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Discussion on age factor in UPSC

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There is a discussion going on online if the commission is favouring younger candidates in the examination (and it takes a different turn)

UPSC age Factor

Top 3 age is around 24 yrs
rank 7 & 19 are 21 yrs old
I know 2 ppl below rank 150 are 22-23 yrs old
So, UPSC is favoring young candidates in selection/ gud rank ?
I hope they not gonna reduce age to 27 yrs.
What do u think ?


baseless discussions
nothing of this sort.
and by the way even if u get 220 in the interview still u have to score around 1050 in written, neither of which is easier.


who is this purshottam agarA (refers to nom de plume of a member and not the UPSC member) IS HE SOME KIND OF A MARKS GIVER.see budies i dnt follow these narrowminded ideals like nationalism and regionalisnm.we r living in a global world.we must go beyond the narrow confines of nationalism.ur tagore also said this.marx also says this.and today in the world of post mordenism u r sounding like some hangover from 18th cent when we had things like nation state.even indian philo talks abt vasudhev kutumbkam.then why do u kill innocent kashmiris.why do u torture ur minorities.
i cant name any diplomat here becoz it violates the un protocol.
if u r happy with ur pseudo nationalism then be happy.i m sorry abt it.but whole world knows the reality.everyone knows tht ur govt doesnt function in valley and bastar and north east.i always talk abt the nuisance of indian govt in my lectures.ur philo is confused.wen one talks abt karma u bring god and astroogy and wen one talks abt problems u bring ur karmas in previous birth.i think u believe tht all ur problems r due to ur previous karmas and some god will help u to get rid of them.

hav u ever been to germany or uk or any european country ?? do u hav any idea abt the things u r talking abt ???
Consider country as your family and world as society , your family is part of this society. So, if you want respect and good status in the society, you have to work hard and lift your family to higher level. The same principle applies to country also. Go to any country and tell them you are from India and the respect you will receive will be directly proportion to the respect of your country in the world.
Make it a better country, you are part of it, you dont blame your family and threaten them to leave if they r not as you wished them to be, you make your family proud by doing something good for them. You always try to uplift their status in the society by achieving something respectable.
If you dont understand these simple things chanchal, leave the country and make career abroad, else you will feel bad for the entire life, coz you are not part of solution but part of problem in this country.

what’s so special in telling about your family having 3 retired ips….i mean to say what’s the need…you should have been telling about yourself, and not be in the mercy of other’s high position to tell about yourself….looks like you don’t have any identity of your own… are just a blank…studied in fletcher university where shashi tharoor studied….hahaha…that’s your identity…and here also you have to speak of some person to tell yes that is really a good university……do you want to tell us that you went to some foreign university….it was because of your good family condition… was nothing of your own calibre….and what special you did being ther….critciding your own country….i was not from a financially good family but my hard work made me paid 5500 dollars a month and i had been to each part of the world except australia….and this i did myself not because my family is strong….and even when i worked with more than 10 nationalities including pakistanis, whenever i came back to my home country i brought praises for my country from all of them…..even learned their language their culture…teaching them our culture our language…..this is my identity and if its not above yours its not below yours….so dont be egoistic of your family see what you are yourself….and by seeing your all statements it looked to me that you need identity of other person to tell who you are?
and you don’t need to say anything whether our country i divided or not…..when you do not feel the sense of nationalism in your nerves….you don’t need to say that ‘ur politicians’ or ‘ur bureaucrats’….seems like you don’t have any kind of relation with this country…..then it is better you settle in some other country where you feel proud to be….and now i am quite happy that he said you a r***** because you indeed are……
this country is still united with a greater bond and she does not need you people with fluent english to care for her…….



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Written by upsc aspirants

May 31st, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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