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List of Fraud Coaching Institutes for UPSC IAS preparation

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Mushrooming Coaching institutes loot students and parents more than they help them. In an online discussion, students are helping others by discussing how various coaching institutes cheat and how they are not helping students. Please note that this is only a reproduction of the discussion (see image and link). Visit this link to see the discussion and people who made the comments after their experiences. Please note that most of these coaching institutes are based in Delhi. There are some positive prises too.



  • List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE Friends, let’s compile a data here on fraud institutes and people: I say A.K. Mishra of Chanakya and Rau’s IAS top the list. Ramaswamy of Socio is also a bogus guy. Please add more.
  • mohanty also

    synergy by mohanty is also a bogus institute

  • Abhay Thakur of Synchronous is also FRAUD
  • Bogus institute..

    my experience ith CHOKOLINGAM was bad…

    saw hindu ad of mohanty today

    ba—d is quoting great names like Swetha ma’am and 5th ranker. they began their prep in 2005 or so. at tat time. no one was there. minocha sir was growing senile and irrlevant.people helplessly joined him. in 2009 i know some of my friends called him names. subhra ma’am made him nanga.
    he is fraud by any definition.

    ultimate fraudster

    sunil gupta—public ad

    I think there is also a subjective angle .. i.e one’s perception .. i think mohanty sir’s notes were really good … i mean the printed ones … also i think Pathak sir could have done better without his occasional off the course discussions which dragged the entire course ultimately leaving many topics simply untouched … I would not disagree if someone says preparing psyho without classes is possible. One thing i would appreciate is Pathak sir’s test series this time which really helped for paper 2 -i am referring to the class discussions .. the paper correction for paper 2 was horrible which simple involved coloring the scripts red with no significant inputs …
    Thus all in all i feel those established classes just provide the scaffold and one really needs to propel himself alone to leverage the help rendered by these classes.


    playing with the career

    Ramaswamy for Essay, Sunil Gupta for Pub Adm, and many more…


    career plus mukherjee nagar is biggest fraud institute i hd ever seen!


    chokalingam…..dont ever go n meet him …wd try to mind wash u fro joining his package deal…n ultimately do nothing.



    Bhavani singh is a big fraud. (Public Administration coaching)

    frauds ba—–ds

    the following are frauds
    sunil gupta
    sidharth( geo)
    shashank for all except geo
    abahy thakur synchronous
    bahavani singh

    (sidharth for geography) "Ensemble" has changed its name to "ETAN" to misguide new aspiratns…. beware of him…. he(Sidharth) is supercheat…..

    Vajpayee sir(DIAS) is best for Physics..I am 200% satisfied with his teaching….He has played most crucial role in my success…


    Panini Tutorials …. The biggest fraudster

    Kaizer Academy – The Father of all Frauds

    Please don’t ever join this institute. It is advertised too smartly to attract people and highlights the achievement of O. P. Minocha in Pubad. But, he has grown too old. I have respect for him, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone to join him, as his teaching standard is not sufficient for a Civil Service aspirant. The manager of this institute is the "biggest liar". Whatever he committed in his 1st interaction, he wasn’t able to deliver 10% of them. He didn’t took test series for us. He even didn’t send me some of the printed materials, which was not distributed before the classes end. He is a f***ing bastard. Puri Sir is good for paper-2, but you can join him in Vision IAS or take get his notes in the market.


    the name is FACE IAS.par mein usko FAKE IAS bolunga..fraudsteri mein no1 hain.its new but still tall claims.pata nehi agar ek bhi baccha waha se pass ho gaya to un log newpapers mein kya-kya ad dene lagega….
    also kaizer ka malik bhi fraudster hain but less than FAKE IAS. among fraudsters none can beat FAKE IAS…that is my claim.

    had a talk with

    one of the supercheats- has office in orth and jia sarai. specialises in geog but is cheating with gs, socio, and others. he told me/gave me the impression that the civil servants rob people of india and so cheating them while they are preparing is not wrong. beware of such …


    See images of discussion or follow the link given above for more:

    orkut - List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE_1305963581926


    orkut - List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE_1305963628228

    orkut - List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE_1305963634778

    orkut - List all FRAUD COACHING INSTITUTES AND PEOPLE_1305963641323

    Written by upsc aspirants

    May 21st, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    80 Responses to 'List of Fraud Coaching Institutes for UPSC IAS preparation'

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    1. Sourabh Pandey,u are certainly mistaken about subhra mam. She is the best teacher to make u understand the subject as per UPSC requirement.She teaches in the way UPSC asks the questions. Never wastes a single minute in her 2 hrs 45 min class. i am an engineer, took some time to understand the topics,but she is simply the best,her way of teaching helped me alot to tackle really difficlut questions in mains 2012.

      amit kumar

      28 Oct 12 at 8:16 am

    2. it looks like u r a saddist who has been fucked up by civil service exam that u r blaming the coaching institutes for ur failure. u r nothing but a loser who would blame anyone for his failure. thank god u r not in the civil service. n u may go to hell


      10 Nov 12 at 11:05 am

    3. rau’s ias me mat jana lut jaoge

      anita sharma

      3 Dec 12 at 5:56 pm

    4. study material bahut ganda hai having lots of mistakes.

      anita sharma

      3 Dec 12 at 5:59 pm

    5. rau s ias ka study material bahut ganda hai having lots of mistakes.

      anita sharma

      3 Dec 12 at 5:59 pm

    6. Rau;s ias is the best locality CP and worst teaching and study wonder KSG is open thanks to khan sir who taught me at rau’s years ago..

      Rancho Lal

      17 Jan 13 at 3:10 pm

    7. guys…u havn’t seen d greatest fraud….if u want ….go n join creations….dey will make u
      ”Attempt 2 Suicide” of boredom…


      5 May 13 at 7:28 pm

    8. Nirvana rohini, delhi is a fraud.. Hardly teaches, 1 hour late in 2 hour class & discusses hanuman character in history class..


      6 Jun 13 at 2:10 am

    9. what about Nirman IAS ???

      i dont think its a fraud institute….. i was planning to join this institute….so please suggest me wheather i shoul join or not…

      Neelesh Goswami

      16 Jun 13 at 4:51 pm

    10. Is sriram ias coaching gud fr gs.???


      11 Jul 13 at 12:00 am

    11. is synergy class good for pubad


      30 Sep 13 at 12:58 pm

    12. Nirvana ias tilak nagar and dwarka should be also in this list. They have made enourmous money making people fool.


      15 Apr 14 at 1:26 am

    13. Nirvana Ias academy , best fraudulent institute.
      Whatever they taught for prelims nothing would be important except some articles of constitution. No geography,no sci tech, no economy, almost no current affairs, a least history .AND absolutely nothing for CSAT only 2 classes a year of 2 hours each for weekend student and slightly more for weekdays student and that too of worst quality.
      Always said first you clear pre then we will make you prepare for mains.
      But nothing one could do. One can only trap in the mess if heis thinking of joining that. Never go to seminar total brain washing.
      What Nirvirodh is saying absolutely correct.


      17 Oct 14 at 9:21 am

    14. Ramaswamy for sociology is the biggest fraud and cheat in the market.He doesn’t take any interactive sessions.His classes are a monologue. He doesn’t entertain doubts at all, rather he runs away and tries to postpone any sort of clarification. Substandard institute!!! Waste of time and money!!! Don’t ever join him.

      Anyone who is planning to join him, please contact me before that.
      Contact- 9654967970


      24 Mar 15 at 11:04 pm

    15. is khan ias academy good or bad? i m planning to join this year june batch. those who had taken from it , your opinion will be highly appreciated


      24 Apr 15 at 6:31 pm

    16. There is a coaching by the name of Aavishkar IAS in mumbai
      Its a completely fraud institute,cheaters and looney people run them.
      If you want to make your IAS,IFS,IPS dream go down the drain,sure go to that place.

      An Aspirant

      25 Apr 15 at 9:40 am

    17. dristi ias or gsi ,gs world ,in coaching ke bare me bhi kuch btae sir

      sanju singh

      29 Apr 15 at 7:41 pm

    18. is M Puri good for polity(GS2) & IR(optional)?


      20 Jun 15 at 1:06 pm

    19. career cafe karol bagh another fraud instt. they take money and wont give you any notes or take regular classes.


      9 Aug 15 at 7:27 pm

    20. i destroyed my 1 yr in this career cafe. instt at karol bagh.


      9 Aug 15 at 7:28 pm

    21. Synergy ias academy thiruvalleswarar nagar is fraudulent institute, Ias academy running people academy future is a question mark


      1 Sep 15 at 2:25 pm

    22. Ensemble by k. Siddharth is the biggest fraud In the coaching world. He is no. 1 lier


      24 Sep 15 at 3:17 pm

    23. Mumbai – CF India portal N Balasaheb thakre academy too examples of fraud institutes in Mumbai.. Just money minded peoples..

      Mayur chalke

      27 Nov 15 at 11:20 pm

    24. waste institute …director doesnt know about the civils…fully money minded and course will not be completed in time and faculty who failed prelims exam are faculty
      faculty are the worst ever ….he will say that faculties are from delhi…but they are material…no class no in time completion ..basuted director..he doesnt know the diffrence between the wife and mother also


      8 Jan 16 at 8:32 am

    25. I am planning to join Nirvana. Is it a good institute.?
      Pls hlp frnds
      Or I should join some other institute.??

      Mahak Jain

      29 Aug 16 at 9:13 am

    26. Rau’s Ias Study Circle is another fraud Institute. They are foolin and looting people by taking 1.25 lakh fees and look at the teacher’s there. I saw it somwhere that their teacher is teaching SSC syllabus and saying that its UPSC or they teach very limited syllabus and students there think tht syllabus is complete and later they have to do it again from some other institute or by themselves. So many people have taken refund from there althought they wont tell you this I mean why would they ever tell u this. But u enquire from the ex faculties currently teaching in Vajiram Ias or opened their own institutes in Rajinder Nagar like Kalinga Ias Teacher KSG Mr. Khan and Abhishek Parmar in Vajiram and Mr. Ravi Aghrari in his own coaching all these were associated with Rau’s and they all left. Rau’s is no more than a SSC institute now. Although they may say tht they will complete the course but they never will. Many of my frnds were so unsatisfied from there they they dont even wanna go there now for even studying in their reading room. A blunder in the name of institute, they threaten students and threaten them to withdraw their accomodation as they have partnership with the landowner there. Never try to take admission there.

      Aman Suraj Singhal

      18 Oct 16 at 7:21 pm

    27. Is AlS is better to join for cpf….if not then any suggestion for cpf

      shubham goyal

      19 Feb 17 at 8:22 am



      3 Apr 17 at 11:09 pm

    29. hey guys what about vision ias tell me as soon as possible because i am going to join it


      7 Apr 17 at 10:53 am

    30. Dear Candidates,

      Please dont join Ramanasri institute. Please dont join this fraudulent institute’s programs if you dont want to waste your money.
      He took my money and blocked my number.
      Stopped replying to my mails.
      (He suggested me to mail before everyone else to get replies from him!!!)
      He is the most unethical person I have ever seen.

      I have proofs for everything that I have stated here. The company is fraudulent.


      11 Jan 18 at 11:21 pm

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