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Is psychology not a safe optional subject now?

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There is an online discussion going on about the Pscyhology optional in the UPSC mains after the recent mains results. You can follow it online for more, excerpts follow:

psychology now a disaster

Guys psychology now has become a disaster subject
ps put up scores
me paper 1-147 paper2-145


many have scored above 400……still i think dis yrs result are disastrous.

shame on you for advocating against psychology.
having been the victims, you should figure what went wrong.
its not the subject but the content one represents i believe.
if one writes the same stuff as the other thousands do…they cant expect to score well.


Originality lane mein ye fight hai ki ( and this is what i have seen among most folks those who are in the list and those out .. having attended pathak sir’s test series) your answer most often may not be on the right track ..this i am telling after going through checked answer scripts of ppl who used to score decent in test series… to high risk high returns wala game hai ye laga to laga nahi to destruction .. psycho is nowhere like pubad jaha avg marks lana is not that difficult ..
Moreover paper1 can bring in lot of suprises 2009 stands testimony to the fact that there are many things that we may not even have heard .. no matter how much u’d read …
Talking to my friends who have scored 350+ ( i too have 335) no one is sure what clicked for them .. most saying that they wrote nothing different from what was there in pathak sir’s note.
For those already with couple of years into psycho its ur choice to continue with it , but for a fresher i would never suggest psychology … very unpredictable in terms of paper marks awarded and just the sheer volume of material one needs to go through before giving a solid attempt
No doubt there have been many success stories of first timers without prep having scored amazingly well, but i doubt whether that kind of show can be repeated … and frankly there are only handful of these ppl who have kissed glory amidst lot of destruction


I think you are unnessary getting senti..we are here to clear the exam n not to do phd or takechallages
psychology used to be a scoring subject but now isnt.. My view is based on whomarks got my many students who scored well previous years n now getting very low marks…
So there is nothing to be shame or ashamed og it…
Apko challenge lene ho toh bindass lo…


And its good to write original ans but appropiate and correct ans… Which again is a subjective mattter..

Written by upsc aspirants

May 31st, 2011 at 7:37 pm

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  1. dear sir ,
    Last year i met an accident from this my left tie bone had break after surgery now am all right my query is am i eligible For IPS exam????


    15 Jun 11 at 4:14 pm

  2. am sorry to asking you here . where and whom i need to ask i don’t know sir that’s why am asking here sir…… ….


    15 Jun 11 at 4:16 pm

  3. sir/maam….. wil u plz tel me dat whch institute is concept wise gud for psychology coaching in delhi….as m a fresher want to select pub ad and psycho…. what wl b ur advice for me..plz reply


    15 Sep 12 at 3:15 pm

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