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UPSC Prelims PT 2012 answer key

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UPSC preliminary exam PT answer key for paper I and Paper II are available at

See this online discussion where somebody called baba ramdev has posted links on upsc prelims 2012 answer keys by various coachings.
This blog does not recommend any coaching/institutes for preparation, please note. All links may not have answers for all sets A, B, C or D.

Not all answers will be correct in them. Career launcher often revises answers. And Vajiram’s as of now is not for all sets.

Cut off discussion coming soon

From prelims questions paper I GS:


Statement of the question Answer
1 In the areas covered under the
Panchayat (Extension to the Scheduled
Areas) ……..
1. Gram Sabha has the power to
D 1, 2 and 3
2 In the Parliament of India…… A To allow a discussion on a definite mater
of urgent public importance
3 How does National Biodiversity….
1. NBA checks the biopiracy
C 1 and 3 only
4 The National Green Tribunal Act…
1. Right to healthy ………..
A 1 only
5 If National Water Mission is……
1. Part of the water needs of
B As regards 3 & 4, there is no such
provision in National Water mission
6 Consider the following provisions….
1. Securing for citizens of India
B 2 and 3 only
7 Consider the following statements:
1. Union Territories are not ….
D None
8 With reference to consumers …….
1. Consumers are empowered to….
B 2 and 3 only
9 Regarding the office of the Lok……
1. He/She holds the office
B 3 only
10 Which of the following are…..
1. A dispute between the
C 1and 4
11 Consider the following kinds of…..
1. Bacteria
A 1 only (Bocillus thuriengiensis is the best
12 Biomass gasification is considered…
1. Coconut shells, groundnut…..
C 1 and 3 only
13 What is the role of ultraviolet (UV)…
1. It inactivates/kills the harmful…..
D 1, 2 and 3
14 Graphene is frequently in news……
1. It is a two-dimensional …..
C 1, 2 and 4 only (Graphene is recently
discovered allot rope of carbon in which
carbon atoms an densely packed in
honey comb like str.
15 Lead, ingested or inhaled, is a…. C Smelting Units & Paints

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  1. Guys check UPSC 2013 Prelims answer key given by upsc4all.

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