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Using Hindi as medium of interview though English was the official medium

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Some candidates do seem to have used Hindi as medium in the IAS interview though their officially filled medium was English. If you are facing any such confusion, then you can see this thread for more. Excerpts:

i used hindi in interview though my medium was eng

i used sum hindi as i wasnt v.much confident in hindi..though i took chalam sir’s permission 1st..will i b screwed lik hell


wen they askd abt position of women in my village…i said " i shudnt say sir BUT woman is not considered human thr…chalam startd laughing lik hell…he said no no they r not human…i was feeling biggest stupid..though i gave them datas of UNDP GDI, ADB’s report etc…

i also said tht thr r many mini TALIBAN groups in india…chalam was surprisd 2 hear n askd me.. how? whr? i said sir wat hpnd in manglore 2yrs back…4owomen were beaten..he again startd laughing lik hell….i was feeling lik a clown!!!

chalam sir askd hav u evr seen gender discrimination or just saying aftr reading books?
i said yes sir..i hv seen it in my home, my sis was discriminated vis a vis me always….
at this 1st time he beacame v.serious…he said u rtelling me abt ur home? i said yes sir facts r facts..again he startd laughing….i was pissed off….
maybe i’ll braek all the records of upsc in getting lowest marks in intrvw!!!!!


I feel there is nothing wrong in this.
I feel chalam can understand this best , as he is sociologist + economist and a academician unlike others


dont worry i faced chalam last year he is a cool guy and he want people to be normal with no sophistication even in my interview he asked incident where i have seen use of DNA fingerprinting. i said i saw discovery channel where one man killed prostitutes and was trial on this basis. he gave me 160. comparatively less marks due to my error in mine subject. u should be honest thats important !!!!!!!

u might actually land up with very good marks….the thing is challam himself feels women in many rural areas are not considered humans….because somedays back …on interviewing a gal from haryana he said…." u r from haryana and u r alive…..and sitting in front of us….wht a miracle …and then all the members including him started laughing….and the very fact tht u reciprocated his own views made him feel humorous…so absolutely nothing wrong…but again as ajay said more precise words could have been used….morever it is always the people who never expect low marks end up getting the lowest in interview so just chill and relax….

Being straightforward in front of academician might nt be wrong but sm words like…women not human,mini-taliban etc etc appeared to be taken frm INDIA tv/Punjab kesari….articulation ke marks definately deduce honge.1/1000interviewees will use such wrds."discrimination of girl-child at home" myt fetch u sm marks…as u admitted it frankly.I m amazed that they didnt ask wat u have done to tackle it at ur home.Being bold is gud bt shayad u forget abt beautiful.Baki ho sakta hai ki gud mood me marks mil hi jaye.
Kal ko koi aise wrds use karne lag jaye ki ji MMS is timid,their is Gundaraj in a particular area,mera neta chor hai,super-PM n then say FACTS r FACTS.lolz.
Whether one sounds like a future civil servant or CHAI KI DUKAN debator is also crucial.


Nothing to worry.
They are not recruiting spokesperson for ministry. Language is never had been a barrier.
Genuineness is always appreciated.
Rather than giving artificial expression its good dat u had been what u are.
Surely u will get good marks. and for sure not below average. Provided ur rest of the interview went well.


he got around 135 in interview and 1050 as total…


orkut - i used hindi in interview though my medium was eng_1306850060264


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May 31st, 2011 at 7:25 pm

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