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ACP Ganga, So called, exposed on Orkut

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A guy (or someone selected in Civils?) tried to make easy money by lying through his teeth and luring innocent students on an online forum, providing youtube videos and then charging big money! He has been badly exposed; see below and the link:


  • I really appreciate your idea of providing video lectures for Public Administration. But, the fees you are extracting is huge (around Rs. 7000-8000). I remember you have promised that the DVDs will cost a bit more, but the online version will be cheaper. Surprisingly, both of your versions cost the same. I was really disheartened to hear this.
  • wtf

@ACP gagan.. yaar tum to bahut achhe coaching waale banoge… after all you are lying like them already!!
Your flash claims that you got 180+ in paper 1 in 2007, 2008, 2009…
but actually your marks in 2009 were as follows:
Roll No. : 101628
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Subject Maximum Marks Marks Obtained
Essay(Paper III) 200 102
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 121
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 115
Optional I, GEOGRAPHY Paper-VI 300 105
Paper-VII 300 147
Optional II, PUBLIC ADMIN.. Paper-VIII 300 151
Paper-IX 300 129
Written Total 2000 870
you got just 151 marks in paper 1 of Public Ad..
Please dont dupe ppl like this.. SHAME ON YOU!
And why dont you post your 2010 marks with roll no. and dob for ppl check


And see the amazing ploy of ACP GAGAN now…He is writing anything eg: n, t , s etc on all threads SO THAT this thread which exposes HIS REALITY goes down – away from the eyes of people!!!
Please contribute in keeping this thread at the top so that he is EXPOSED!!!

IF the man is really Gagan Deep Singh Purba then his roll no for cse 2010 is
“what “has already provided his marks of 2009….
and in 2008 he cudnt qualify PT….
following Gagans qualified PT in 2008
ACP– y dont u provide us with ur dob sothat v can ourselves check ur claims…

I wrote a critical comment on this thread “", where I told him that IGNOU videos are available for free of cost at youtube (, why will anyone join your course paying a whopping Rs. 7000-8000. I reminded him that he had promised every1 in de community that his online lectures will cost lesser about Rs. 2500. In the response, he called me up and pleaded to delete my comment, as that may dishearten his students whom he has been teaching for 5 years. Also, he told that he is not offering any online version of his course and his website details are incorrect. I never thought his credentials are also fake. Shame on him!

His mains mark sheet
Roll No. : 37636
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 076
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 123
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 088
Optional I, GEOGRAPHY Paper-VI 300 124
Paper-VII 300 147
Optional II, PUBLIC ADMIN.. Paper-VIII 300 183
Paper-IX 300 108
Written Total 2000 849
Remarks : NOT Qualified in Written.
His DOB – 16/8/85

See page for more and this page too.

orkut - EIASTUTORS LAUNCHED.eiastutors.com_1324224703870 orkut - ACP GAGAN EXPOSED_1324224742819

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December 18th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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  1. whatever….if gagan sir has scored less or not…i m fully satisfied by his dvd lectures n guidance…atlesat he is not charging 30k or 40k for subjects n doing just nothing like other coaching institutes…may be he scored less or u exposed him (though it matters nothing), i think he is doing n going well…n mister would u please upload any of ur marks list u scored in upsc.


    14 Jul 12 at 4:57 pm

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