll….. and exam centre is ………….

UPSC’s possible arguments(based on its legal-history)–confidentiality clause, practical problems/too cumbersome tasks while it is already overburdened,it will open pandora’s box,subjectivity of examiner is always there as this Mains exam is subjective by nature n then media-trials might affect institutional credibility in public eye by comparing similar answers of two candidates n showcasing wide differences in marks.(can be countered as —wide-ranging variability in marks awarded for similar attempt itself raises questions against UPSC’s evaluation process n checks and balances,if any.)Examiner’s identity /its internal functioning(codes etc) will be disclosed.Answer sheets contain raw marks and not moderated(which are in final mark-sheet) n then sensitive info like scaling/moderation formula for mains,which is its copyright/trade secret(Intellectual Property Right,IPR) ,could be deduced and made public n that might benefit coaching centres.

Our arguments–
There cant be complete immunity for inefficient working and mistakes under the pretext of constitutional body n its perspectives,if it is so full proof then why it has a history of resisting transparency n change in a democracy.I think we need to find the contradiction between UPSC’s stands n rules and constitutional provisions and spirit and we should ask the court to look into the same.In larger public interest UPSC should come clean and should not behave as a special institution.Being at the apex of public service commissions,UPSC should set the standards of transparency and accountability,while several state public service commissions are suo-motu opening up after negative publicity of various recruitment scams,UPSC is trying to remain opaque.As mentioned in “Civil Service(Conduct)Rules” that a Public servant should not only be honest in reality but also in public-perception.Similarly based on this argument,UPSC should also be seen working as a transparent body,with great credibility and public trust,but unfortunately,its legal history and expenses on the same,points otherwise.If there is nothing to hide than why UPSC is so conservative and reluctant to be more transparent and hnce accountable.

RTI Proforma
To, ………… I.D No………….….
The Public Information Officer
Union Public Service Commission………….Date……………….
New Delhi
Sub: – Application form for information under Right to Information Act, 2005.
A. Name of Applicant- ………………….(fill).
B. Address:- …………(fill).
C. Particulars of Information required:- With respect to my candidature in Civil Service Preliminary Exam Examination 2011 vide Roll no………….the following information is required.
1. Marks obtained by me in GS Paper-1 and GS Paper-2.(fill)
2. The answer key for series….for both papers.
3. A copy of my OMR sheet for both papers
D. Grounds:- That the Supreme Court in Case: CIVIL APPEAL NO.6454 OF 2011 [Arising out of SLP [C] No.7526/2009]; Central Board of Secondary Education & Anr. Vs. Aditya Bandopadhyay & Ors held that “……the examining body will be bound to provide access to an examinee to inspect and take copies of his evaluated answer-books, even if such inspection or taking copies is barred under the rules/bye-laws of the examining body governing the examinations.” (Para 18)

Anyone for TFT?
Friends get this one thing very clear this game is being played by the usual players – the embittered, frustrated, and depressed lot – who staked it all – and in turn reaped the harvest of lifelong sneers from ‘near and dear’ ones and the pleasure of our sarcastic jibes because of their ‘failure’ – so it is bound to ‘bite the dust’. What we now need are the Game-changers, who will turn the conventional logic on its head. To us winning simply means – I came, I saw, I conquered, but tell me is it that simple? Those who win and leave the arena are replaceables, who are soon forgotten; take a survey of history, be amazed by the infinite number of kings who have been lost in time and ask why didn’t we forget Ashoka, why do we call him The Great; the answer is not that he did not play the game or that he did not win it, but what he did after winning – He changed the Game. I believe that those who top are in some ways like me – they feel the same about our country, they feel that a lot has to be done, they believe that they have a responsibility and that they can do it. They are even better than many of us as they also believe in the maxim ‘Service is its own reward’. They share their secrets of success, their notes, their insights, small things that made a huge difference. Not all of us can do that. But if they are like me they might share some of my fears too; one of them being – the ‘U’ in UPSC. Boldly and bravely they guide us; but in their heart of hearts they know and thus pray that this ‘secret recipe’ works the next time too. But as always, ‘U’ is greater than ‘G’, so every year we witness new ‘dishes’, new ‘deities’ and new ‘darbars’.  Those who get through heave a sigh of relief, thinking, at last they can move on; and the ‘unlucky’ ones, they are left to fend for themselves.  But does this mindset help? Do I need to remind how fragmented our bureaucracy is – one officer not standing for other, or its consequences? You have opened just one door; you have entered the ‘Chakravyuha’ and not have exited it. You will doing a lot of good work in your lives based on perceptions (whether one is needy or not, who is right and who wrong. . .) can’t you do a good work based on personal experience. Why don’t you, the toppers (both current and that of yesteryears), support and lend your weight to a cause that has the potential to shake up the system (even if to small extent); you will lose nothing but instead earn even greater respect of the future aspirants. Please remember without you and your support, these people are fighting a lost cause; there isn’t a way to convince others that you didn’t succeed because of ‘U’; Success has many fathers, Failure is an orphan! So, finally, anyone for TFT or Toppers For Transparency? 

Highcourt  vacations are from June1 and as posted before-if u wanna save your answer sheets,you have to take necessary steps in next few days(in normal course) otherwise UPSC will be legally entitled to destroy them after July2.So,take necessary steps n inform UPSS before July1/2.u can file any case on basis of ur answer-sheets but saving them shud be a priority.


RTI upsc

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May 29th, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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  1. i dint got the call latter of Assistant Commander, this is happening from last 2 years with me.
    why this is done? I m not able to understand it. can anyone guide me.


    26 Dec 13 at 12:24 pm

  2. i have filed rti in upsc twice .can upsc note down my name in black diary ? OR can upsc take action against me? OR can upsc give some marks in my next attempt?

    brajesh kumar

    22 Apr 14 at 7:14 pm

  3. i have filed rti in upsc twice .can upsc note down my nbame in black diary? OR can upsc take action against me?OR can upsc give some marks in my next atempt?

    brajesh kumar

    22 Apr 14 at 7:24 pm

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